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    Are other language movie heroes realistic in acting?

    In Tamil Nadu, we had a very good actor whose name was Sivaji Ganesan. He was no doubt talented, but he did a huge amount of over acting. This over acting exceeded all limits and only his shouting was praised as good or even great acting. In later years, he himself toned down his acting to more realistic acting.

    The one actor who really stands out is Kamal Hasan. He was largely unaffected by Sivaji Ganesan. His acting is simply superb, even today. Unfortunately, there are many who still try to imitate Sivaji Ganesan in one way or the other. Do you have realistic actors like the great Mohanlal or Mammuti, of Kerala who have really given some superb performances in Malayalam?

    Can you please name them and even the films so that we can possibly see those movies? I mean not only Hindi, it could even be Punjabi, or even the Oriya language or Marati for example.
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    In Telugu there were four realistic actors in those days. One is the NTR. To whom there is no introduction needed. He can act as a religious character and more suited to Lord Krishna, Duryodhana, Karna and Lord Ram . And his famous film is Dhana Veera Soora Karna . He also acted as Judge. And most of his films were hit and super hit. Then comes Nageshwar Rao, He is also a character actor and also acted with NTR to prove his mantle and his famous film is Devadas. Then comes Natasekhara Krishna. He acts in off beat film mostly liked by the front bench people. His famous film was Alluri Seetha Rama Raju. And who can forget the great acting skill of Shobhan Babu. He was the most handsome hero of those time and many great heroines would be introduced through his pairing only. So the list is big and can be continued.
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    In Telugu field, there was an actor by the name Naggaiah. He was a very good actor but he also acts over in some movies. But there were character actors like SV Ranga Rao and Gummadi, who were excellent in their skills. NTR was a very good actor. But in some movies, his action was also a little more than required. But those days people used to enjoy those actions very much. There are some movies of ANR also who acted a little more than required. But for a few movies, both these actors have done very well in the movies. Bhanumathi is an actress who has overacted in many movies. But Savitri is famous for her soft acting skills.
    Today in Tollywood, I see Mahesh Babu and Jr NTR as the actors who act as required and never go for overaction. The acting skills they possess are very good and they will be good guides for the next generation of actors. So far I have not seen even a single movie in which these two actors exhibited overaction.

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    It doesn't depend upon the language of the film. The script, the quality of the actor, the ability of the director, the presence of other actors, onscreen chemistry, set, photography, use of natural light and editing are some of the many factors which are behind the realistic performance. In many cases, some actors of the so-called regional films can beat popular Hindi cinema heroes hands down.

    In Bengali, 83 years old Soumitra Chattoyopadhyay (the Dadasaheb Phalke award winner) can beat 99% of the popular actors of Hindi cinema in terms of acting hands down. He was the most favourite actor of Satyajit Ray, the legendary director. There are some great actors in regional cinemas of India.

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