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    Keep yourself in joyful mood. Because joy is portable with you.

    There is a saying that face is the index of mind. And when you smile and laugh, it send positive signals to others that you are in good and cheerful mood and they also open up. It is good to keep oneself as humorous, joyful, playful, cracking jokes and keeping others happy. Many like such kind of personality and would be yearning to meet such persons. And remember we can always express our joyful attitude where ever possible because, the joy mood is portable and it cannot be confined and kept aside. So open up and cheer up.
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    Hi, This is really a beautiful thread and I am completely agreed with the author. I believe that joyful person creates a aura that attract more people towards him and all those who attracts will get benefited. Joyfulness is one of the best medicine available to a person that cure many diseases and keep them more active. I also agree that joy is portable because of its precedence over unhappiness.

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    It is true. We should always be smiling. A smile will add value to the face. When you smile at others they will feel happy and reciprocate the same. When someone is happy the atmosphere will be positive around him. Always try to be happy. Happiness is not only portable but also can be shared. As you share your joy with others your happiness will increase. By sharing your joy with others, your health also will improve. Happiness will boost the energy and make us work much better. But please remember that for your happiness never belittle the others and don't laugh at anybody.
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    Just by reading the contents of the thread I am feeling joyful. It is really very correct and I agree totally that keeping a happy mind and cheerful face is a great way to keep oneself in good spirits and of course such people are welcomed in society everywhere.

    Alas, the reality of life is a bit different. There are many problems, challenges, bad times which suddenly crop up and change the scenario completely and we are for a long time driven inside the world of worry, sadness and melancholy. Of course, such phases will not stay for long and if we are lucky we will be soon out of those cloudy days.

    Coming back to the theme of the thread, once things are back to normal, we should do all out efforts to bring back our mood to the earlier times and try to be as happy and as cheerful as we were before the storm as if nothing has happened. That is the way life is to be taken with a smiling face.

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    It's a wonderful thread. Tell me, who wants to stay unhappy? The answer will definitely be 'NOBODY'. If you are always happy, then you will always be joyful and smiling which will keep the atmosphere around you wonderful. The pressure, tension, anxiety everything is there to make us unhappy and they all are like external forces which force us to stay unhappy. But to be happy and joyful you do not need any force. It is always within you. As a person you are always happy and joyful, of course they always move along with you so they are portable.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Yes no body wants to be unhappy, but are they trying to be happy as they involve themselves in such issues and get aloof for no fault.
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