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    I love Alia Bhatt. Do you also love her?

    Dear all,
    I love the beauty and smartness of the females. Generally, I do not like actresses as they are made up to look good with extra fitting costumes. But I love and like simple Alia Bhatt, a small little smart and pretty actress who is naturally beautiful and highly talented. Do you also have the same feeling as I feel about Alia Bhatt. Say something.

    You can have a good look at her image here, if you do not know who is Alia Bhatt.
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    Alia Bhat is very pretty, sweet and lovely actress.
    I also love her!

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    No, I don't like her. She is beautiful no doubt, but frankly speaking, she is a dumb beauty. She doesn't have any acting ability either (she can learn from Pooja Bhat, her elder half-sister). By the way, how many of us know her answer to the question: ''Who is the President of India?". Her India-famous answer was: "Prithviraj Chauhan". She got confused between Pranab Mukherjee (the then President) and Prithviraj Chauhan.

    Among the Hindi film actresses, I like Madhubala, Hema Malini (very selectively), Meenakshi Sheshadri, Dimple Kapadia, Late Sridevi, Monisha Koirala, Tabu and Vidya Balan.

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    My dear fellow ISCian,
    Do you also agree with Partha for his comments against lovely Alia Bhatt?

    As per my understanding, if Alia was given a role to perform, she would perform better than all the old ladies Madhubala, Hema Malini, Meenakshi sheshadri, Dimple Kapadia, Monisha Koirala, Tabu and Vidyabalan. She may not match with great Sridevi.

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    Oh! I forgot to mention great Bhanurekha Ganeshan (Rekha). She is also one of my favourites. If we watch the movies of Dimple, Monisha Koirala and others when they became more mature (Dimple-Prahar, Monisha-Bombay, etc.), we will find that they emerged stronger with age.

    Aliya Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif won't be able to reach that level even after 10 years.

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    Aliya Bhat appears beautiful but I have no liking for her action. She is an average actor only. This is my opinion and opinions may vary. I like the acting of Tabu.
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    Alia Bhatt is too young to play the role played by the older ladies of your choice. I am sure, Alia Bhatt will be the name in Bharath (India) after few decades. She is a born artist, I must say, and all would agree. GK is not important for an actress. She may not know who the president is, but the president will know who the actress is.
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    Yes she is the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt and by virtue of it she is most talented. Not only acting and even in ads she does the way we behave in our life and that is why she is connected to youth and alike.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Mr. Mohan: What are you saying? She is a talented actress by virtue of her birth/parentage! This is not expected of you.
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    Yes I stand by my submission. She is good looking and charming and can even storm the scenes. But the first brake she got was the tag being her father Mahesh Bhatt.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I understand why would many members consider her only an average actress or even dumb. Well what happened in "Coffee with Karan" was an incident. She was nervous, after her first movie, her first TV show appearance. She turns out to be a pretty smart person with great ideals and thoughts. She's still in her 20s which we must not forget, so its evident that she's inexperienced in many things.
    But acting? You have to watch "Udta Punjab", "Dear Zindagi", "Two states" and "Raazi" to understand how awesome an actor she is. How could one forget "Highway"??? This girl is an exceptional performer.
    But despite everything I never really took a liking to her. I don't like actresses much. Maybe because movie industry never stops objectifying them. Leading them to take up the same old roles.

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan has mentioned many of her films, out of which I have seen only Two States (partly) and Rajee. The acting of both the hero and heroine in Two States was horrible. Further, in that film, she never looked like a traditional Tamil girl (I have read the original story of Chetan Bhagat).

    In the film Rajee, she has been totally expressionless throughout the film. Her real-life mother (who played the role of her mother in the film also) acted much better than her, although she is not a regular actress. I mentioned this in a short Forum post of mine after watching the film, but as usual, the post was deleted by ISC administration, God knows, why.

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    I agree with Partha's list of talented actresses but would add Shabana Azmi and Kangana Ranaut to my list. Meenakshi Sheshadri (Shashikala) went to school with me – we were in the same class, different section, but she and I were in the same School House. She would get the House a lot of points during the inter-house competitions, with her dance performances, which she always won. She switched school after class VIII. And then years later I heard that she was crowned Miss India.

    Coming to Alia Bhatt, I think she is a tiny bundle of talent. She is a brilliant performer. I rarely see movies but have seen 2 States and Udta Punjab and found her performance to be brilliant. No overacting or awkward moments.

    "Further, in that film, she never looked like a traditional Tamil girl (I have read the original story of Chetan Bhagat)."

    Movies are a different medium and directors when adapting a story, often take liberties with the storyline or the description of the character(s) to make the film commercially viable.

    Moreover, the movie was not a character study of how a traditional Tamil girl should look. She must have played the character as per the script, and not the book. And a whole team works at creating the look of the character – she portrayed the character, the way the director wanted her to.

    And it is her acting ability that is being discussed here, not her General Knowledge. If we were to base our preferences on character analysis then many would fail to make it to the list.

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    But in that particular film also, she played the role of a Tamil girl, isn't it?

    No doubt, Shabana Azmi, Smitha Patil, Kangana Ranaut, Madhuri Dikshit, etc. are very good actresses. In this thread, I only presented the names of my favourite actresses.

    If general knowledge is not her forte', then why did she participate in the quiz of Karan Johar, when she knew that the programme would be watched by lakhs? She could have declined to participate. This is another proof that she is dumb.

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    Yes, she played the role of a Tamil Brahmin. She played the character from the book 2 States – where she is shown as a meat eating, beer drinking Tamil Brahmin. I thought you mentioned having read the book. Does her character in the book personify the typical traditional Tamil girl you have in mind? And how exactly did she drift away from the character as described in the book?

    Incidentally, the protagonist in the book asks her "Are you a South Indian?" He didn't see her as one – there was nothing distinguishable about her personality that could help him identify her as a South Indian, leave alone a Tamil Brahmin.

    Coming to your second point, I didn't suggest that you add names to your list of favourites. I added the names I felt needed to be included in 'my list'.

    Your final point, if she didn't and why she did, are not an answer to this debate. That is the easiest way to befuddle people during a discussion. And I am not one to fall for that ruse. Let's just stick to the topic, which incidentally is not to prove how dumb she is. If you have anything to add regarding her 'lack of acting ability' then put your views forward, otherwise count me out of this discussion.

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    Also, the movie is called Raazi, and not Rajee (#642452). I would not trust the review and comments of someone who cannot get the name of the movie right.
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    Are we discussing Alia Bhat as an actress? Looks do not matter. She is a born actress and does carry her roles very well, to perfection, I must say.
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    1. Is she a born actress? No further comments.

    2. Do her facial features and pronunciations resemble a Tamil in the film 'Two States'? Does occasionally using a garland in her hair give her a Tamil look? Maybe I don't know.

    3. "Raazi, and not Rajee"-------------How do people know the appropriate spelling is Raazi? Is it an English word or Urdu name?

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    What Mohan sir means in #642447 is first break (not brake) in movies.

    She's a decent actress with a lot of potential, time will tell us how she blooms. Regarding general knowledge etc, It's a plus point but not mandatory. Don't we have politicians who claim that internet was present during the ancient days? etc

    Coming to the comparison, I personally think the yardstick we use to compare is a bit harsh and outdated. Over the years, movies have evolved. It would be a one man show, a lead pair show, a tear jerker etc. Now the new genre of movies focus much more on clothes, exotic locations, mind boggling stunts etc. In the background, the role of an average hero or a heroine is at times reduced to that of a mere model without much scope for talent to be displayed or encouraged.
    So, the yesteryear stars had talent and range that was well showcased and it stood out. This has slowly taken a backseat in most new movies barring a handful.

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    I just had a look at the film 'Udta Punjab'. I don't think Partha's favorite heroines, Hema, Meenakshi or Rekha, and Juana's added heroines could have performed that role well. Of course, only Sridevi can play that role well, even better than Alia Bhatt.

    No doubt, Alia Bhatt is great, and she will prove herself as one of the best actress in the filmdom. She might even go to Hollywood from Bollywood.

    She is far better than her half-sister Pooja Bhatt.

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    Point 2 – Would you care do describe Tamil facial features and accent?
    You probably have a fixed notion of how a Tamilian should look and sound. Your response has a racial undertone attached to it. You expected to see a stereotyped portrayal of a South Indian. I term it as ignorance.

    I see nothing amiss in either her features or her accent, and I say this with conviction, living as I am, in a predominantly Tamil neighbourhood, with many Tamil Brahmins in the community.

    Point 3 – Raazi is indeed an Urdu word. And 'Rajee' is nowhere close to it – in fact, I have friends that go by that name.

    You want to know, how people know the appropriate spelling,?

    It's quite simple, they get the appropriate spelling based on phonetics. I guess your name is spelt based on the same principle. Moreover, the discussion was about a product, spelt in a specific way. The makers of the movie chose to call it RAAZI. Respect their choice of spelling, if you choose to speak about the movie.

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    "Your response has a racial undertone attached to it. You expected to see a stereotyped portrayal of a South Indian. I term it as ignorance."-----------------As far as I understand, a person from any community speaks English, Hindi and his/her mother-language in a particular tone and accent. To admit this or to point out is not stereotyping.

    "Ek chatura naro"------------I demand this famous song from film Padosan sung by two Bengali greats (Manna De and Kishor Kumar) must be banned immediately because it has a racial undertone.

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    Initially, I didn't like not only her but the current actress or actors. However, when I saw UDTA PUNJAB, she truly impressed most of the viewers with her acting. She has acting in her blood which will only grow with her age. So, it would not be surprised if in future she becomes the most talented actress.

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    Partha I understood how deceived you felt to see a-not-so-tamil-Brahmin Alia. I'm a Tamil Brahmin too so I expected some form of connectivity.
    But most modern Tamil Brahmins don't adhere to their doctrine. I haven't read the source material by Chetan Bhagat so I don't know how her description was there. But it didn't feel much off in the movie. She did her role quite elegantly. Nothing extraordinary, but nothing ordinary either. Her job was good. And also...the majority of cast in Two states consisted of seasoned actors. Arjun Kapoor for the first time really acted out the way he should. Maybe her acting, under all these excellent performers, felt a bit lacking.

    Coming back to the Tamil Brahmin part, if I didn't even mention it, you wouldn't know. We modern denizens have long shed our past shells and got blended very nicely. So if anything, Alia's character design was quite accurate. To me the purpose of the movie was to showcase the difference not only between cultures but also individuals.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The story revolves around the love and marriage of a Panjabi boy and a Tamil Brahmin girl. If the girl doesn't look like a Tamil girl, if her Hindi is fluent like a North Indian, then the particular story loses its charm. It is my humble opinion. But intellectuals at higher levels may think otherwise.
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    Dear Partha,
    Tamilians migrated to northern states do not retain their originality. The character's parents might be the original Tamil, but their wards follow the state in which they were born.

    My wife is a Tamilian born and brought up in Kerala. She has no accent of a Tamilian but a Keralite only. Same is the case with Alia Bhatt in 2 states.

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    Although I don't agree that Tamilians migrating to northern states lose their originality, even if we take this as correct, in the story, the girls family was from Chennai, not from North India. The boy and girl met at IIM-Ahmedabad.
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    Then it is the mistake of the director who directed the film, not Alia Bhatt. There are many stupid directors who cannot make use of the talented actresses. An actress cannot perform on her own. She will be directed by the directors what to do and how to do. The actress will not go deep into the subject and spoil her day. The words and action of the director is final.

    Whatever may be! The loss if any, is to the Producer of the movie. Now let us discuss whether Alia is a good or bad actress.

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    Now Mr. SuN has himself admitted that she is a director's actress. As per the accepted standard, a director's actress can't be a great actress. She doesn't know how to be innovative, she doesn't know to add something 'extra' in her role, which is required to become a great actress.
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    She might be pretty, beautiful, gorgeous etc for you but I don't like her as actress .

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    You are wrong. If actors can perform on their own, directors are not required to produce a film. Any talented or extraordinary actor or superstar has to listen to the directors and take orders and instruction. Actors value the directors more for the success of a film. Moreover, Alia is not only a director's actress, but also a daughter of a famous director and producer. Alia is not so matured to suggest or advise the director, but can perform well as per the directors direction.

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    Alia Bhatt is touted to be one of the best actors of today's generation of actors. We can definitely contend her Bollywood lineage and connections as a major contributory factor for her success, but there is no denying the fact that once you land a role, you are solely responsible for what you bring on the theHer portrayal of the characters have been very believable. Also, the choice of the characters that she chooses to play are different and path-breaking from the contemporaries. She has the ability to experiment and take risks which is no mean feat given the type of stereotype industry that she works in.

    Beautiful or not, Alia Bhatt has emerged as the intelligent actress of the current times and I admire her for that. I look forward to her movies for the sheer pleasure of the variety of roles that she chooses to play and the conviction with which she portrays her characters. She gets in the skin of the character with effortless finesse.

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    The Amitabh Bachchan is a very famous name in the film Industry & when a poll was conducted for best actor, he was in the number one position but still he is also responsible for many flops. In the same poll survey the Charles Chaplin came the third. I never opted for the extremism view on anything & so it's better to ignore the comment in case I don't like.

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