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    If someone says they have no time to talk to you means , you are avoided.

    Normally we have our own groups and friends with whom we frequently talk and exchange views. But suddenly when we want to talk on a important issue, the other person many not respond or he would say there is no time right now. Is that the signal that they are avoiding you or you are not in their preferential list of friends. And one more thing if a person is avoiding you for the first time, then think about him continuing his friendship. And if he responds even after some time then he is the real friend.
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    Correct. The way in which other person responds to us will indicate his willingness to talk to us. Some people when we try to talk to them may not respond immediately but they will call us once they become free. Some people just reciprocate and say that they will call us back. Definitely, they will call back. If they are not having the interest to talk to us, they say they are busy and they will come back. But they will never come back. Then it is a waste of time to keep talking to them. These days everyone will have their priorities. So disturbing someone many times unnecessarily will be a waste of time to us. We should be able to identify the other person's interest and accordingly only we should behave.
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    It is not necessary that friends will attend us on every call. They also have their own priorities and depending upon the time slots they will give us the requisite time. This can be found by a simple observation. If a friend is not responding or telling us to contact him later, on the first hand our assumption is that he is busy. But if we do not contact him later then he should contact us as a courtesy. If he is not contacting and it happens many times then it clearly gives signs of selfishness reflecting from his attitude and one should re-examine whether to continue frank and free relations with him or not.

    A friend who does not reciprocate and it is observed multiple times then he does not deserve the earlier merit and such friendship requires review.

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