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    Which books will you read during the next week?

    For the last one months or so, I have not read any new book. I have been a little bit dissatisfied. So, I have ordered two books from Amazon. The first book is to help me to write personal finance-related posts and articles. The name of the book is ''Everything You Wanted to Know About Investing (A New Perspective)'' by Shalini Amarmani.

    But I am eagerly waiting for the second book which is based upon real operations of R&AW. The name of the book is 'The Zero-Cost Mission/The Wily Agent (City Plans)'. The writer of the book is Amar Bhushan who is a retired officer of R&AW. I am eagerly waiting for this book because this book gives a glimpse of the operations of R&AW in Bangladesh during the nineties.

    These two books are going to arrive tomorrow. While waiting for these books, let me ask a question: Which book are you going to read during the next week?
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    I would resume reading my current book written by Kurt Vonnegut. It is called Slaughter house 5. It's a satire about war and PTSD. Despite being written about a serious topic, the book is very funny in its own regard. This unsettling funniness is what captivates me.
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    Well I do not have the habit of reading books but do glance on the topics which interest to me from the internet sources because of time constraints. But my complements to those who read the books.
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    I spend some time reading books. But mainly they are related to my chemistry subject or some mythological books. I rarely read books on other subjects. But I read various articles in newspapers and online on various topics based on my time and the availability. I always feel that reading is a very good habit and we should not stop reading until the end. This will give us good knowledge and insights into the subject concerned.
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    I am not an avid reader of novels. Other than my academic books, I don't have any books other than "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and "Beating the Street". These books also, I bought it some 10 years back. But most of the time, I read online and that too stock market related books only. I have recently completed reading the book "Point and Figure Charting" by Thomas Dorsey. Currently, I am at the middle of reading the book "The Definitive Guide to Point and Figure" by Jeremy du Plessis. If any one is interested in reading these books they are available online.

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