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    When I get my payment

    How much I have to make money to get paid and without any details how you will be paid
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    When your cash credits reach a certain level, you are eligible to receive payments from ISC This level will be decided every month by the webmaster. The minimum level may vary month to month based on the factors and this will be decided by the webmaster. Generally, as far as my knowledge goes minimum payout amount is Rs 1000. Once you get Rs.1000/- in your account you are eligible to receive the payment. Every month the webmaster will announce the payments to different candidates and the method of payment can be understood by going through the help topics.
    On the blue bar at the top of this page, you will find an item 'More'. Just Click on that. A list will drop down. In that, you will find an item called help topics. Help topics page will open. In that, you will find a table. In that, you click on Payments. The page will open and you will get all the details regarding the payments. ISC is very regular and prompt in payments.

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    Heena Taj,
    Your thread post has no head and tail. What payment are you talking about? Your profile photo resembles a reputed TV star actress. Highly confused with your name, photo and payment. Be an ISC member with your original photograph and ask questions relating to ISC payment.

    @ You need to earn and accumulate a minimum sum of Rs. 300/- to get your first payment. Subsequently, you need to earn and accumulate Rs. 700/- to get subsequent payments.

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    Heena Taj , warm welcome to the most transparent educational site of the world. Here the performer is the gainer. That means you have to write articles of your own imagination and creation and upload the same in our article section and on approval you will be assigned with cash credits. Like wise you can append your answers to the questions raised in the ask experts section and thus start your earning spree. You can post the job requirements of various companies and organisations in the jobs section and thus start earning. So earning is not a constraint factor , but one must have the interest to raise some good topics, answer for the best topic and so on. One thing is sure , once you start earning from this site ,you will know the knack and would surge ahead. Expecting a great performance from your side. If you have any doubts, please mention here.
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