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    The other aspect of Mobocracy

    Is the mob mentality taking a dangerous turn? Should people be allowed to take the law into their hands? What is making these people think that they have the power? Let us discuss.

    The Supreme Court denounced the mobocracy and urged the government to enact new laws to deal with these acts of mob lynching and cow vigilantism. These horrific incidents are not new and going on for a while in many states, hence the criticism by the top court. The recent incidents are entirely because of circulation of fake news and rumors which is also deplorable, but the main concern is the reason behind this kind of behavior by a group of people. Why they try to take laws into their own hands?

    These types of incidents are seen in public transports, markets and in many crowded places. If any snatching incidents happen there and if the miscreant is caught, the general public beats him up so badly before police intervention, that sometimes it becomes fatal. Is it because of loss of faith in the law enforcing agencies? There are many instances where perpetrators of heinous crimes roam scot-free which is a definite cause of public anger. If the accused in any crime is tried judicially in a correct way and punishment is meted out in all of the cases according to the provisions of law, this public frenzy may be reduced to some extent. I hope the top court is aware of this aspect also and must think of ways to complete the judicial trial of any case within a stipulated time.
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    Nobody can take the law into their hands. There are agencies to take care of these issues. But as a responsible citizen of the country if we find something wrong is happening it is our duty to inform immediately to the concerned agency and try to protect the victim within the law. These days Mobocracy is increasing. The concerned state governments should act tough and see that the culprits should be punished. The seriousness of the issue can be understood by the wording used by the court,"Horrendous acts of mobocracy cannot be allowed to become a new norm and has to be curbed with iron hands,"
    But in our country, the law enforcing agencies are controlled by the politicians and they have to act within the limitations. At the same time, the corruption of the responsible people is also to be blamed for this unruly behaviour of some people.

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    Mobocracy must be discouraged and it must be discouraged strongly. But just now I was forced to see a sickening debate on Zee TV where a religious leader from a particular community was beating two ladies during a panel discussion. There might be some person(s) who could become violent and attack the religious leader if he/they remain(s) in the scene (hypothetically speaking). I was myself feeling to attack the despicable man. Other people may also feel the same.

    Giving this example, I am not supporting mobocracy. But I do know that sometime such unfortunate incidents may happen due to the highly charged atmosphere (which I have described in the previous para).

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    If we go into the anatomy of these incidents, it is clear that people are resorting to these techniques because they do not believe in the governance in the system. The apathy of police and other administrative or supervising departments is well known in the country and even if the culprits are handed to them, it takes long time in proving the crimes and deciding their punishments.

    Then where and what is the solution to this problem? The only thing comes in mind is to create a strict and efficient governance in the country for which right from the Govt officials, ruling Govt to the opposition parties and public at large should be concerned for this objective and make it possible through honest and cooperative means.

    Is it possible? The answer is yes and for that there should be a political will.

    Today one honest man at the top is able to bring so many good changes in the country then why thousands of officials having same zest, zeal and philosophy can not bring good governance. The resistance is within us and in desperation not to achieve good governance we are at times taking law in our hand which is a blunder to cover up our deficiencies in administration and social security.

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    By the way no one is supporting the mob lynching which has been reported in the recent past, probably due to the rumors that is going round in social media . Only yesterday I was watching a news video where in one women was thrashed by all the villagers suspecting to be the child lifter. Later when the police intervened and inquired. she found to be insane and heavily bleeding as the mob attacked right and left. Now who will give justice to that poor lady who seems to be mentally lost with so many people beating her with sticks, stones on tying to the tree. Will the law and police protect such innocent people. Surely new laws must be enacted.
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    Why has the mob started taking the law into its own hand? Because it is seen and felt that the criminal justice system has not been appropriate in India. It is time-consuming also. Many people get scot-free even after committing heinous crimes. Filmsters get away after killing protected animals. They get to stay with families after getting released on parole on various excuses.

    People have started losing faith in the justice system. They have started taking law in its own hand. And this has now developed into mobocracy.

    This is a dangerous phenomenon. And, no, the present Government is not responsible for it. The impasse has been created for the inaction of 71 years.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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