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    Why are we so emotional on the roads?

    Do you follow the 'Rule of the road' or do you feel that you have the right to use the road the way you prefer, without respecting the rights of others? Should we become emotional about our freedom on the roads and try to force ourselves upon others? Rules and regulations aside, should we follow some ethics while on the road? Let us discuss the issue from all the angles in this thread.

    This incident happened in a small town. A couple of pedestrians were desperately trying to cross the road. It was a husband and wife, both of them at least seventy plus in age. They had crossed half the road when they noticed a motorcycle with three fellows all below the age of 25. The vehicle came to a sudden halt and fortunately the old man and his wife were not injured. He profusely expressed his apologies and tried to walk away.

    One of the three fellows alighted from the vehicle. Apart from the verbal abuse, he literally caught the old man by his collar and would have easily rained some ten blows. Just then, an auto driver stopped his vehicle, and caught hold of the young fellow, reprimanding him for being unkind to the old man, and beat him black and blue. By this time, the other onlookers also thrashed the other two and the police arrived from nowhere. The old man pleaded with the police to let them go.

    The police rained some blows on all the three fellows and let them go with a severe warning. They were also warned not to travel in a group of three, which was against the law. The key question is: why is that the younger fellows do not appreciate old people? Why is there so much anger on the roads? How can we do something about this?
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    The persons who are driving the two-wheelers may be thinking that the road is laid for them alone. They should not go triple driving on a two-wheeler. They are not supposed to go very fast. These two mistakes are from their said. Even then they are trying to abuse the old man. This shows their carelessness and arrogance. The Police might have booked a case against them in an attempt to murder case and made them suffer. But unfortunately, they were left with a warning. Where is the guarantee that they will not commit the same mistake again? The punishment should be exemplary and people should afraid to do the mistake again. That is lacking in our system. This part is to be improved to avoid these ill doings.
    We should appreciate the auto driver who stopped those fellows from beating the old man. We should appreciate the concern he is having for the fellow human beings.

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    Good thread raised by the author. Yes some vehicle users have the tendency to create road terror, as if they are the custodian of the roads and they have the right to move freely to which we get agitated and emotional too. For example those who are coming from the lane, they have to slow down, look for two sides and move and just blowing horns and coming with swift speed which is nothing but dadagiri on road. Secondly the police vehicles and ambulance vehicles, when they are returning after their task done , are also blowing the special siren with them so that the road users should give the way for such vehicles of not that importance.This is happening in Hyderabad and I have even questioned the police driver as to why he is using the siren when no one in the seat either in front or behind. For which he said police vehicles has the right to have freedom to move and it cannot stop like normal vehicles. ?
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