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    How to report a spam thread / Response?

    Just now a spam thread has been posted, the link of which is given at the end. I wanted to report it but there was no link or button through which I can report the spam thread and I didn't want to reply in the same thread thereby keeping it active.

    Hence I am recording it here. Think it is important to have a button that says report this thread in each thread so that spam threads or responses can be brought to the attention of editors at earliest.

    Anyways the link of span thread is here
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    Is there any need to report by the Members? I think the Editors online easily identify such spam thread or spam response and take necessary action. Of course, this is my personal opinion and I don't have much knowledge about it.
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    I think the editors must be reviewing it and will close the thread in due time. Just now I checked, it is not there. The member who posted the thread must be misusing the platform. I am anxious, if at all there is a way out to stop any kind of misuse.

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    Mr Sankalan, I notice that you have joined this month. Welcome to ISC! Regarding spam/commercial threads, we see them at regular intervals.
    The way to stop it? The editors quickly close the thread and or delete it. If I notice these, I just post a oneliner. 'Spam/commercial thread, please do not reply.'
    There is a warning to members in forum posting guidelines and while replying to a thread (at the bottom just above submit response button).
    Although your idea of a spam report button is good in principle, in practice, I feel it can be misused by members, hence it's better that the editors do it.

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    All the threads posted by the members will be scrutinised by the editors and if they find any spam postings they will take appropriate action immediately. Sometimes the editors may notice these posts a little late as they can't be online 24X7, in such case a little delay may be there in removing the spam posts.
    If we want just we can give a small note as reply aking the editors to look into the post.

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    Our online editors who are active would close such threads which looks like spam and also some promotion threads appearing here would also be removed forthwith and therefore no issues.
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    Manjunath, just post a oneliner as suggested by our experienced members. #642321, should you report or make a mention is your personal choice and is an indicator of how responsible you are for the site.
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