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    Articles not showing in Google Adsense

    Dear Editorial Members,
    The Ad Units page of my Google Adsense shows just 4 active articles, the ones that were submitted in 2016. I have submitted articles in ISC even after those and am aware that those had been under review by the Google Team (as mentioned in ISC View Adsense profile page). Is there something that I am not complying with? Kindly advise.
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    At ISC regular review of articles do take place, and unwanted , unsolicited articles after the time expiry would be removed. Moreover you are not regular and long absenteeism means your account goes to sleep mode. In fact after one gets the Google adsense, more articles are written and published. And more over the webmaster shall set the time period for the adsense to every account to which you have to be regular and writing contents here. So revive your active participation once again and see that more articles are written and forget about the old articles which were pending.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hi Sharmistha,
    Please go to your articles on which you think AdSense ads are not there. Right click and choose "view source". Another tab will open with all code there. There, search for your publisher ID. If you find it there it means your AdSense ads are appearing properly otherwise there might be a problem.

    Once you AdSense is approved, Google team does not review each and every article from you. Once you have published an article, your AdSense ads will automatically start showing there immediately. If you are not able to see those articles in your AdSense account that will be because they are not getting any traffic whatsoever and therefore the ad code is not getting triggered. Due to this there will be no info about those article in your account.

    Ignore response of Mohan.

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