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    Can our Didi pull it off?

    There is a very clear attempt at making Mamta Bannerjee the center of a possible gathering of opposition parties. This front is likely to be a third front, sans the Congress and BJP. She is known to have larger ambitions.

    What is her record? Does she instill the kind of confidence that Indira Gandhi did in her prime days? Does she stand a chance? We do not have many records of her achievements in the State of West Bengal, where we understand the Communists are still groping in the dark.

    What is the why ahead? Will she emerge as a leader of substance?
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    1. Mamata Banerjee, since the very beginning of her political career, has been a crowd-puller. She is efficient in populist politics. But she has been a terrible administrator. Her previous performance in various central ministries proves this point.

    2. Her terrible administrative record in West Bengal is known to all leaders of the country. They are only trying to encash her popularity among the minorities and some section of people who belong to the lower strata of society from the point of view of education and financial condition.

    3. Of late, Ms. Banerjee has developed a terrible ego. So, as far as I have observed, it is not possible for her to lead all opposition groups with maturity during the next Lok Sabha election to be held in 2019.

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    Everything is possible in politics. I know Didi has an ambition to the post of the PM, but always try to keep it under the carpet. In West Bengal, she is a crowd puller and that is undoubtable, but how she will be treated by the crowds of other states remains to be seen. She might have a vision, but that vision doesn't have a clarity. So, everyone can imagine where a vision without any clarity can lead to. The recently concluded assembly elections in Tripura reflected the position of this party. TMC went on with much fanfare hoping to gain something in Tripura, everybody knows what happened thereafter.

    In her own state West Bengal, the administration is her puppet. The environment inside schools/colleges are so politicized, that there are political clashes regularly. Though all of these problems started during the left regime and people voted her to power to bring in a positive change. But day by day, the situation is turning from bad to worse. Her rhetorics against the BJP is known to all and given her firebrand attitude, the leaders of many regional parties are running around her with a high hope of forming a third alternative front.


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    Who is Mamata Banerjee. What are her antecedents ? She does not know the people or their aspirations. She just has one agenda to keep the BJP away from politics of her state. How can it be possible. When people of her own state are started disliking her and looking for alternative. The left parties has gone from the scene of WB and thus BJP only alternative to the people. But she wont allow the BJP to get into power as she is known for channelizing people against BJP. If such is the attitude of her, how can she be the center of attraction. Except WB , she is not famous across the country.
    K Mohan
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    Mamata Banerjee is known to be a good administrator. But if we see the records, there is no development or progress in any area in West Bengal during her tenure. She may be a crowd puller in West Bengal but not elsewhere. So she can't attract voters on her own in other states even if we feel WB may go in her favour. If this is the case the presidents of other regional parties who are crowd pullers in their states may not be ready to give her the PM post.
    Even though they accept distributing other ministers to various parties is not an easy issue. What we are witnessing in Karnataka between two parties may happen in the centre also. A minority government at the centre will take the country back and it is not a welcome issue for the country.
    So I think her ambition of becoming PM may not become a real issue even in 2019 elections. Babu, CM of AP or KCR, CM of Telangana may be better bets to PM post than Didi, this is my opinion.

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    Dr. Rao: Mamata Banerjee can never be considered a good administrator. All Government employees working in Central Secretariat know about her performance as MoS (Youth Affairs & Sports) and as Minister of Railways. Her performance as Chief Minister during last six and a half years is, in brief, terrible.
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    Except for introducing the Duranto trains , she has done nothing as a Railway Minister and in fact the officers were frightened to suggest or work with here during that tenure.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Her aspirations are so high, that after forming the government in West Bengal, she laid foundation stones for many projects which have not seen the light of the day. She scolds the ministers, bureaucrats and different officials in such a way that many of them are hesitant to attend the review meetings.

    I do admit the work culture and attitude of the bureaucrats in West Bengal are so casual , that a reprimand at regular intervals from the higher authority seems logical, but at the same time she must govern to develop the state. What is happening here is not development, I think a word has to be coined to describe the situation.


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