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    Why we resist or control our emotions ? Why not transform them?

    Hi all ISC members, hope all you are doing well in their lives. Its been such a long time I had posted any forum thread. Today I want to discuss something that everyone face in daily life. As we all have some good habits as well as bad habits (form of emotion we associate with something). You all have noticed that good habits are those that we feel is good for us and of course there is bad habits that is actually not good for us but we can't change them easily. Why it is tough to change bad habits rather than good? One factor I have noticed is that we try to control (urge to resist) the bad habits which in scientific way need more energy. It is like pushing something away with power. As to push something far away from us it needs more energy this is what we do when we try to push bad habits away from us. That causes fatigue in mind as well as in body. We waste our good energy in a task that is not essential or vital. What I think instead of pushing or controlling with full energy (that is a wastage of energy) why not transform that into something useful. By useful here I mean to change bad habit we can find the good alternative to that bad habit and reward our self something more good when we achieve little success on transformation process. This will save our energy and transform it in to something productive habit. That will pay for long and will be inspiring for others too.

    I would like to hear from ISC members what they suggest on transforming energy from wastage effort to useful. As we all know energy neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transform from one form to another.
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    Hi Kamal, nice to see you back after such along time. hope you too doing well. Welcome back !

    Coming to the topic of your thread, any kind of emotions should not be controlled. It can bring only further problems and this my own personal view and may not match with others. You rightly said that we should transform it to another energy instead of wasting it.

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    Good. It is really good if we can use our energy to change the bad habits instead of trying to push them away. This will be a positive thinking in getting rid of our bad habits. It is never advisable to keep our emotions within us for long. We have to vent them out. A good post by the author and one should practice this and see that they will get benefitted.
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    Welcome back Kamal after a long time. Any way coming to your topic, what I feel that one should not resist or control the emotions, it must come out of our heart and then only we get fully satisfied. Some people while seeing a movie when challenging situations comes, they burst into tears and that means the particular fan is involved in the character and hence his outburst. That is the real emotion. And I have seen some people wont weep even during the deaths of the real and near ones and that is withholding the emotions and that will tell upon the health through series of diseases.
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    Why it is tough to change bad habits ....?
    We either do not understand or not admit that we have bad habits or certain of our habits are bad. Once we are convinced that certain habit is bad, we would tr to shed them. But just as some strong coat of paint or rust,it may need lot of rubbing and erasing. That may bring pain also. Hence the urge to control becomes painful .

    Disposal of harmful materials is done by total elimination, dilution, isolation etc. In the case of bad habits also(when we know it is bad habit) we can shed them fully, dilute them by controlling and isolating or keeping under control. The energy spent on waste management (bad habit management) is not at all wasted. Bad habits cannot be recycled or reued, and hence cannot be transformed. But the person can be transformed by the above methods.

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    A nice question. It would be really great if we could transform our emotions. If we could transform anger into excitement. Sadness into focus. And so on. But what do we convert happiness to? Will we be so courteous enough to transform happiness?
    Now I know that the above are feelings not emotions. Emotions are what others see and feelings are personal. But emotions are directly proportional to feelings. We cannot emote something we don't feel. So to convert emotions we need to convert feelings, which though not impossible, is a Herculean task. Only the ones with strong will and concentration can pull that off.

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    Nice thread bringing out the aspects of human incapability in controlling our suppressive or negative thoughts and producing only constructive and positive actions.

    As per Indian mythology it is believed that spiritual engagements and positive thinking can help in this matter and help to refrain from falling in the trap of negative energy. How much it is effective can only be known after applying it in one's life.

    For those, who are blindly following the materialistic pursuits in their life, it will be a difficult task to convert the negative energy to positive channels because our mind will always be full of selfishness and lust.

    It is very necessary that we should contain our desires and control our wants if we are really interested in channelising our energy into a constructive path.

    It is very easy to say all these things which look like a sort of moral teaching but in practice it is very difficult to accomplish it.

    People with high degree of discipline, control, knowledge and ability to avoid unnecessary indulgences in luxuries can only achieve such transformation of energy or utilization of energy in constructive domains.

    Knowledge is power.

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    'Leaders don't react. They respond.'
    This was what my friend mentioned when we were discussing something about people skills and emotions.

    By mentioning both bad habits and emotions in the same sentence, I assume that you are referring to habits like getting angry.
    If that's the case, this example might make things simple.

    Imagine this. It's raining incessantly since morning. You forgot to shut your windows while leaving to work. Now you find that your room is cold and humid. You decide to dry it a bit using the dehumidifier. You go ahead and switch on the dehumidifier. Everything works fine.

    Now just imagine the situation without any switch in the home. As soon as the electric supply is returned, suddenly it's diwali all throughout the house. Every appliance starts to work - right from the mixer to the water cooler (and of course the dehumidifier). You just have no control over what's happening.
    The switch decides whether the powerful and heavily fluctuating current is going to damage or safely run our appliances.

    Our emotions and reactions are exactly like that. Let's take emotions to be the electric current that flows in our home. The fans, tube lights and other electrical equipments can be equated to our reactions. Responses are the switches.

    We always have the power to choose which reaction to trigger. All we have to know is which is the right switch to toggle!
    But through a few trials, we surely figure it out.

    Yes, we can always go and ask the powerhouse to control the way they supply the current. But it's a seemingly impossible feat, only possible to a trained few.

    Our focus should be on getting the right reaction rather than letting the steam out.
    So let's stick to using the right switches. Let's respond rather than react.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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