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    Why do even our relatives prefer only those who are rich?

    We might show all affection on our relatives and friends. In fact, our friends reciprocate this affection far more than our own relatives. More often than not, a person who is filthy rich is always shown more affection. Like in a marriage, our own relatives behave as if they live next door to that person in USA!!

    There is one standard for such a relative and another for humble souls like us, the upper middle class, who can never match the crores that the rich relative has. This happens even between brothers where the parents seem to be more emotionally inclined only towards the children of the rich son or daughter.

    Though this may never be the case (hopefully) in a majority of families, am seeing it happen so often in many families. Have relationships become so commercial? When we can't take a single pie when we are gone from this world, why does this discrimination happen? Is there no stopping this at all?
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    It is a known fact that frogs will be in the well only when there is water. The moment they find no water in the well, they will look for an alternative. This is the same in the case of friends and relatives also. The childhood friends may not worry about your riches and they may continue to be your friends. But the people who became friends with you afterwards and the relatives may not be very nice to you if you are not rich. Definitely, relatives will be visiting you more when they feel that they will have some benefit by visiting you. But it is not true in all the cases. There are some relatives who will try to help the relatives who are in need. The person who struggled in their lives and comes up will definitely understand the difficulties of the other people and will try to help them. But rich people who are born with silver spoon in their mouth will never understand the difficulties of the other people. So they never encourage people to come near to them. But many relatives will be paying a lot of respect to such people probably as they are rich.
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    Yes relatives wont care for the poor and run after the rich. Why because they wont get friending a poor relative, whereas the rich relative would invite for functions, parties, gatherings and above all shopping and outings. And some relatives are selective as they see the stature of others. If they own car, others should own it and then only they make moves. And even in big functions , when the common relatives are also invited , we can see their peer groups in one area and they wont mingle with others. This happens in every home and that is common to every relative who is poor.
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