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    Anonymous replies in AE section.

    I remember reading some guidelines a few months back that if a member answers AE questions, he/she will not be eligible for points and CC.

    Today, I came across a question here, wherein a reply posted anonymously has points and CC Rs.5.

    Has the policy changed? If so, Please update me.
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    the anonymous reply.
    PS: Nothing personal at the member, it is just that we have had a lot of discussion about AE recently.

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    Long back, I also raised a thread on anonymous questions and anonymous replies. Anonymous questions may have some justifications, but anonymous replies don't. Later, the policy was changed, which the author has pointed out.

    However, I think it is the choice of individual Members to give anonymous replies. I don't give much importance to this issue.

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    OMG! Just now I have checked the reply. This is my own reply. But I never post reply in Ask Expert section anonymously. I request the concerned Editor to check the matter immediately. How does this happen? I answered the question yesterday.
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    No issues Mr.Partha, since we know this now, request the ME? Editors to clarify and close the thread please.

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    As per the site rules the anonymous post or reply is not eligible for cash credits, how ever points may be awarded as per the quality of the content. But it seems the points are accompanied with cash credit too.
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    Anonymous questions will not get any points. Anonymous answers will not attract any CC. This is what I remember as per the guidelines. Now Partha says he never replied as anonymous. So, something has gone wrong. The concerned editor has to investigate and see, where the system has gone wrong.
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    I have already stated clearly that the answer was mine. So, points and cash credit have been given. I feel that at the time of review, there was some computer-related problem and so, the answer is indicating an anonymous reply.
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