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    How to resist drinking soft drinks from fridge?

    I bring one or two soft drink bottles for serving the guests, who visit our home. But before they could be served, I myself drink those bottles. We know that in India, guests (not one or two but in bulk) will surprise us unless they know our address correctly. When they arrive at our home, I sometimes feel awkward if I find empty cold drink bottles or less amount of drink in the bottles in the fridge. I don't bring many soft drink bottles in order to control myself drinking all those bottles if guests don't arrive. Even though I know drinking soft drinks is not so good for our health, I cannot resist drinking them at least in summers. How to resist drinking soft drinks from the refrigerator?
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    I can relate to your problems. We all know that junk food and soft drinks not good for health. But every day I see a lot of people eating from the junk food vendors. As you said those are irresistible and easy to hook up and that is what their manufacturers are also counting on. Here are one or two suggestions that you can follow.

    First and foremost thing is to control yourself and try to resist the urge to pick up the bottle of soft drinks and take a gulp. Self-control is the best way to avoid the problem at hand is what my opinion.

    Controlling oneself from the urge of junk food and that ship of soft drinks is a challenging task. I have seen in money videos when the soft drinks are boiled, it leaves a lot of carbon you can imagine that carbon going into your stomach whenever you see the bottle of the soft drink that way you will know what happens if you drink it and that will help you stop right there and put that body back in the fridge.

    I have seen in videos and experience that soft drinks can be used to clean toilets do it once or twice. And after that whenever you want to drink that soft drinks the image of cleaning toilet should come to your mind and that should make you disgusting and not want to drink it. This has helped me earlier when I used to drink soft drinks like coke.

    If any of these doesn't work the best ideas to not to buy them and find alternatives to offer to your guests like lemon juice or other fruit juice made at home immediately as and when required

    Hope this will be of some help to you.

    - Manjunath Bhat

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    Soft drinks are not good for our health. So we should not drink soft drinks. This is a known fact to all. But some people can't stop taking these soft drinks. What I suggest you is don't keep soft drink bottles in the fridge or don't even buy them. If you want to have something for the guests, I suggest you can keep one or two packets of milk. If any guests come you can heat and serve them.
    Whenever you feel like drinking a cool drink, make fresh lemon juice and add water and salt to that juice and drink. This is not dangerous and it will be good for your health also.

    always confident

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    I do not drink even water kept cooled in fridge. So soft drinks are no issue at all for me. I will catch cold and sore throat immediately, if I take cold things. Once in a while if I eat ice ream, I follow it up immediately with warm water.

    If you have a real will, you can stop drinking soft drinks from fridge.

    Do not buy soft drinks at all. Keep lemons and if needed soda too. Make lemon juice or lemon soda (either sweet or salty) when you feel to drink cool drink. Warm water boiled with cumin(jeera) and Tulsi leaves etc, is the best to quench thirst in warm weather also. If you willingly follow this for some days, you will lose the yearning for soft drinks . You can give lemon juice or Jeera water to guests also.
    In our home we keep warm water (with jeera) in at thermos flask always.I drink that only as far as possible.

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    Any type of cold drinks is not good for our health, even drinking cold water also starts a lot of complications. We all know that soft drinks are not good for us, the only thing is that they do not have any warnings printed on them. To control the habit of soft drinks, it is better to completely avoid them. Instead, make lemon juice as many members have suggested, keep a packet of Glucon D, of some flavor. In that case you need to prepare the drink and serve it to the guests. It tastes nice when mixed with normal water also. Make this a habit for few months and your crave for soft drinks will go gradually.

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    Everybody knows that cold drinks are not good for health. These soft drinks create various problems like blood sugar, blood pressure, dental decay, etc. But how to avoid taking cold drinks?

    My wife has tried to find a solution. She has prepared two-three big bottles of lemon-water and has kept it the refrigerator. Whenever my daughter or myself have an urge to have cold drinks, she gives us the lemon-water. We immensely enjoy it and don't crave cold drinks.

    Although I don't know whether cold lemon-water is as bad as cold-drinks, our habit of taking cold drinks has changed. You may also try this method.

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    I know some childhood habits wont die and when it comes to have something which is dear and more liked by us, it cannot be compromised no matter it tells upon our health. First of all cook drinks are dangerous to health for its chemical combination and if at all one is habituated, they can go for clear cool drinks away from the non natural colors used. And since the author is the regular liker and drinker of the cool drink, it is better to fetch the drinks when the relatives arrive as fresh or keep the stock but not in the fridge, and I think this measure would keep the author away from the cool drink ?
    K Mohan
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