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    No offence intended but this is very serious issue

    I don't know if my this thread will be open or get deletion but this is a serious issue which every member of this site should think about it. This is also anot new problem yet we find ourselves into it whether intentionally or not.

    Why do a member react when something is directed to the ISC admin?

    We call ourseves educated and inteligent, we have spent 6/7/8 years to this site yet, sometimes even our seniour member behave like a newcomers. Why a simple member who has no authority, start talking as if he has got all the authority in ISC? Definetly any member will not like to get unnecessary answer when he/she has directed toward admin.

    Should we member left it to the admin of ISC instead we ourselves try to become admin? What do we want to prove it after all?
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    Well, in our unconscious mind we are always a leader, only in our consciousness we realize that somebody can lead us too. Take an example of the recently concluded FIFA World Cup. If you have followed any discussion of the matches within a group of people, you might have noticed that some of them are so knowledgeable about the game that it seems either they were the coaches of that team in a season or they themselves played in the team. They will even suggest different methods to the team, which will never reach to the team in any way.

    It has got to do nothing with education or intelligence. It is the happenings inside our mind that is expressed in this fashion. We always want justice and try to come to a conclusion to almost everything, even at times without knowing it thoroughly. Though I am absolutely a newcomer here, I am not trying to hurt anybody intentionally. By the way, I am unable to open any thread which is hyperlinked with "open" or "deletion".


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    As long as a member has the knowledge of the site working guide lines and policy and well versed with the rules in forced, there is nothing harm when members respond to the issues concerned to the ISC. One thing has to be kept in mind , this forum section is meant for open mind and any one can discuss anything and in the process old members, new members and ISC editors will also participate. And being the author one has the right to accept , rebut, refuse or give befitting reply to the responses which the author feels necessary to append. So grievances if any can also be addressed to webmaster personally if the author feels others do not want to meddle. One more thing like in office a new member is given the task and admin wants to act and react. Same way new members can also react here, provided they have the full knowledge.
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    There is nothing wrong in expressing the feelings of a member about the matter concerned. Some members may feel that the administration is correct. So we need not feel that he has done something wrong. This is my personal feeling and somebody feels my feelings are not correct, they may ignore my post.
    As mentioned in # 642251, every member is having a right to express his feelings freely as long as they are not harming any other member.

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    I don't think so that we members need to rescue editors or talk on behalf of them like a mouthpiece. Knowing about rules and regulations and experience about how the ISC working is different from trying to sit on the admin seat. It may be no problem, but it is definitely a problem when a simple member trying to justify the point of another member when that issue should be solved by a particular editor or admin.

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    Members in ISC forum respond to the threads since they have the freedom to do. Just because one member says that the thread is addressed to the admin, other members are not required to follow that.
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    Point is noted Tony Sir. However, hoping that our seniors especially those who are associated with long-long time, should only answer the query without justifying other members.

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