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    Smartphones are essential, but are we getting any smarter? -Active GD.

    All of us are using smart phones nowadays. To some, it is the most essential device to possess, indeed it is, going by all the great features and apps. You ask today's date, many will tap their phone to tell it. If you are unable to find a particular address in a locality and ask a passerby, chances are high that she/he will turn to Google maps for help, that at times show incorrect positions.

    Last week, I asked a kid in which school he is in, he took out his smartphone, opened the website of his school and showed it to me. A smart way to answer isn't it? Ask anybody a question that is not so common, invariably you will get the answer "search on Google, you will find everything there". So, going by the above examples are we getting any smarter or becoming too much dependent on technology in our everyday life?

    Are smartphones and Google making us smarter or dull? Let us discuss.

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  • #642335
    The author has rightly pointed out that smart phones cannot make us smart in many ways. For example the smart phones comes with lots of features and programs to which we have to spend time and that could be waste as we are relegating other works to pending mode. Moreover in guise of unloading other features from another phone the flash may get spoiled and thus repair. And coming to the point of maps shown on the phones, it is sometime misleading as the information is given citing the main road position. But to reach the spot, there may be alternative routes which are clear from traffic are not shown and thus we invariably end in paying more for taxi or incurring loss on petrol expense. And the habit of thinking on our own has been lost. As for every small information we tend to seek Google help ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think that smartphones are really smart, but at the same time, the smartphones make us unsmart. It makes us so unsmart that we can't remember even ten phone numbers. It makes us so unsmart that we are unable to find our 25% of 336. It makes us so lazy that we are almost unable to type 'you'; instead we manage with 'u'.

    So, I always try to minimize using the smartphone.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The author has very nicely described the dependency of these day's people on their smartphones. Even the students who are going to school are using their smartphone even for mathematical tables. The usage of the phones has increased and we can't imagine our life without these phones. As mentioned in # 642338, we have become unsmart by using these smartphones. Our dependency on this phone is too much now.
    We are forgetting even small issues also and we are trying to use these phones for each and everything. No doubt they are very handy on many occasions and helping us in saving time, we should also have a fall back arrangement. Otherwise, if something happens to our phone, till we get another phone we may be just isolated and we don't have any information with us.

    always confident

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    There are different ways of looking at things. While some learned members believe that smart devices are hampering our intelligence because they are being used to store data and for mathematical calculations. I don't see this as a problem. We don't have to continue with primitive ways, to prove our intelligence.

    Technology is advancing and humans are making use of the latest inventions. What use will the inventions be, if we don't use them to their full potential?

    Smart devices make information available anywhere, anytime. So, yes, we have information available to us in the palm of our hands. We can either look at these devices and lament at how they limit us or recognise them as being a source that provides us with varied information and begin to use them effectively, to boost our knowledge.

    Technology serves to ease our lives. And smartphones are doing just that.

    Are we becoming smarter? Well that depends on how individuals use these smart devices. The student in the author's example, is proof that someone who wants to gain from technology, will do so.

    Before the advent of tape recorders, journalists used shorthand writing, during interviews. That didn't make them less intelligent or lazy. It was a smart way of 'recording' interviews. SMS lingo, is an intelligent way of expressing one's self, in view of the character limits that exist in text messages. And what further proves my point is that some SMS words have been added to the English dictionaries.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    We are using latest gadgets in all the areas and in communication and telephone area, smartphone has made a smart place for it.

    This is a gadget now without which we can not think what will be our situation. It has become a part and parcel of our life and if it goes bad even for a short time we become handicapped and feel that we are cut off from the whole world though in fact we are only got disconnected with the virtual arena.

    So we are smart only till this gadget is working and giving all sort of answers to us whether required or not. Along with important things there is a heap of garbage which is to be accepted unwillingly.

    In that situation, we are in no way getting smarter.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Incidentally, just now I have read an interesting article on this topic. I am sharing the link. All of us can go through this article on the effect of smartphones.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • #642435
    Smartphones have changed our life style a lot. I feel that they have made us smarter. The first benefit is that we save a lot of labour and time. That time we use for many other things. It is how we use the spare time that makes the change. It has helped to save a lot of space in our home and office as a smart phone now clubs a number of separate devices used earlier.
    We have become smart enough to save labour of remembering many silly things as we can easily refer it to our smart phone. But how the difference whether we have become smarter or not is how we use the saved space in our brain . If the principle of idling leads to rusting is applicable to our brain also, then probably people may gradually lose their power to think and remember;but by then artificial intelligence would have taken over.

  • #642465
    "Technology serves to ease our lives. And smartphones are doing just that. ". I agree with this statement. But at the same time, it should not make us lazy. As mentioned by many of the above authors, the smartphone is making our life simple. But are we using the time we are getting because of this constructively? This is the question one has to answer.
    These days I am seeing many people using the smartphones for chatting with people, browsing unnecessarily social media and unwanted sites. Many of the students are completely wasting their time on these phones. Even I have seen some pupil in the classroom without hearing the teaching, just browsing the internet on their smartphones. Is it going to help the person?
    I agree technology is very much for improving our lives. But a person should have minimum knowledge regarding what to do in the absence of these gadgets. I feel here only the problem is coming. Too much dependence on anything is never advisable, is my opinion.

    always confident

  • #642476
    There are always two sides to a coin. I am not in favour of the author that smartphones are making us unsmart. I am going to say that smartphones are making us smarter if we use them wisely. The incident which author has mentioned may have the different side. The students want to show the website of his school to the author. In my opinion, the student of nursery class knows the name of his school, class teacher, principal, etc. So, by the above incident, you can not conclude that the smartphones are not making us smarter.
    All the invention are criticized for the misuses but can we ignore the benefits of that invention?

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #642477
    Smartphones are beneficial and make us smarter in many ways:
    1. Due to GPS, we can travel without any guidance from a local guide.
    2. We can check our email, contacts, chats and find any urgent information at any time anywhere.
    3. Students and teachers can use the smartphones for their studies materials and project work.
    4. Businessmen use the smartphone to increase their business and can watch the shop or godown from anywhere in the world.
    5. The banking system is at your hand through smartphones.
    6. You can pay your bills, school fees, tax through these smartphones.
    7. You can update your website and can check your Adsense anytime by using them.
    8. You can get knowledge of different topics by using these smartphones. Youtube and other site provide a lot of materials for CBSE.
    9. The distance between school management and parents has reduced due to these smartphones. Every school has a system to contact the parents directly using these smartphones.
    10. School management share different activities through these smartphones and parent come to know the activities of their children.
    There are many more benefits of smartphone which make us smarter. You can observe the present generation which uses the smartphone and the old generation which do not use the smartphone. there is a lot of smartness in the present generation. This smartness is due to the use of the smartphone.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #642488
    I am of the opinion that smartphones and Google are making us dull. The reasons are as follows:
    1. We are becoming more and more gadget dependent.
    2. Due to the above effect we are becoming lazy. Lazy people suffer from many diseases. This in turn makes their brain dull.
    3. I don't agree with what Mr. Mohan said. GPS systems have machine learning process. So this means that the phones or apps show the correct path. It learns alternate routes from us. We have to feed the information of alternate routes in the system. So if the system installed in the taxi and we end up in a wrong route, then it happens due to wrong input provided by us only. This is not the fault of the app. My point is different. When we book a cab using the smartphone and the phone immediately crashes or shuts down after the booking then we have no alternate way to get back to our booking status. So this is the fault of the phone. We are so dependent on our smartphones that we can't do anything about the booking, once it crashes.
    4. With respect to the previous point I would like to mention that the main problem of such GPS system is that many things in the map, even the google map are outdated. I am sharing this from my personal experience. I once wanted to know the location of a play school. I searched the map found the location and went to that exact location using my smartphone. The problem was that the school was long closed. This information was not updated in the map. My time and money both gone down the drain.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #642490
    That is true. There are advantages provided you use it with a purpose and you make it a tool for you to enhance your intelligence and output. Using smartphones can be beneficial but not at the education level. A student using a calculator for knowing 2 X2 = 4 is a waste of time. At the same to know 14X351, you need not break your head but you can use a calculator. Usage of technology make you smarter but at least one should understand the basics and they may be able to manage sometimes even without the gadgets. That is what I insist.Especially the students who are in their primary and intermediate studies should not get addicted to this smartphones.
    No doubt there are many advantages but there are some drawbacks also. If one can use these smartphones intelligently they will be very handy for many purposes. ALways everything will have positives and negatives. So if the smartphones are used for a purpose it is ok. But using for timepass is a bad habit.

    always confident

  • #642493
    It is nice that the thread is converted to an Active GD. Appreciation to the thread author to have come with a relevant topic.
    Now that it is an Active GD, we may have to elaborate our points .
    What do we mean by Smart or smartness.
    The meaning or understanding starts from 'being fashionable', 'appearing well dressed' etc to "Having or showing intelligence;" "Capable of making adjustments that resemble those resulting from human decisions, chiefly by means of electronic sensors and computer technology:". There is another explanation in an online dictionary-"clever and quick in thought and action".

    While our old landline phones which were doing only one function of enabling conversion between two distant persons, and later mobile phones were capable of voice call and short text messages, the 'smart phones' came with capabilities of doing multiple functions. Modern smart phones are capable of multitasking and have the combined utility of the once many stand alone devices like tape recorder, video player, desktop computer, camera, video recorder, typewriter etc. They are now the know-all encyclopaedia also.
    So it has to be accepted that our phones have really become smarter and smarter.
    Now the questionis whether the smart phones have made us smarter,

    My view is 'Yes' ; the use of smartphones has enabled us to be smarter and smarter also. I shall post my side justification in later responses.

  • #642499
    #642392 - For every research done to prove a theory, there are others done that disprove the same. 'Eggs are good for you - eggs are bad for you'. I am not going to indulge in an exercise of searching for links to provide but will rely on my intelligence to participate in this debate.

    #642465 - Mentions pupils surfing the net during classroom lectures. While I wonder where such a scenario could have unfolded I would like to bring forth the fact that the majority of educational institutions, in India, have a ban on cell phones, in the classroom. Also, the incident highlights the incompetence of the teacher/lecturer/speaker, who could not enthral and engage a group of students.

    On the other hand, my daughter who did her MBA at the University of Cambridge mentioned the practice of recording lectures on smart devices, instead of taking notes. This helped her concentrate in class, while the lectures got saved on her phone (cloud) for future reference. Her action portrays the smart use of a smart device.

    Coming to the discussion. Many of the views above describe what I strongly believe about human nature. We are masters at passing the buck. Look at how easily we shift the blame for our lack of control, our failures and incompetence to a device that is but a toy in our hands. Do you realise that it comes with options? You do not have to be constantly glued to it.

    It is we who are misusing the smartphones because we lack discipline. We have no self-control and we put the blame a gadget. A few years ago (read decades) the television was blamed for everything – poor marks in the boards – blame the television.

    The smart device in our hands or pockets cannot dictate what we do with our time. It responds to us, and it's not the other way around. We have to learn to be our own bosses and be answerable for our actions. Simple mathematical problems do not require a smartphone, and yet people use them. Is it that we are incapable of getting an answer or is it that we want to get to it quickly? I prefer to think the latter to be true.

    The smartphone is an invention that allows us to do a multitude of tasks, at our convenience. We can live stream events, we can keep an eye on our young children, pay our bills and make other financial transactions, stay up to date with the happenings around the world, from remote corners, stay entertained, set reminders and maintain calendars and do a whole lot more.

    It is a powerhouse of knowledge, giving us any information that we need in a matter of seconds. Whether we want to enrich ourselves or not is wholly our choice. With the smartphone we have a chance to learn new things, without it, we would have to look for opportunities and schedule time to do so. Imagine, travelling to a library just to get info on something.

    Yes, #642488, there can be snags, but show me one aspect of life that doesn't have one. Human life itself comes with limited time. Make use of the time when the gadget is working fine, to do all the other stuff that is otherwise time-consuming.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

  • #642500
    Hi, In my opinion this is human who are smart enough to develop and invent such devices that are useful in certain situates. In case of smartphones it is a concoction of human experience and knowledge that makes these phones smart. Certainly human has some limitations to handle some conditions so to overcome these limitations they create things that should be beneficial for the masses. As we all know that this era is technical, technology becomes one of the important tool for us. Its not easy and obligatory for anyone to know or remember everything. They can make use of tools that are specially designed and created by us to solve any associated problem. There are people who use smartphone whenever necessary and there are also people who use them more than one's necessity. It is not with the smartphone but almost anything. So I think smart use of smartphone can make us smart. Yes, it is true that we are now dependent of smartphones as an example if we need to travel, book tickets and watch something useful instantly we need it but total dependence is never good.

  • #642508
    In my Childhood days, my friends ask a question that whether computer is intelligent of Human brain is intelligent then If I say computer they say no Human brain is intelligent because the computer is made by man and If I say Human Brain then they say no because the computer is so fast and less erroneous while making calculations. Now our present GD is are smartphones and Google making us smarter or dull? I don't think Google making us dull instead it enhances our knowledge to move us in the right direction. If there is no Google for supposing there is no Information Technology industry in India because of a lot of programmers depends on google to get a solution because application programming knowledge is very vast its like ocean it can't be folded in one book or in one library.
    Coming to smartphones any informative device cannot make us dull if someone thinks in similar lines its false notation they have to update themselves according to the time.

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #642511
    What is the use of smart phone when the data network is non reachable or not available in remote areas when we are traveling and we do not have any guide to support ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #642513
    If a vehicle needs to run it needs a petrol, diesel or electricity any conventional or nonconventional energy is necessary. As similar to human needs some energy to make our brain work properly in recent research studies says that some food habits make us think in the wrong direction. as similar to those smartphones they need to have the network to work.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #642515
    Even in some city areas in the absence of tower, the smart phones are not working as they cannot catch the signals from the towers which are far off. Now how to get rid of this problem ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #642527
    # 642499. I appreciate your argument and the way you have put it. An MBA student's level of maturity is entirely different from an intermediate student and a high school student. They have a fancy for using the phone but they don't know the after effects.
    My Sister's daughter used to spend till midnight on her cell phone and the next day she could not get up in time to go to school. You may feel it is the incompetence of the parents. Maybe true to some extent. But what is the solution for this?
    My point here is Smartphones are good for the people who know how to use it, when to use it and what for it is to be used. But unfortunately, this system is missing these days. How to have a control on this is the issue. That point is to be addressed. Otherwise, these smartphones will create problems for the present day children, I feel.

    always confident

  • #642539
    I see that I've joined the GD pretty late. This is a topic that's been debated upon over and over in the modern era. Yet discussing about it still seems relevant and interesting because as days go by, smartphones are becoming capable of more and more.

    Now how is smart phone being smart? I think the huge part of "smartness" comes from the customization of the phones. How are we costumizing our phones? Previously, the phones weren't all compatible and custom. The features they came with are what they will stay with. So what changed? The operating systems' advent. With an operating system, in our phones, we could keep adding on to its performance. One of the simple examples of how we do it is by installing application softwares. Other graver example would be rooting of the operating system.
    So smart phones became a game changer by allowing themselves to be super adaptable.

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  • #642542
    Now that I have established what made smart phones a renaissance in modern age, let us talk about its "smartness".
    I wouldn't differentiate, Google( or any store providing system like Nokia store and Apple store) and Smart phones. As I previously mentioned a smart phone is a customizable device. To customize it we are in heavy need of internet and stores. So technically a large proportion of "smartness" comes from the internet. So the real smartness here is, using the existing revolutionary invention, to birth another revolution.
    Today's smart phones can do far beyond what we once thought they could do. For an example I can easily make a PowerPoint presentation on my phone, without internet( after loading the app ofcourse. But in phones with Windows, Office app is preinstalled).
    I can send this presentation to a PC or project it onto a projector, using few cables, again without internet.
    When the feature was first introduced it was revolutionary. But now its a basic requirement in every phone to be able to read documents and edit them. By this small example we can explore how smart phones can still be smart without internet and also how far they can be useful in education and profession.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #642543
    Remembering 8 digit numbers and multiplication!!
    Why would we even want to do those manually the hard way, when we have the smartphones at our service.
    The answers are just a click away. Not just that we don't have to even worry about errors creeping up.

    Doing such stuff the hard manual way these days is akin to trying to heat up our food by lighting firewood through striking flint and quartz.

    Of course, no one is going to stop you from doing that. But the real question over here is, is that the real priority?
    Memorising numbers and mental calculations are good. True.
    But is the purpose of using smartphone really to rote learn 8 digit numbers?

    I can give a personal example.
    A year back, a couple of friends and I had gone for a week-long trip. The money was paid at various legs of the journey by a different person. It took us almost 3.5 hours to get all that straightened up and finalise on who owes how much and to whom.
    Just a few months after that, on another outing, we had a similar situation. This time, however, we used the bill splitting apps like Tricount and Splitwise. The entire calculation was done in a snap!!! We used that extra few hours to get one more view of the beautiful valley.

    So these smartphones clearly automate & simplify, if not eliminate, the mundane processes that are basically redundant in today's world.
    This gives us more mental space to carry out tasks that need our human forte and creativity.
    Clearly, in that sense, smartphones make us smart.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

  • #642549
    Now to smart phones' contribution to human intelligence:

    Nowadays every phone comes with an AI. These AI can pretty much maintain and function the phone like humans do. They need a constant internet supply for this as of now because there is no other place abundant with such a large info. And also storing and accessing from internet directly will help you keep your phone storage efficient.

    How do you define "smartness" in humans? I define it as the ability to act swiftly and smoothly. In that case definitely smart phones make you smarter. Every information ever is at your fingertips. You can change the temperate of AC, change channels in your TV, interfere with radio signals, create docs etc..; with your smartphones. The new ability to scan through cameras and paying, is miraculous. A portable super computer is what a smart phone is.
    There is no location too unknown in presence of a smart phone, supplied with internet.

    To summarize, smartphones paired with internet, collectively is making humans much smarter.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #642554
    Smart phones are helping us in getting information quickly and there are many things which can be done by using this device.

    So it is a computer in our palm and sorce of everything which is stored in servers in any part of the world.

    No doubt, the smart device us has many features which the common masses might not be able to understand but the intelligent people can learn and use it for their benefit.

    However smart the device might be the user may not know all of it's feature and may be using it like an ordinary gadget.

    People are blindly following Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and other prominent sites and sometimes just post or forward a mediocre messages. It is as good as a dumb person sitting at the smart computer and doing the routine things.

    In such a condition the dumb person will remain dumb only and it is a difficult proposition to say that he is becoming smarter because he is using it.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #642555
    I continue my discussion concurring fully with Kamal Kishore #642500 when he says" Certainly human has some limitations to handle some conditions so to overcome these limitations they create things that should be beneficial..".

    However it is a general initial human attitude towards any new technological invention to say that it is harmful. But technology development continues and stays on. After initial misgivings, people accept and embrace them. Same is the attitude towards Smartphones.
    When humans started using weapons and implements their muscles became less used and less strong. When vehicles were invented and used our legs did not have the full use. But modern technology compensated that by inventing exercise machines to give workout for our body and muscle.

    Audio recorders were invented. They naturally reduced our ability to memorise songs and speeches But they stayed on and additional technology helped more people to learn or enjoy more songs.

    Smartphones came only after the computers. By then computers have did a lot for lessening strain on human computing and memory. Computers saved a lot of human time and space earlier taken for computing. This did not reduce human brain capacity, but helped to do more and more big computing in less time. Our normal works like engineering and medicine were integrated with technology and more and more facilities and benefits started coming.
    Then came smartphones which are the small sized combination encompassing a lot of things including a computer. So it possessed all the characteristics of different inventions till date. Naturally that is why the smartphones get more blame i the view that they made humans less smarter.

    But I am convinced, and of the view that smartphones have made even less smart people more smarter.

  • #642557
    Mohan @642335 has the view that "waste as we are relegating other works to pending mode. Moreover in guise of unloading other features from another phone the flash may get spoiled and thus repair. ".
    No I cannot agree that. Smartphone helps you to save a lot of time and effort. It is for you to use that time for other useful purpose.
    That is what Aditya.V (#642543) has proved that by using smartphones while on a tour, he saved some few hours and " used that extra few hours to get one more view of the beautiful valley."
    That is what Aditya Mohan meant when he said about customization. Now smartphones can be well customised as per our needs and requirement. Even that is also becoming easy. Those stand alone applications which came to be very useful and popular are now coming inbuilt in newer smartphones. More people have taken to walking as it is quite smart of them to use the pedometer and calorimeter in their smartphones..
    Now about the overloading of features causing flash storage damage, modern smartphones have more inbuilt memory and apps are available that can compress data or store in cloud.
    A smartphone itself has at the minimum saved the space of a table at least, as the need of a large desktop computer is not there now

  • #642564
    A poor workman would always blame his tools.

    We need to measure the worth of something by the value proposition it offers and not on the value extracted by an inefficient user.

    In this discussion, 'smartness' is simply the value that these smartphones add when they are employed instead of the usual methods. The value obtained can be an opportunity of any kind - Extra time, additional knowledge, accuracy just to name a few.

    We simply cannot consider a totally ignorant or dumb person, while estimating the smartness of a smartphone.
    The real data is obtained when we compare apples with apples.

    Take the case of young entrepreneurs.
    Compared to the olden days, we can now see a lot of such young talented kids shining and making significant contributions in technology, science, business and social issues resolutions. Why is that?
    Unlike the earlier days, kids these days have portals opened to the world of immense specialised knowledge. Kids these days are able to learn, master programming languages and build apps even before they complete their 5th birthday.
    Does that mean the kids of older generation were dumb? Of course not!
    Unlike these lucky ones, they didn't have access to smartphones.

    Another pivotal use case of smartphones is to take real time critical informed decisions. Almost all of us, check out the weather updates before leaving home to see if we need to carry an umbrella (Google even made that a voice action command in their assistant - "Do I need an umbrella today?"). We get an idea of the impending traffic congestion in maps and helps us to change routes accordingly. Smartphones give localised news updates like info on harthals or the movie currently running in nearby theatre so that we don't miss out.
    Most of this even happens proactively. The device suggests these to you. Fitbit and other apps, as someone mentioned earlier, helps us track stats on our health while we simply enjoy the run.

    So the smartness is always present. The user just has to tap into it. As they say, you can teach a bird to fly, but it's the bird's job to flap its wings.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

  • #642580
    I will write a small example of why the technological advancements always are there even though it hurts somebody at some point in time. As there is an ironing man who use to do iron clothes to different people for a specific charge as he got some acres of cultivated land for that he used to listen to the radio for an agricultural program daily so that he can get valuable information which crop get yield in which season and which urea should be used for the crop on listening to that radio he forgot to take off the iron from the cloth as the cloth gets burn and he has to pay price for that. Now, this negativity is given importance after the radio, scientists did not invent any electronic device it gets stop with the radio but it doesn't happen. So what I mean to say is technological advancements can't be stopped as they continue to give useful information...
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #642589
    My arguments supporting the fact that we are not getting any smarter with smartphones
    1. One author mentioned that smartphones helps us remembering small issues. My point is that the reason we forget small issues are smartphones. These smartphones generate much more radiations than keypad phones. These radiations shrink the brain cells. This results in a forgetful mind. That is why you will see that today's young generation is much more unmindful than the generation of their parents. This is in turn decreasing the smartness of today's young minds.
    2. One author mentioned the use of Adsense or banking systems as a feature of the smartphone. Adsense or banking transactions or any other utility has nothing got to do with intelligence or smartness. It is just a regular feature. It is not your intelligence quotient.
    3. Today's generation is so busy typing on their smartphone that they are losing the ability to write. I have seen fresh graduates not able to fill up a one page long application. They say that they are so computer savvy that they feel easier to type than to write. This is a big barrier to smartness.
    3. Today's generation is very much sms and WhatsApp savvy. This is making them totally dull in English grammar. They are also not learning their native language properly. They are learning some kind of mixed lingo that is neither purely English nor something else. They make so many grammatical mistakes while writing essays or letters, etc. So it is proved that smartphones are making them dull.
    4. Today students use smartphones for cheating. Many times students are caught cheating with the help of their smartphones. Had they become really intelligent, such incidents would not increased in the past two years.
    5. One member argued that smartphones are cutting us from the whole world. I don't agree to it. It is your wish whether you want to cut yourself from the whole world or not. I have seen sincere and studious students spending their entire day in studies. I have taught many such students. They don't speak to anybody. They have cut themselves off from the rest of the society. Smartphones has nothing got to do with it. In fact, they are much smarter than the people who are smartphone savvy and lonesome at the same time.
    6. The main reason why smartphones are decreasing the intelligence of their users is that people use smartphones mostly to play 3D interactive games. This is a huge addiction. People lose valuable time. They could do other important things in that time. Instead they sit on a place and just keep their fingers busy. Sometimes such games are very violent. This diverts young minds into criminal activities instead of channelizing their intelligence into creative things.
    7. The worst thing about google and smartphones are that you can get access to anything and everything. Young and adolescent minds can get access to adult contents in their smartphones. Watching adult content all day is merely decreasing their intelligence and wasting precious time.
    9. One deadly game that recently young boys and girls got access to was "Blue Whale". They used google or smartphones to download and play that game. So many fresh and young students died because of this cursed game.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #642595
    If we are using a technology we are smarter than the other people who don't know how to use a technology. You have to remember your passwords for the banking system and for other mobile apps like PayTm, mobikwik, free charge, banking app, etc. Will not it improve your memory? So, using these smartphones it will certainly help in being smarter than other people.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #642598
    I also want to add that by playing the games the children are being intelligent. Though you may be wondering by my words I am saying right. I have observed my two children playing games on the mobile phone and use their brain for planing to win the game. It enhances their memory and capacity to think. So, I think playing games for sometimes is very good for the children and we should allow them.
    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #642609
    I want to include in this thread that for me smartness is cleverness but not dependence. I agreed with Aditya mohan #642539 on I think the huge part of "smartness" comes from the customization of the phones... Customization is in control of us. It depends upon us how we customize smartphones as per own need. I want to bring one important thing here is that children should have limited access to these smartphones. Parents must check and pay close attention that how their children is using it. Children will have more impact (as they are more receptive) of such things than elder and we need to be careful about that.

  • #642610
    There are many mobile apps which can improve the English of the students. I have also used the apps and improve my English and Vocabulary.

    If the students are using smartphones for cheating it is not the fault of the smartphone. It is human who is using the modern technology in a wrong way. I am giving an example, the fire was a revolutionary invention by the human and are widely used for different purposes. If you criticise the invention of fire as it is misused to burn the women and our daughters for dowry, is it right to blame the fire for these types of incidents? Fire is not responsible for the incidents but the human is responsible. Similarly, you can use the smartphone for being smart and intelligent if you eagerly want.

    You have to watch your children for what purposes they are using the smartphones. But we do not have time to watch and observe the children and ultimately blame the smartphones for our mistakes.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #642618
    One very simple practical example how people are becoming smarter because of smartphones is about the fishermen.
    Those fishermen who return after fishing in high seas know their catch and they message or call the agents and buyers and assess the market. Then they fix the deal by quoting their price and bargaining and the deal gets fixed before they reach shore. Just on reaching the shore, their catch is already sold and they can simply take the money and leave home happily.
    The situation earlier was that they have to wait for the auction or deal to go, and then only transfer the catch to the buyer. They will not be sure whether they will be able to sell at all.

  • #642625
    The smart phones have become a part and parcel of today's life style. Earlier, mobiles were only used to make calls and communicate. Now, they can do anything. Everything we need like groceries, veggies, food eveeything comes to door step with a single click online.

    Mobile has replaced the lamp,torch light, calculator and a smart phone can also replace a computer as the technology has developed a lot. There are many advantages with the smartphones.

    However, the more smarter our phones are becoming, the more lazy and dull we are becoming.

    These smart phones have changed the lifestyle so much that we can say "we are not controlling them but we are in their control" because, people are addicted so much to using them and has made them essential in their lives.

    It's all in our hands to make use of the technology but at the same time not lose our own thinking capacity and depend on the machines for everything. Too much of anything is bad so we should also keep in mind that these smart phones have a negative effect on the lifestyle and use them only for things that are necessary.

  • #642626
    Technology is good for development and it will lead to progress. There is no second thought about this.
    When I started my career machining in machine shops was done using manual machining machine. Those days the work was getting slow and variation from piece to piece were high. slowly Computer aided machining equipment were discovered. Now the work is fast and accurate. This is true. But for a person who doesn't know anything about this equipment, it is like a display in the museum. What I mean to say is the technological developments are good for the human beings if they know how and to what extent they are to be used. This factor is missing in the case of the smartphones also. Finally, I say I welcome smartphones as long as its use is restricted to useful activities and time-saving activities.

    always confident

  • #642627
    Kind of an intriguing topic actually.
    Smartphones aren't built to make us smart though. The concept of a smartphone is just that it is a phone which provides multiple other features other than just calling people.
    These are my thoughts atleast.

  • #642642
    I see most members have found smart phones making humans smarter while Joyshree, firmly believes that smart phones don't make humans smarter. I would like to counter that but before that- smart phone is no longer a luxury but a necessity. A necessity always contributes to the welfare of mankind.

    Innovations spring from necessity. Smartphone too was sprung from the necessity to make modern lives easier. To make things work at a tap of finger is nothing less than magic.
    Here are my counter arguments Joyshree:
    1. There is still no concrete proof about health defects because of usage of smart phones. Mobiles work on radio waves, which have too little intensity to actually dissociate molecules. This was a myth that a majority still believes.
    2. You are right. Net banking has nothing to do with intelligence. It's just a convenience. But think how much of fuel, time, energy and occasional cashbacks we save through net banking. Then you would understand that we are really a lot "smarter" in doing stuff. Being efficient is being smooth and swift undoubtedly right?
    3. I totally agree. Auto-predicting keyboards ruin our spellings. We simply can't remember spellings nowadays. But the same smart phones allow a ton of apps to be downloaded, including Oxford dictionary or and other English teaching apps which could actually improve a candidate's language to multiple folds. I write quotes on an app called Yourquote which is helping me out in terms of my language. See? There are good examples too. Intention is what matters.
    4. I see cheating as a sign of slyness. I definitely don't patronize cheating, infact I'm totally against it in every aspect. But believe it or not, Biologists consider "cheating" a sign of intelligence. That is how animals are accessed. But should humans resort to the same animalistic intelligence? Once again, intention matters. Inventions are never good or bad. Intentions are.
    5. Now this depends on an individual. Smart phones and internet are a boon to introverts. They let introverts escape social interactions. If smartphones were not there, these individuals will be busy with something else.
    Can't really blame smartphones. Internet is so fun after all.
    6. In early 80s, a protest against game makers was launched saying that their games propagate violence, profanity and rape. That is why games today come with an age label and censorship. If an individual goes out of his age and tries these games out, he's bound to be influenced. Caution is withheld by an individual always.
    7. There is a parental control in almost every website. Google search engine itself has a Safe Search. Many other search engines have these too. YouTube Kids is available. Even if you don't have YouTube Kids, YouTube has an age restriction policy. Every video streaming site has it. If parents take responsibility and supervision there is not a one in million chance that the child will be exposed to gore or luscious content. Internet is far smarter than humans actually to have planned this all out previously.
    8. Now the whole Blue Whale ordeal was sheer stupidity. People who took orders from a game tried and few succeeded in killing themselves. It is human curiousity, to step into the unknown and dangerous realms. Parental control, speedy action of government or even caution by individuals could have easily prevented the disaster.

    Smart phones were made to ease our lives. All inventions are tools. Tools are used by us. We are the ultimate cause and effect.
    To me, smart phones and internet are an immensely powerful media and tools that are also forces to be reckoned with.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #642680
    1. Have you thought that what is basic goal of smartphones or laptops or other such technological gadgets? These want to bring the whole world at your doorstep. What happens when the whole world is at your doorstep? You don't go to see the world at all. You stay in your couch. Diabetes and other such diseases make their way in your body.
    2. This thing has happened from online shopping facilities too. People are so lazy that they don't go to buy to the shopping malls. Hence they loose they opportunity to go to a shop with family members, have lot of fun, shop for items, have a family lunch and come back.
    3. Smartphone apps or Google helps spreading rumors too fast. If you are having a discussion face to face, you get a chance to contradict a person by brainstorming then and there. But if you see a Facebook post that is shared by lots of your friends, you can't help but believe it. So smartphones are decreasing the chances of brainstorming.
    4. If you are of the age group of 40 and have studied in any English medium school, then you must have heard of "Student's Companion". This is a great book to learn synonyms, antonyms, phrases in English and what not. Nowadays smartphones have replaced this book. But have the kids become really smart? Then why can't they say the synonym of an English word just by listening to it? Why do they need to keep checking their phones? Those who read Student's Companion in their childhood are much smarter.
    5. These smartphones are making us so dumb that we are not able to calculate short summations, multiplications without the help of them.
    6. Those who are of the age of 40 or above must have seen their Geography or History teachers drawing beautiful diagrams on board and explaining things to the students. Now these diagrams are available one search away. So automatically the teaching quality deteriorates. No effort is given to draw such wonderful diagrams.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #642682
    Partha vide #642338 has stated that smartphones make us unsmart. It is far from that.
    Only because smartphones came and became popular did thousands of new applications are invented. Even the Bluetooth is a derivative invention because of smartphone.
    How many start up ventures have come to enhance the facilities and utilities of smartphones!
    Mohan vide #642511 &642515 is lamenting about the lack of connectivity and towers. They are not problems created by smrtphones. However the quantum leap from 2G to 3G and now 4G which is soon to become 5G have all happened and happening due to the popularity , spread and development of smartphones. Though they are primarily aimed fro smartphones, their benefit gets accrued to various other fields also.

  • #642683
    I agree with you on these points.
    But you are seeing only side of the coin.
    In the case of smartphones and Google, the benefits outweigh the ill effects caused by people not knowing how to use them properly.

    Let's see the sunnier side smartphones and Google have to offer in the same cases you described.

    1. Smartphones make us couch potatoes? Not at all.
    - Take the case of fitness apps like FitBit, Google Fit, RunKeeper, Strava. They proactively inform you to get up and away from the couch. Most of them come with expert advice that are quite easy to understand and practice. These include bench exercises too. Using sensor data they can easily count the steps you walked each and suggest the diet plan and exercise routine you must follow to achieve your health goals.
    This applies to even games. We all know the famous Pokemon Go movie game that made many of us get out of our homes and explore unchartered nearby territories.

    Sitting at home, on the other hand, watching mundane yet addictive primetime serials while munching tasty lipsmacking bhujia Sev or popcorn is a sure shot way to gain weight.

    2. Online shopping is cutting out the family fun.
    - On the contrary, I would say it has enhanced the family bonding. Take this example for instance.
    Back in those days, the parents would go out to shop for vegetables along with their kids. Neither the kids nor the parents have much options to choose while buying. They would have to compromise one amongst freshness, variety or price. The kids end up eating baingan bhartha for their dinner.
    But these days, the kids eagerly ask for the tasty dish they ordered last time in the restaurant. Mom decided to go the healthier way and decides to cook it herself. She looks up the recipe in a food app. The dad then orders the exact ingredients through BigBasket and in no time everyone cooks and relish the dish together. Everyone gains - quality, variety, price - nothing is compromised. Also you get to learn a new recipe!

    3. Smartphone apps and Google enhance the rumours
    - Rumours have been there since the start of human conversations. Earlier it used to be spread through the hushed gossips near common wells. Then it started to spread as sensational columns in newspapers and magazines. Now it has come to social media. In short, where there are insecure people, there would be gossips and rumours. Google and smartphones have just provided another platform. They haven't contributed any additional boost to these. The persons who believe in fake news spread through WhatsApp would also believe in the rumours discussed around water coolers in office.
    On the contrary, Google and WhatsApp have already started to take minor yet significant steps in weeding out the fake messages and news circulated.

    4,5 - In #642543, I've already described the brighter side smartphones have to offer in this case.

    6. Teaching deteriorates.
    - Almost every research contradicts that. Dont we all say that we need more interactive teaching methods; that we need to move away from rote learning and theoretical teaching styles.
    Apps like Khan academy, Unacedemy, Byju's, Lynda etc do exacty that!!
    The students go beyond what the teacher can teach by using such apps. These apps are able to customise the learning; something which most teachers find difficulty in.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

  • #642686
    Family physicians of yesteryear have now become just a sweet memory and nostalgia. But the advent of smartphone and smartphone applications is now r-bringing the doctor close to us. There are applications to take appointment, consult online, examine and interact with patient online through video chat and to give proper advice and follow up. All this is possible only because of smartphones and applications.

    One need not travel to a distant place for a job interview by wasting time and money. Smartphones have made it easy by facilitation online interviews. And what about the group chats and group video chats? The distant relatives and friends can be together in that as if they are under the same roof.

    Smartphones have made people smarter by transforming them from doing monotonous single task activities to multitasking , time saving, labour saving and happily entertaining smart people.

    Joyshree vide#642680 worries that smartphones, by bringing everything at doorsteps make people lazy from exploring.It is exactly opposite. Just read #642543 by Aditya V. He and his friends have made a successful one week tour properly using the potentials and facilities of smartphone.

    In fact I also have visited more places than before , because now I can plan and fix many things needed in a tour well beforehand and have a nice tour, stay and food during the tour. Not just that, I can upload the photos and video clips and get suggestions from friends and relatives about adding more nearby or local spots to be seen in those places . Those pics may induce friends and relatives to visit those places too.

  • #642687
    The single line of argument by all who oppose smartphones( view that smartphone make us un-smart) is just one point- that smartphones make us lazy.
    (One specific instance to quote here is that of Mallela Jyothi #642543-"the more smarter our phones are becoming, the more lazy and dull we are becoming. ")

    The same was once said about Televison. They were called Idiot boxes. They were blamed to be making people especially women and children couch potatoes and robbing away their power of thinking and making them addicted. In fact TV s started telecasting 24 x7 and people got much more material from TV channels to talk in gossips and parties. More and more people got chance to show their creativity.

    Now it is the turn of smartphones to get the blame.

    Can you ignore the thousands of budding talents first showing their talents through smartphone clips , You tube and then getting viral attention and get propelled to more creativity and fame? There are any number of ' kitchen to fame' stories where by those remaining just bathroom singers get noticed when accidentally or by help of a friend their talents get spread via

    So how can you say smartphones make people lazy? No it is other way round. Smartphones make people work harder and showcase their talents and abilities..

  • #642692
    Lets get one thing clear. The thread asks if smartphones make you smarter. Not healthier.
    Apparently any form of instrument or machinery cuts down human effort, as it is their main reason to exist. Steam engines, computers, wheels etc ..; all took their turns in reducing human effort. Now it's time for smart phones to do it.
    The will to stay healthy vests with an individual. So opting to work out instead of spending our lives away in smart phones is a choice.
    Smartness is addicting after all.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #642695
    1. The students have become so lazy, due to the wide use of smartphones that they don't even write the notes. I am a professor in a college. When I write something on the board, they don't write in their copy nowadays. When I finish writing the entire thing, they take a snapshot with their phones. I am sure they don't go back home and see those pictures. Such students can't write properly in the examinations.
    2. The University of Texas has said in a recent report that people become so distracted when they have smartphones nearby that they perform very poorly in a given task or any short logical reasoning test. So it is literally proved that smartphones are making people un smart.
    3. Now, one might ask that why are perpetual smartphone or laptop users having a "brain drain". The reason is that the prolonged use of these gadgets is resulting in the disturbances of their normal sleep hours. When you don't sleep for at least 8 long hours at night, a portion of your brain gets deeply affected. This results in absent mindedness. You tend to forget things that are very easy to remember.
    4. Chatting less personally and more on phone. If you go through the messages of a smartphone addict, you will find general messages like "Hi", "What's Up", etc. Other than that the commonly transferred jokes or social messages could be found. This means that the smartphone savvy generation has forgotten even to communicate. They are also totally loosing any kind of intelligence in social communication.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #642696
    Any informative device will not make any human brain dull its a false notation first you have to remove that. If you are addicted to a smartphone the problem lies in you, not in the smartphone or google because Human brain contains motor nerve that send signals to brain so you have to send right signals through your motor nerve to the brain.

    My points in favor of Google
    1)If Google search engine is not there-there is no Information technology in this country again there is a lots of unemployment in India because programming and operating system knowledge can't be folded in one book or locked in one library.

    2) You are just one click away to know any type of information but that is authentic information or not that you can decide yourself.

    3) Now there is a google home device if we want to know anything for example today news if you ask that device it will provide the information. It makes you laugh by cracking a joke, give information about any particular subject as you ask, it will sing songs for you. It will give health tips for you, It will control your room temperature and it will control the light in your room(automatically). So you just need to ask a question it will give an answer. What an innovative device from China!. Hats off to them.

    Now making laugh will bring good health(laughter therapy, stress relief) because of that people are joining in different laughing clubs and spending a lot of money now it is doing by google home device so you will get health and you do not need to spend money for to joining laughing clubs.

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #642710
    Smart phones have become a must for the present educated people. Even school going children are using it for something or other. I saw my grand daughter, three years old, going to play school, using it to view different children's items from the utube.
    When we go to a destination in our car, especially when going to new places, this gadget help us reach there without mistake. This help us several other things in addition to facilities given by an ordinary phone. Reservation of seats, cash transactions, purchase of items from homes, transfer of photos, etc. Almost everything a person needed in his/ her daily life can be done with its help.
    When it is misused it becomes a trouble shooter. This is the undesirable part of this gadget. Another undesirable use is the addiction of some people to this. These people sit with this without caring others or doing other works. Students get involved in this, thus becoming lethargic in studies. Older generation also spend their time on it. Thus the "smart" phone becomes " smartless".


  • #642732
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  • #642735

    If the students are capturing screenshots instead of writing full text on the copy its shows their smartness that they are going to do time management. They are smart enough to save their time. If they are not going to read the text at home, the professor can find it at the time of assessment takes place every month in the class.

    I have an objection in the report of Texas University. Why did you put a smartphone nearby the students at the time of the test? There may be a possibility of diverting the concentration. If you really want to check intelligence and smartness, do not allow the students any type of media in the exam hall and then take a test and prepare a report accordingly.

    The human being needs a sleep of 6-8 hours and our body indicates when we need the rest. We have to follow the body indication and we have to take rest whenever necessary. We do not do any work without proper rest. You can cut the sleeping hours for a couple of days but not for whole life. So, your body will take proper rest whenever necessary. I do not agree that it cuts our sleeping hours.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #642788
    Joyshree vide##642695 mentions about a study which gave them infer that smartphones make users unsmart.

    But, I have also seen a content post in an internet site in this regard which point to the possibility that smartphone users can become smarter.

    I Quote from the site Quartz or
    " According to a study published in Current Biology in Jan. 2015, regular and heavy smartphone users exhibit increased activity in the cortical area of their brains in response to touch on their thumb, index, and middle fingers. Incidentally, the thumb and the index finger are those used most by smartphone users."......
    ......"The findings from the above study seem to corroborate the conclusions drawn from another piece of research conducted on musicians back in Jan. 2004, published in the European Journal of Neuroscience. That study compared the level of tactile acuity in non-musicians and in professional pianists who had been practising every day for long hours for many years. It was found that the musicians had greater degrees of tactile acuity than the non-musicians. Amongst the musicians, those who had been practising more intensively through the years showed more sensitivity." Unquote

    Hence it is drawn that smartphone users also use fingers like practising pianists and have similar increased brain activity.

    So it disproves the fear and worry that smartphones make people dull and dumber or unsmart.

  • #642791
    Smartphones bring a lot of data to our fingertips literally. This was not at all possible earlier. But it is we who make information out of so much data. Customisable technology application in smart phones gives us the information the way we want it.
    Today's students excel in debates and discussions. Till they reach the stage and pick the microphone, they can go on updating and adding their information on the matter the have to deal with. So they become more confident and shine and excel by performing better and smarter.

    Friends, relatives and followers from across the globe share real time information through various facilities and ways in smartphone.

    As one netizen put it:
    "People that I don't talk to regularly are sharing interesting items from Slate, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal. Every morning, I now have an inbox of interesting things to think about. That's a solution to the question of 'what to think about' that is much more efficient and wide-ranging than the way we did it before. That's not a bad thing intellectually."
    Self explanatory, isn't it?

  • #642793
    Surveys sway both ways. Moreover surveys aren't always scientifically accurate answers. So retrospect using yourself as an example. What kind of effect does smartphone have on you? To me, it has made me learn more and more everyday. So it does make me intelligent. But does it make me smart? That is a deeper question. Smartness depends on your ability to wield. I have a guitar. But my ability to play it or being guitar-smart is solely in my hands. It is an instrument lying in my hand. How I wield it is a display of my smartness.
    So far humans have put smartphones for good usage.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #642806
    Firstly, here are my counter arguments to the points of few of my co authors:
    1. It is stressed upon that Smartness comes from internet. If this is true, then we are to believe that smartness has nothing got to do with brains. We have created internet and not vice versa. But it seems that we are so passionate and dependent on our creation that we are literally abandoning the power of our mind. With so much of search engines and apps, etc. we are loosing the ability to think. Galileo, Socrates didn't need internet to propose their philosophies.
    2. It is rightly said that today with the help of smartphones, we can carry our presentations anywhere. Our laptops help us to present our slides at any location. But have we thought that we are becoming so unintelligent that we cannot present a one hour long talk without presentations. Our teachers never needed slides to present their talks.
    3. Yes, smartness is associated with acting swiftly. But is largely associated with working wisely. Can anyone say that how smartphones are helping in making wise decisions. Nothing other than our brains help us in acting wisely. Wisdom is our strength. But we have forgotten that and delving our entire time in saving time. We need to hone our brain skills much more.
    4. Yes, smartphones are helping dumb people in making some smart choices. But this is a short term effect. If an unintelligent person is not doing anything to improve his personal skills and brain development, then some app or application will just help him in completing the routine work faster. He can never become a part of the world of people who possess the actual wisdom.
    5. Hakimuddin mentioned about the connection of memory with remembering passwords. I think a lot of authors here would agree that remembering passwords can be done by writing them in their personal diaries. Some people use same passwords for every account. How can you connect memory power with remembering passwords? A person who remembers his paytm and bank password, may not be able to deliver a 40 minutes long talk without looking into the slides.
    6. If you don't believe that prolonged use of smartphones and other phones causes brain tumors, here is a published article on this. You can go through a paper titled-Cell phones and brain tumors: a review including the long-term epidemiologic data by Vini G Khurana.
    7. One author mentioned that now apps can sing songs for you, make you laugh, locate your lost items. In short it can behave like your friend and guide. You don't need to depend on your friends. So you become totally unsocial. You even stop depending on yourself to find happiness in real work or you don't try to find your lost items yourself. You become a lazy, unsocial, unmindful person. My point thus proved.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #642809
    I was always against the prolonged use of phones and especially smartphones. Here's how I think they are making our minds regressive:
    1. We delve so much time in reading useless What's App and phone messages that we lose valuable time to do or think something creative.
    2. Nowadays What's App jokes is compromising for our thirst for literature. We have forgotten the impact of a 300-400 page long book. These smartphones are decreasing our penchant for high quality literature.
    3. Research shows that the younger generation of today are going to become stunted and stooped older generation as they stoop over their smartphones 18 hours a day.
    4. I think all my friends over here would agree that smartphones increase our stress levels. When our stress is very high, we cannot think logically. This means our intelligence quotient decreases.
    5. I would again come to our young generation. They are the ones who spend around 18 hours a day on their smartphones. Smartphone is a high end graphic device that has nothing got to do with high end thinking. So this generation are spending less time on thinking. They want everything at their tips. So their attention span is very very low. I have faced this problem while delivering my lectures. Students don;t listen properly. They are not attentive enough. They are all ears for any sms or What's App message on their phones but not an intriguing lecture on new inventions. They feel bored. So smartphones are not only decreasing the attention span but the curiosity to know the unknown.
    6. As they don't listen to the lectures, when they go back home, they don't understand the subjects taught. They are again busy on their phones at home. Earlier when we were students we used to go home prepare comprehensive notes on what teachers taught us that day. Nowadays students don't have time for this. They are too busy to read messages. They leave their studies until examination time comes. On the day before examination, they can't understand a word of the text books. They blame the teachers, course etc. They become tensed. Over tension creates panic in them. Sometimes they choose the worst way to escape, that is suicide.
    7. The worst things about technology at our doorstep is that people use internet to find more about unnecessary things. They use smartphone to shop on internet, play games. Seldom do they try to know more about the things that really matter for our country. So how can a person become more intelligent with these apps and phones?

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #642810
    As a gadget, smartphones have helped people immensely and to that extent their usefulness is established beyond doubt.

    Now the other part that whether they have made us smarter is a tricky one as on the first instance we will say yes to this but on a deeper analysis it is doing more harm to the creative person inside us as we have almost become dumb and submitted to it for everything.

    Especially those people who are wasting time in it in social media or blindly following others or simply forwarding messages are more affected by this hidden devil.

    The coming generation is becoming it's slave since early stage of life and it is definitely going to affect their imagination and productive potential.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #642816
    Only yesterday, I noted that this thread has been converted to an active GD. After conversion, this is my first response.

    Smartphone has been increasingly becoming a companion of us, especially of the younger generation. They can't remain without the smartphone. They talk to their friends, they download study material, they forward photos and videos, they forward study material, they chat, they listen to music and they calculate with the help of the smartphone. They even do monetary transactions with the smartphones. They order goods and books on their smartphone. It seems that today's younger generation can remain without food or water for 24 hours, but can't remain without the smartphone for a single day.

    No doubt, the modern smartphones are very smart. These phones are taking care of almost every possible need of the younger generation. These phones are very smart. But what about the users? Are they becoming smarter using these smartphones?

    In the next parts of my response, I will try to find the answer to this question.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • #642818
    Let's talk about the so called tumors caused by smartphones. Excessive use of anything can make you sick. Lethargic behaviour and obsession with smartphones, not leaving your home in phone's company, can cause multiple heart related issues and undoubtedly, diabetes and obesity. No wonder diabetes and obesity victims have sky-rocketed in past decade. But once again, individual caution was absent here. I use smartphone too but I am not obsessed with it. I use my time to exercise too.
    And apparently the posture you assume while peering into your phone will affect your eyes and spine. Even if there wasn't a smartphone, over bending the back can lead to many problems. Now rays from your phone can be so intense in dark that your pupils expand and using phone at night will harm your sleep pattern. But that is it.
    Over usage of smartphones can only do so much. No element in your phone is intense enough to cause harmful radiation and give you tumor. Your neglect of your health is the main reason for all the above ailments clearly.
    Smartphones inherently don't possess any harm.
    They only contribute to humanity's welfare.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #642820
    Kids today seem to be born with innate knowledge of technology. They can grasp how stuff work without much effort. In the recent years there is a phenomenal increase in terms of prodigy, I would say 1/50 kids are prodigies.
    That implies smartness is prevailing. And this smartness came after the advent of Smartphones. There is so much that our phones are capable of. So why restrain ourselves? They can help us get smarter.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #642857
    Smartphones are environment-friendly or eco-friendly how means if you want to read a paper or a book or anything in previous days you need a paper. How paper is made we all know by cutting trees already we are facing so much global warming. Now the present slogan is "Be paperless and save the environment" this slogan we are seeing in ATMs, in all sectors and offices. So you can read a newspaper or document or tons of research papers while you are traveling that is only possible with smartphones and with the use of Google search. If you spoil the environment it is directly proportional to curtailing the human life.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #642860
    We had a few discussion thread in this forum about smart working. The thread and responses gave the idea that smart working means doing more work in less time. So conversely those who can do more work in less time are smart. Smartphones have helped us to do more things in less time. That means smartphones are making us smarter.

    In the earlier days when women were hardly going for employment and were remaining at home managing home affairs, the one who manages the home with her husband's limited income stretch for the full month and even save it from that was considered to be a smart housewife. That the one who uses the same source for maximum uses is considered smart. So applying the same, smartphone users do a lot of things with the smartphone, which they could not have done otherwise. Which again means, that smartphones make us smarter.

    A Microsoft presentation says "Smart work - through brain and mind
    .Accomplishes the same goal as hard work but with less sweat." That is what exactly we do using smartphones. So it is abundantly clear that smartphones make us smarter

    It can be seen that in many homes, women cook keeping the smartphones in hand. They use the various recipes available in the internet brought to your hand by smartphone. This helps today's young mothers try and make new items for snacks and meals. The children also like them and they tell their mothers are not just sweet, but smart too.
    Moral: Smart phones make us smarter.

  • #642861
    Yes, I connected the remembering password with memory. If you have a habit to write down a small thing like password, you can say yourself an intelligent person. The person who has low memory or habit to forget always write down everything on a paper or diary. Smartphones are making you smarter and force you to remember the password. How many IScian have a habit to write down the password on a paper or in a diary? I think none of us has a habit to do so. So, no doubt that smartphones are making us smart in many ways.
    Only talking or delivering a speech for 40 minutes cannot make you smart. To talk or to deliver a speech are two different skills. It is not necessary that a smart person should possess all the skills. Though a smart person has a few skills which make him smart.
    How can you say that smartphones increase the stress level? We can be relaxed by listing musing on the smartphones. If you are travelling or out of the station you may talk to your family and your stress level will be reduced that everything is ok at home. I would like to say that smartphones help us to lower down the stress level. Our children can go to anywhere if they have the smartphone as they know they can talk to us or can send us the pics anytime from anywhere. So, both parents and children become stress-free when children have smartphones if they are out of the home.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #642863
    There is another scientific opinion about smartphone users. Smartphones help to get more social validation. Social validation is the acceptance by likes and appreciation you get in social media like Facebook, Whatsapp,even ISC. The social validation helps to have more self confidence and helps to prompt for more content output. In ISC we have many members and contributors who use their smartphones to post contents. They are thus smart as they can post to ISC whenever and wherever they get ideas and contents. This they could do because they use smartphones. I can justify my opinion that smartphones make users smarter.

  • #642867
    Ms JoyShree stated about the attention of the young generation in her classroom. I want to ask a question why should you allow the students to take their phones in the classroom. The government has released the order that students or teachers should not allow carrying their phones in the classrooms.
    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #642895
    Bhushan put forth a very good point about ecofriendliness of smartphones. Well that is true neglecting the fact that most of the e-waste we produce today is from phones.
    But this e-waste is recycled, for silver,mica,gold etc and then the reusable parts are put to recycling.
    So smartphones are being made safer to human use and environment.
    And also as he pointed out, the PDFs of books we can obtain through Kindle or even pirated e- copies of books can be accessed through phones, which in turn is a new take on deforestation. Earlier a member commented that habit of taking notes is dead. Then so be it. Students using tons of paper won't be an issue now. We can save all our necessary info in phones and computers.
    This way we are atleast contributing a little for aforestation.
    Conserving environment is not only a smart but a necessary action.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #642896
    I would like to pose a question.
    Which rapid global digitization how are we going to survive without a smartphone?
    In the coming years paper notes and coins won't be a thing because both are harmful to environment. Minting coins releases harmful gases in the process too.
    We can transfer money through QR scan provided by various e-wallets nowadays. Life has been made much much easier with these.

    Banking and payments are just an introduction for the epicness of a smartphone in digital era. The ones saying smartphones only contribute to humanity's downfall are just reiterating the same old points.
    Concrete proof in terms of stats, surveys, graphs and economic growth say otherwise.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #642899
    In my previous response, I tried to point out how we are becoming more and more dependant on the smartphone. To the younger generation, it has become an addiction. They depend on every little aspect on the smartphone. Due to this increasing dependence, the smartphones are becoming smarter. More new features are being added to the smartphones. Some of these features are very ridiculous. For example, the price of smartphones also depends upon the selfie-clicking capability!

    But what is happening to our general intellect? We are unable to remember even ten telephone numbers. We are forgetting the spelling of common words due to our habit of shortening the words while sending SMS, Whatsapp messages. We don't try to use our grey cells to calculate. We don't bother to perform simple mathematical calculations on our own. Our intellectual ability is no doubt going down due to the overuse of smartphones.

    Due to the addiction to smartphones, we are losing ordinary common sense. We talk in the middle of the road. Many unfortunate accidents are being reported every year due to the use of smartphones on the busy roads.

    So, there is no doubt that smartphones are affecting our intellectual capabilities.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • #642910
    Smartphones help kids to solve mathematical puzzles, Sudoku, mapping English words e.t.c. even you play an intelligent game like chess and Ludo games which will enable or enhance the kid's intelligence hence smartphones are used to improve the smartness of children.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #642917
    Members repeat about losing memory power citing the telephone book in smartphone. But were we remembering more than four or five regularly dialled numbers during the landline days, before the advent of smart phones? Were we not keeping a Telephone diary or Telephone directory? Today smartphone only incorporated the directory and diary inside the smartphone that is all.

    As Bhushan #642910 noted, smartphones have prompted and provoke and stimulate brain of kids giving various puzzles and tasks.

    There is a research inference(by Psychology Today) that smartphones help improving our non-verbal reasoning. The report said "smartphones might be playing a role in increasing the overall IQ of our society. The increase stems from the improvement in our nonverbal reasoning skills, which can be attributed to the way our brains process information from our smartphones and other technology." This is clear from the adept use of emoticons by even elderly people who use smartphones.

    So smartphones are not reducing our memory ,instead they improve our brain functions and non-verbal reasoning also.

  • #642922
    1. I would like to remind my previous author that it is scientifically found that the brain cells are damaged due to continuous exposure to the radiations of smartphones. If a brain cell is damaged, then the intelligence quotient is also hampered.
    2. Mr. Bhushan has mentioned about mathematical puzzles like Sudoku. My point is that the basic objective of using a smartphone is not performing sudoku. In fact, a lot of newspapers provide such mathematical puzzles everyday. They are equally challenging for the human brains. So why would people buy smartphones to solve sudoku? So how can we say that smartphones are making people smarter?
    3. I have seen one student ask me, "If comma is a punctuation." This student is a high smartphone addict. This proves that how much the smartphone savvy people are becoming poor in English Language.
    4. People are using smartphones to minimize the requirement of writing in hand. This is a dangerous habit. When I was a student, my mother used to say that I should practice writing for prolonged hours. This would decrease my errors while writing during the examinations. Today the scenario has changed. That is why you will find people having difficulty in figuring out how many 'l's does the word difficulty have.
    5. One more observation is that people are so busy taking selfies at various situations that they don't even understand the gravity of the situation. So many times we have seen news channels report that so and so person was busy taking a selfie while an accident victim was crying for help in the ambiance of his selfie. Isn't this an act of dumbness and cruelty?

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #642923
    I would like to conclude my argument with the following thoughts.

    Smartphones were designed to make our lives easier. This little device is your door to so many things, from a simple calculator to your assistant that can remind you to drink water, at designated times and it does and can do a whole lot more.

    #642589 – mentions some scientific jargon about shrinking brain cells etc, being the reason of us forgetting things. There is nothing conclusive to prove the results and research is still on. But, one thing is certain, a smart device wouldn't make an error in the numbering of the points. It wouldn't skip numbers, nor repeat them. In that way, it makes us smarter, by correcting those silly errors that creep in.

    The same member in point 6 states that the main reason for smartphones being accused of causing intelligence loss in the new generation, is the purpose it's being used for, namely interactive games that invade into our time and energies.

    That is the exact point that I have stressed on. It is people who are misusing the smart device, instead of using it to gain knowledge. The problem is with the users, not the device. Such people can never be smart, for if they were smart they'd be using their smartness in using their smartphones more effectively. The smart ones know the purpose of the smart device and utilise it to its full capacity.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

  • #642924
    6. Talking about selfies, I remembered few horrific incidents. During the first half of the year 2018, there have been few tragic deaths of students due to these selfies. Some students have tried to take selfies with a train approaching them in the background, some have literally jumped of a cliff to take a selfie, while some have tried to take them while standing knee deep in sea water. Most of these people have died. Do you think a smart person would have done this to his life?
    7. The major problem in these smartphone touch pads is that it doesn't even let you complete the typing. Before even writing 4 letters of the word, the probable word pops up on the screen. This is a big disadvantage. You tend to depend on this auto correct feature so much that you forget the spellings of normal colloquial English words.
    8. The headphones of smartphones are also responsible for development of tumor due to heavy usage. If you think then of the 10 people we see n=on the road, 8 have headphones stuck in their ears. This is why they can't hear outside noise. They don't hear people calling them. They don't chat with anyone but constantly listen to music on their phones. People gather information of their society from other people of the society. But if you stop talking to the society, you become a dumb member of the society. You don't know your habitat. Again the diseases caused by such headphones also affect the intelligence of the users.
    9. The less a smartphone savvy person interacts with other people, the more he feels out of place. The more he feels lonely and as a result the more he gets attached to his phone, thinking it to be his virtual friend. Sometimes such over addiction leads to psychological problems, that results in decreased intelligence and common sense.
    10. Google or a smartphone app can solve any mathematical or logical problem. But can it solve problems related to life. If you face difficulty in dealing with a situation or real life obstacle, then nobody other than your mind and conscience will help you get out of that situation, So they why such huge addiction to laptops and smartphones?

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #642938
    In this response, I will try to mention the loss of intellectual capability due to excessive use of smartphones. Researchers at the University of Texas discovered that people are worse at conducting tasks and remembering information if they have a smartphone within eye-range. They have found that phones kept on a desk or even in a pocket or in a handbag would distract users and also lead to worse test scores, even if the phones were set up not to disturb test subjects.

    Studies also found that smartphones can impair our ability to sleep, and less sleep means our IQ goes down. Chronic undersleeping can lead to 15 points or more IQ loss, Studies have also found that excessive and continuous use of smartphone doesn't give our mind free time to think. The spare time of us is continuously disturbed by incoming sms and beeps, etc.

    The studies have also found that by excessive use of the smartphone, people are impairing their social and emotional intelligence. They have lost their ability to interact. People are fast becoming contact-less islands.

    These have been found by various studies all over the world.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • #642940
    Joyshree, you repeatedly talk about radiations from smartphones when I and other members have repeatedly busted that myth. There are no harmful radiations from smartphones. There is not a possibility of brain cells being damaged here. Eyesight definitely will be damaged but that happens even when you look at the Sun for a long time.
    We are consumers. The way we handle things should not be blamed on the product. Taking selfies at cliff edges, wearing headphones while driving, using smart phones for vile purposes etc are acts of stupidity.
    I don't even empathise with such people.

    But that small amount of stupid minority does not account for anything. When electricity was first found out, people used it to get their hair done, by literally shocking their heads.
    That does sound stupid in this era but that happened. Stupid people mess up with inventions all the time. They are no proofs.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #642952
    Smartphones will help you to solve the social problems or public problems like damaged roads, leaked drainage facility and damaged electricity poles as we can WhatsApp or tweet for a ruling political party leader(If you have a mobile number) or Municipality office. In this way, it helps to solve the problem easily.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #642953
    Joyshree, All the cops (police) services(especially in Hyderabad) are now being apps in Smartphones like Dail100 which are used to protect the women from various crimes. She teams app to rescue the women when they are in need of help. To investigate crimes and for sending messages to patroling vehicles a quick information Smartphones plays a pivotal role in. Smartphones and Google services are used widely and wisely in each and every department.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #642956
    I would like to conclude my response with the following points:
    1. It is clear from the above discussion that most of the author support my views that smartphones make us smarter and intelligent.
    2. Smartphones are essential and necessity of the modern time. I am 100 per cent sure that the persons who are against the views are also using the smartphone on regular basis. If this is not a good thing and is making you dull why are you using it?
    3. One author mentioned that the smartphone had minimized the requirement of writing in hand but I do not agree with the author. The students of primary level are given one or two pages daily to write or copy some text from the book to improve their handwriting. In higher classes, I have already mentioned that students of higher classes are smart enough to manage their time.
    4. The author has mentioned that smartphone does not let you complete the typing but it is very easy to block pup up through setting. You can change the setting accordingly and smartphone will not suggest you any word.
    5. If an accident occurs it is not the fault of smartphones. Will you blame a vehicle for any road accident? No, this is the fault of the driver. So, if there is some accident it is the fault of human not of the smartphone.

    I want to say that the proper use of any technology is necessary. The improper use of anything may cause harm and for that, you cannot blame the particular technology. The fire was a revolutionary invention in the history if blame the fire for the burning of our daughter is it correct? Atomic energy is used in many countries for the power generation but it is also used for making atomic weapons. So, technology is always useful for us and make our lives simple and easier. Similarly, you cannot blame the smartphones for any misuse of it. You should properly use the technology to make your life easier.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #642959
    If there is a serious or major accident there are 108 apps (powered by Traffic Management system) in your Smartphone the app will enable the ambulance services to pick you up and rescue your life. Whenever a Trafic congestion on roads to clear the traffic or show an alternative route Smartphone and Google service enables us to take the smart decision. So Smartphones and Google services always make human smarter when they use for the right purpose.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #642973
    In the last part of my response, I would like to state that excessive use of smartphones has many bad effects on human beings. It considerably hampers our intellectual capabilities. Many studies have conclusively proved it. Smartphones even cause physical harm. These instruments affect our sleeping pattern. Not only that, harmful radiations emitting from smartphones cause incalculable and irreparable damage to our heart and brain. This fact has also been scientifically established.

    Those who don't believe in the harmful radiations emitted by smartphones can study the number of sparrows in their localities. The number of sparrows has decreased all over the country with the increase in mobile phone and phone towers. The ornithologists have conclusively proved that the harmful radiations from mobile phones and towers are the only reason for fast-reducing sparrows in India.

    So, we can conclusively say that with the passage of time, smartphones are getting smarter, but at the same time, the smarter smartphones are making us more and more unsmart along with causing damage to our body.

    I express my thanks to the Editor for converting the topic to an active GD. My best wishes to the fellow participants.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • #642992
    Nothing is good or bad but if we exceed the limits of usage of smartphones, then it will make you dull or lazy. I disgaree with all the people who says using smartphones makes us lazy or dull. We are living in a fast pace 140-Char live, where smartphones, and gadgets play a significant role in our daily lives. Smartphones should be used used only when necessary. Even a person owns a smartphones and doesn't ponder about the correct usage then the person will end up getting lazy. Schedule time to used smartphones but not 24/7. Anything that exceed the limits is definitely going to give unexpected consequences.

    Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become rage of today. Even common consumer devices like microwave oven, washing machines and digital cameras are getting smarter by day. This smartness comes from people not from device. That's the reason why it is said, "Intel inside, and idiot outside", (Those who disagree). Since the smartness comes from microprocessor, an operating system, and program embedded in these devices to make it smartphones devices or smart phones and tablets.

    These are the very convincing reasons why smartphones are part of our daily lives and it doesn't make us dull or lazy.

    @Partha, I agree with the phrase Harmful radiation. However, there are phones cases and other gadgets available in Amazon and all the shopping websites to sort out this issues. You can buy them and put it in your pocket while using your smartphones or surfing the internet.

    One Author pointed about the English teacher mode. If you're not quite conversant with the usage of smartphones keyboards, disable the auto correct option and in this way the if the phone is going English teacher mode on you, you can adjust the preferences from the settings menu. The possibilities are endless.

    Last but not least, I know many of the members use smartphones to post contents here at ISC in forum section and AE section. I too have have a laptop but I prefer smartphones because it is more comfortable than computers. On the top of this, if one need to connect to internet from computer, it develops headaches for most people. You will need modem, SIM cards, dongles, and LAN which is an old fashion of living. If you can get the job done in a flash of seconds then why go for long method process. In smartphones, one simply insert all the requirements in a flash of seconds and get the job done.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • #642993
    The most revolutionary invention of modern times is the Smartphone. You are getting many a things just by tapping a smartphone, be it a calculator, watch, music player or camera. Coupled with data connectivity and use of different apps, we can say the world is at our fingertips. Any task which takes a long time to finish, if done in much lesser time efficiently is known as smart work. For that reason all devices that remove the hurdles of previous versions can be termed as smart devices. Because of all these functionalities of multiple devices in a single one it is called a Smartphone.

    Being smart is applying our wit quickly in many aspects of life. Humans are getting smarter day by day and it's the natural evolutionary process. Every generation is getting smarter than the previous one. When a baby is born, she/he learns different things just by paying attention and applying that knowledge when required. The observation of different devices from childhood enables them to adapt things at much earlier age and while growing up this adaptation from the beginning helps the young ones to do things in a smarter way.

    Now since we are doing many a things more efficiently, with the use of technology, than our previous generation, we are obviously getting smarter. But the question is whether smartphones are helping us to become smarter. Let me give two examples to elaborate this.

    Case 1) A lady staying at our residential complex was to go to meet her relatives in the afternoon staying a little far away. Since morning she was trying to book a cab through different apps but unable to get it because of less availability of cabs in our area. She tried for a long time in vain and ultimately cancelled the meeting. She was neither old nor carrying any baggage and could have gone to the taxi stand that is nearby to the residence. When I told her, she said it didn't come to her mind and over dependency on technology didn't allow this thought to pop up in her mind.

    Case 2) The other day a man was travelling in his bike and was hit by a car which was moving fast just to cross the signal in time. Due to this, the biker fell a little far away on the roadside with his bike damaged. The car couldn't cross the traffic signal and was standing at a distance far from him. He couldn't run after the car because of his little injury due to the clash but promptly took the snap of the number plate of the car with his smartphone which enabled the cops later to catch the offender.

    In both of the cases one suffered due to overdependence another rewarded because of his smartness. In our everyday life there are so many instances and if we carefully watch things we will see that overdependence on anything reduces our analytical sense of presence which is really a cause of concern. But if we are not over dependent on technology and use things judiciously then a smartphone with all its smart apps are surely making us smarter.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

  • #643007
    Now it is time for me to conclude my discussion in this GD. So let me summarise for an easy recall of my exhaustive discussion posts above.

    Smartphone is a 'disruptive' invention.

    But practically it is a combination of many separate devices which were in day to day use by the people for news, entertainment and work.

    1. Smartphone became an Omni bus utility at a mini size. It shrunk the physical space needed to keep and use the many number of devices it combined. Thus users got extra physical space. It saved physical space more than the best architect could do earlier.

    2. It saved the users the burn of remembering mundane things and thus crowding the brain space. It released precious brain space which the users utilised for further inventions and more and more utility applications that became very useful and essential to people. There were never was such huge number invention of new applications or devices or programmes after Industrial revolution, before advent of smart phones. That means smart phones made more productive and made them use their brain power more effectively.

    3. Smart phones enabled people to do 'smart work' instead of slogging hard work. Smart work means doing more work by quantity and quality. This was not possible before smart phones. Thus smartphones made people smarter than they were earlier.

    4. Smart phones helped people to become more efficient in non-verbal reasoning also. Thus smart phone users developed a new quality and became smarter.

    5. Smart phones brought data from all over the Globe at our finger tips. With lot of customisation we could get and customise the data to the needed information.

    6. Smart phones could make even dull and un-smart people smart, because there are any number of default and selective applications which locate the users. For a very practical example many members of ISC have said that they use smart phones for content posting in this site and they have improved their language skills by reducing mistakes by using various applications, one of which is 'Grammarly'. It is a sufficient proof that smart phone users become smarter.

    7. Whenever a new invention came people used to say that they are harmful to people. This is just a natural attitude f people. The same was the case when TV came, when computer came and many similar things came. But by and by when people find the uses and benefits the opposition vanishes.

    8. Smart phones have made people smart to select and book the best packages for tour and travel, food, education, shopping etc. They get instant real time information about stock market etc and enable users to make quick and smart decisions. Thus smart phones have made people smarter money-wise also.

    9. The new development of smart applications like 'smart things' or internet of things' has mad people less stressful, as now they can control everything from remote via their smart phones. So they need not worry if they have not closed the fridge or AC when leaving to office. They can simply do the same wherever they are using the smart phone.

    10. Parents and grandparents feel proud to say that my child/grandchild is very smart. They are many times smarter than 'us', they say. They have taught me how to send email from smart phone, to check how much I walked and how much calorie I spent, etc. Is it not enough to accept that smartphones have made the users smarter?

    I think I have properly presented my side views and justified my stand in this GD that:

    YES, "Smartphones are essential, and we ARE getting smarter"

  • #643019
    Since the time of closing the GD is near, I would like to conclude with following.
    1. Smart phones paired with internet do make people smarter. The global digitalisation and marketing has made consumerism more possible giving rise to smartphones booming.
    We see smarter younger generation undeniably who are adept in controlling technology and repairing it. Their easy access to world through internet has made almost everything possible to them.
    2. There is absolutely no worries of radiations. Smart phones wouldn't be so popular if they are pocket-sized nuclear reactors obviously. So no need to believe baseless articles and myths. They pose no threat to brain cells as long as you promise to exercise your body and not spend too much time on it.
    3. Easy payments, easy navigation, easy advices etc are all signs of smartness. A visible evident proof of smartness.
    4. We can do tons of things with our phones today. So it is natural to be drawn to its awesomeness. But care must be taken.

    Any kind of technology comes with a set of merits and demerits greatly dependent on the way we use them. Use phones wisely.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #643021
    It is time to conclude my discussion. As it might be well understood that I have throughout voiced my opinion in favor of the fact that smartphones are making people un-smart in its truest sense. Here are my final set of arguments:
    1. Smartphone is basically an electronic gadget. How can it make a human being smart. The power of a human mind is limitless. Few of the best examples are Stephen Hawking, John Nash, Albert Einstein, Jagadish Chandra Bose, S. Ramanujan. These people did not have gadgets to make them smart. Gadgets can only help us in doing our routine work faster, so that we delve our precious brain into important things.
    2. The main problem is that, we don't understand the above point and delve into all sorts of unimportant things over the smartphone. We disturb our sleep by keeping smartphones switched on 24 hours with us. The tremendous amount of radiation from these smartphones, laptops decreases our logical reasoning power. That is why the younger generation becomes deficient in common sense. They are losing their sense of natural reflexes.
    3. Smartness is the ability to respond to even a minute change in our environment with proper reasoning and wisdom. How can we do so, when we are using all our wisdom over trolling someone on Facebook, What's App etc. With the invention of smartphones and 4G internet, accessing anyone's Facebook and What's App account is very easy. Making a harsh comment on a person's appearance, religious beliefs, etc. is even easier. What we don't realize is trolling someone won't make us great or intelligent. Hence smartphones are not only making us dumb but insensitive too.
    4. Spreading rumors is becoming more easy with 4G internet in the smartphones. We are becoming gullible persons by believing every new post that is released on What's App. We don't even think that some of the posts we start to believe in are actually contradicting to each other. Had we been smart persons, we would have stopped sending these rumors to other's phones.
    5. Smartphones reduce our cognitive skills and focusing capabilities. We are constantly losing our focus on work and family and giving more importance to what is the new status of our friend on Facebook. Too much browsing of social networking sites on our phones are making us unsocial with our own friends and relatives, We don't have the information of what our parents are doing right now. But we give likes to a friend posting about his status. This proves how un-smart, insensitive and self-centered generations are being created by the smartphones.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #643022
    As always, I would discuss finally about the solutions. I don't like to leave a problem as it is. I always search for solutions in my way. Here are my suggestions to stop letting smartphones overpower our intelligence:
    1. Use smartphones for a limited amount of time. Stop being game savvy on the phone or laptop. This saves time and energy.
    2. Go through your social networking account once or twice a day. Don't keep looking in your account every 5 minutes for new updates.
    3. Check how your parents are or how your children are, every 30 minutes.
    4. Always think that smartphones are only a small part of your life. They have been made very recently. You were born way before that. So you can live without looking into them, every 10 minutes.
    5. Smartphones create health hazards. Always remember that and make your friends aware of this fact.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #643027
    The comments made in this GD, so far, are having two parallel lines of thought; Lines which are neither opposite nor would seem to converge.
    This disparity is clearly due to lack of clear definition when it comes to the word 'smartness'.
    For few of us, the 'smartness' is akin to complex intelligence attributes like street smartness, common sense, numerical comprehension, language proficiency etc. But for the tech savvy among us, smartness is the opportunity and the ability that the device enhances to its user.

    Since smartphones are the subject under scrutiny here, it is more preferable to look into the technological smartness offered by the smartphones and Google. This smartness would be the same irrespective of the user. The same phone would provide similar performance whether it is used by an educated professional or an illiterate daily wage labourer. Smartphones don't differentiate when it comes to smartness.
    But as they say, what's the use of giving a garland to a bunch of monkeys, or a sophisticated toy to a baby. It wouldn't know how to use it effectively.

    Smartphones enable smart decisions - It helps us make real time decisions on whether we need to carry an umbrella, Which train to catch, which route to take and which to avoid.
    Smartphones bring the world a bit closer - Video calling was so incovenient till it came into smartphones.
    Smart knowledge - News and latest updated knowledge is at the hands of the user at just one click.

    These are just few of the major smart benefits offered by smartphones.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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