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    Education in West Bengal is suffering because of college politics.

    There was a recent thread on students joining politics, whether politics should be banned in colleges or encouraged. Many members shared their views and I do agree it may become very difficult to come to a conclusion, but as a resident of West Bengal I must say the politics has ruined everything here.

    Earlier it was the left and now it is the turn of the TMC. Their student wings in many colleges have stooped to such level, that they are not leaving the admission process also. They are charging a hefty sum from the students seeking admission to these colleges. Even the chief minister's warning has no effect on them. There are political clashes in almost all the colleges and the bloodbath during college elections is incidents that put the education system of the state to a shame. The condition of student politics during the left period was neither a better one. Before coming to power, the TMC has promised to check the highhandedness of the student wings, but their own student wing has crossed all the limits.

    The college politics in West Bengal has become the breeding ground of would be criminals. In this situation are we expecting good political leaders from West Bengal to lead from the front? What may be the option to stop this degradation? Ultimately, it is the education system, the backbone of any society, which is suffering.
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    I think, the West Bengal is now free for all with goons taking over at every stage. We were reading reading reports of attack on communities, clashes in the campus, murder attack on opponent parties and all this shows that the administration has gone loose and the goons are having the say. It is very bad that the students are stooping to the low level of politics and the best way to tame this nuisance is to elect a alternative government or impose President rule. And we thought WB people are educated and cultured, but the way the disturbances are occurring on daily basis really bothers every one. And why the police is remaining as the mute spectators when the violence and unruly behavior erupts here and there and that proves that the administration has given orders to the police to be mute even they have the might to control.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    West Bengal has been going downhill since 1st July, 1962 (the death of Dr. BC. Roy). Now, it seems that nobody would be able to save the state. Earlier good students used to leave the state after completion of the study. Now, in the queendom of didi and her nephew, even that would not be possible. TMC goons are openly taking money for admission in colleges. There is no concept of merit in college admission. Even Presidency and Jadavpur are suffering due to corrupt student union and admission processes. The education minister of the state is nothing but a ....... Let me stop here.

    The other two parties CPI(M) and Congress are no better, which is proved from past experience. Now the state will have to give chance to the only other remaining party, i.e., BJP to see if the party can change the abysmal condition of the state.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The condition in West Bengal may be worse than other parts of country but in fact this trend is everywhere. Some clever people are using these colleges or universities as a practice ground for their national political ambitions and the gullible students who are already taxed under the large syllabus surrendering to their dictates.

    This has to be handled very firmly and the anti social and unpatriotic elements should be rusticated from the institutions so that the message goes to the other students also. Another thing is some of the disgruntled staff or employees also sometimes shake hands with these bad elements strengthening them and helping them to succeed in their ulterior motives. Such employees are also to be handled in stern ways otherwise these problems will never be solved and more deterioration will be there.

    Severe and stern punishments are required if we really are interested to improve the situation in these institutions in particular and all other offices, organisations and installations in general.

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    But who is going to handle this? The education minister is no good. The income of the party depends upon the donation received during the admission process, cow smuggling, etc. Who will bell the cat?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The conditions in many other states are also almost the same as in West Bengal. On the whole, the politics in Education Institutes is spoiling the education system. The effect is more in West Bengal. West Bengal is very notorious in this accept from long. Even during my college days also there were used to be much news about the ill doings of these student politicians.
    The system is to get a complete change to improve the atmosphere in the institutes of learning. The situation in a private University is different when compared to the situation in the other Universities. The administration in these Universities should be more vigilant and see that outside antisocial elements will not spread in the University. A maximum age for admission and staying in a hostel should also be prescribed. The maximum number of years a person can stay in a hostel is also to be restricted. Then there may be some improvement.

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    It is true, that the administration has almost collapsed here and that's why all these violence and clashes everywhere in the state. If only, the educational institutes were spared from these petty politics, then there was a chance of a significant student movement. The ruling parties understood this fact and tapped the students into their fold. Now, it's uncontrollable and nobody knows where it will end.

    Surprisingly, it's pretty tough to talk to the students of many colleges because of their rudeness. They forgot even how to behave properly.


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    I am not much in the know about what is the situation in West Bengal.
    But very recently a student in a reputed college in Ernakulam(Kochi) was murdered on the campus itself. Another was seriously injured. The investigation is going on. The political parties try their best to say that this is not of campus politics. People can have their own info reading the local newspapers and viewing local TV channels.

    Parties may get martyrs, but the loss is only to the family of the deceased. Students should give priority to studies. Campus should not be made ground for revengeful politics.

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    Nicely said by Venkitshwaran, that parties get martyrs from the clashes within the campus and they don't even compensate for the loss of life working for the party. So why students are not understanding this.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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