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    The weeping Chief Minister

    Only two months ago, he was made Chief Minister with much fanfare. The second largest party abdicated the throne in favour of the third largest part and his father made him the Chief Minister. But what happened within two months. What has happened that the Chief Minister has started weeping and crying in public?

    I am talking about HD Kumaraswamy, the Chief Minister of Karnataka. On the day before yesterday (On Saturday), he went to a function organized by his party JD(S) to felicitate him. In that meeting, in presence of his party MLAs and important supporters. Kumaraswamy started weeping.

    He stated: ""You are standing with bouquets to wish me, as one of your brothers has become the chief minister, and you all are happy, but I'm not. I know the pain of running a coalition government. I became like Lord Vishkanth and swallowed the pain of this government, The chief minister's post is not a bed of roses, it's a bed of thorns".

    I am feeling very sympathetic to the Chief Minister of Karnataka. He should now abdicate the bed of thorns and call for fresh election.
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    As a politician he must be knowing all these consequences before hand. Even the general public had these apprehensions but at that time everything was taken as a positive note. It means we do not foresee the things for their long term prospects and rather bother for short term temporary benefits. It is really a sorry state of the affair that in all these changes we lose a lot of constructive time which otherwise would have been utilised in the developmental work.

    Now there is no point in weeping over spoilt milk and in my humble opinion he should see how to bring the house to order and work for the common interest rather than the individual whims and fancies.

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    It happens. They too are human beings and are prone to such emotions. Have we forgotten the weeping Mr Yeddyurappa when he faced dissent from his own colleagues (from his own party) when he was the CM? So, let us not give undue importance to such basic human reactions (which may or may not be expected of a person holding some authority) and give them that much leverage so as to be fair.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    The pain he is facing may be too much and that may be the reason he vented his feelings and became emotional there. Of course, he is also a man with emotions and it is natural somewhere or other they have to express their feelings. Otherwise, they will get more pressurised. It is evident that the government may not be there for long. Again elections may come there. But because of these elections how much money and time is getting wasted. After spending so much time and money what is the outcome and what is the benefit to the state. The politicians should also think at least for some time about the society and the requirements of the society instead of always getting immersed in their personal benefits and power. Otherwise, we will not be able to progress well and we will never be in a good position. The parties should also think about their parties and see that the people's money will not get wasted.
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    First of all appreciation to the Karnataka Chief Minister Kumaraswamy who was candid in admitting the fact that all is not well with the new coalition which was arrived at just to grab the power. Though the relations between the JDs and Congress is not that good, and the CM facing hurdles even in daily administration, what the JDS cadre says that the CM was unhappy not with the Congress but he expressed dismay against the voters who failed to give his party the majority. That is too much asking from the CM. Karnataka people has given the fractured mandate so that there may be political alliance for the able governance. Now blaming the voters for the verdict is something not good for the democracy. Now the people want this government to perform and not seek pardon by weeping in public to which the voters are in very anguish mood.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    From day one the Karnataka Chief Minister understood that it will be a tough task to manage a coalition like this. He is trying his every bit to strive together with congress for the sole reason of holding the chair of CM.

    Now the cat is out of the bag in the form of tears and he wants assurance from voters to give him a clear mandate in the next election, at least on the sympathy ground. It's hard to say whether any government will last the full term given the fractured mandate and all are playing their cards to stay afloat.


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    This reminds me of a legend story about the famous Malayalam poet Kunjan Nambiar(Originator of Ottanthullal art form). He said in a particular context that he liked the bitterness of Paal Payasam( Paal Payasam or Milk Kheer is very sweet).

    Similarly HDK enjoys the pain of leading a coalition. After all it is a pain of pleasure.

    No one thrust it on him, he had with great labour and efforts got it. He knew pretty well what is the percentage of pain in it and what is the percentage of pleasure and ecstasy in it.

    After all there was Yeddiyurappa who was willing to take the pain and HDK was the one who took it away from him.
    HDK was associated with films. and may be he would have acquired some acting skills too.
    However if he is not under any compulsion to suffer .there are many who are ready to accept the post with pleasure.

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    Venkateshwaran sir, you made a nice submission that it is the pain of pleasure the CM of Karnataka is experiencing. In that case why should he weep inconsolably, that means he has to remove his bitterness which is going through and by weeping he could able to get some solace from his cadres. But the way the Dy CM laughed at the CM's weeping , it shows that Congress is in no mood to admit that it is exerting more pressure on the Kumaraswamy to get the things done by virtue of their majority and on the other hand the CM has become Katputli in the hands of Congress and he cannot satisfy his own cadres.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    But what about the fact that he compared himself with Lord Shiva (Vishkantha)? Lord Shiva took the poison Himself for the welfare of the entire world. But why is the Chief Minister consuming poison?

    He must stop consuming poison and should abdicate the thorny throne.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Congress Party is saying that they have given him 'Amrut' in spite of 37 seats but Kumarasamy saying that he got only poison.
    Everything will be in the ratio of 37.So Amrut is changed to Poison.

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    By vishakanta he mean the overtures and pressure tactic from the Congress which is prevailing him to accept their view point and thus HDK not able to meet the demands of his cadre.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think the thread is getting sidetracked. Mr. HDK is caught between a rock and a hard place. He as to pacify and balance the egos of the bigwigs, both in his party and the Congress, curb rebellion, pacify hardliners while he is in the Chair of CM. In between all this, he has to look after the welfare of the state.

    He has every right to express his feelings and emotions( in front of his party gathering) because he is also like one of us, on top of it, his job is anything but easy.

    By quoting Lord Vishakant, what he means is the numerous troubles he swallows for the welfare of the people and his party and the coalition government. He has to tackle or find the huge sums of money for the farmer loan wavier, he has to keep the fundings going for all the freebie schemes started by the previous CM, he has to have huge funds for the disaster-hit North Karnataka. With all this Mr, BSY of BJP does not lose a chance to remind him of the precarious situation of the present Karnataka Government.

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