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    Politics is very popular among Indians

    During the lunch, I was going through my old threads. Till now, I have raised 1428 Forum threads (excluding the present one). I felt immense satisfaction by writing some of the threads. I raised some of the threads after doing lots of research. I have raised some creative threads. I have written about the freedom-fighters who are unfortunately little-known. I have written about historical figures. I have written about fruits, food, nature, wildlife, scientists, innovation, sports and various places which I have visited. Some of my threads could have been presented as articles, but I posted these in Forum section for discussion.

    But I have found that the threads of mine related to politics are responded most. Not only in my case, but I have observed that in general, political threads get much more responses.

    From my observation, can it be deduced that politics is the most popular topic among the Indians? We Indians immensely like this subject.
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    It is because politics doesn't require a sharp brain. In order to talk about other subjects, there need to be some research required. But politics doesn't require anything because in India everything is politics. Criticising someone will become politicised, Talking about religion become politicised, Talking about history will become politicised, etc. In India, we can't find any subject which cannot be politicised.

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    Politics is a known subject to all. Here people will have their affiliations. So they may want to support their own affiliations. Then there will be a chance to exchange views and heavy discussions will take place. But in case of other threads only some more information can be added if known to someone. Otherwise, they have to thank you for the information. As such there may not be much discussion. Especially many of your threads which give the history related topics there may not be much to add to the subject.
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    Yes political maturity is grown in every one as we are confronted with news from print, electronic media and also social media over the overtures of the political leaders whose every action is portrayed and thus much awareness has been created even among the youth so much that , many youths are even asking how to join politics and how to approach. Discussing politics is good, that makes road clear for the performer politicians to exist and others are not wanted and they muted. I am also enjoying the political discussions initiated in this forum and the heated responses thereof.
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    However, I must say that among active Members (who regularly write in Forum section) of ISC, a Platinum Member and a Diamond Member never participate in political discussions. Even then, they have received Platinum shield and Diamond shield.

    I admire this principled stand of these two Members.

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    See politics can be discussed by those who has the understanding from the beginning and have the tow of happenings , may be for that reasons some members desist from discussions.
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    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    These are my latest Forum threads along with the responses which each thread has received so far. I am simply amused!

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A very interesting thread. Yes, it is true that politics is a very popular subject for chit-chat, discussions and raising opinions.

    This is one subject where even a novice can talk and give sharp opinion. This does not require any minimum or basic educational qualification. So the popularity of the politics is through the total cross-section of the society and not limited to academia only.

    Politics is a common subject and platform for many of us and we do not feel alone in a new place also if we can talk about the politics as even the strangers will accept such exchange of opinions.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Politics and religion are two things where people have strong personal allegiance. Hence they have their own stand and would try to defend their side strongly. They would like to see that their allegiance and faith is not shaken by others .This makes them even offensive.
    When one is strongly aligned he may not give importance to logic, reason and ration. People may lose temper also in that time when they feel other side is on the attack mode and forcing its way.
    After politics and religion comes film actors, sportsperson. Here also a good number of people have their icons and bias.

    It is very difficult to present a balanced view i matters. It needs an unbiased mind and attitude. When we present an unbiased and properly evaluated view in politics, religion etc. the strongly aligned will ridicule the balanced view and even misinterpret a supporting to one or other side. So it is very easy to prolong a discussion on politics, religion,etc. to any length.

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    I used to think that the discussion on sports would bring more comments from Members. But unfortunately, except cricket and partly football, threads on other sports (badminton, athletics, hockey, etc.) bring negligible responses. It seems Members of ISC are not interested in other sports.

    So, politics wins hands down.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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