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    How can we reverse the brain drain?

    Brain drain is a reality. The IIT and IIM students spend tax payers money to lead very posh lives abroad. Institutions such as IIT, Madras are very good export houses. How is that we do have enough challenging opportunities for them to contribute something in our own country?

    We sometimes come across a few of these who take up community related projects and contribute to the nation. R&D can interest thousands. Why can't the Government retain these bright brains by offering them good salaries and also perks in terms of grants for cutting-edge research?

    As a layman I feel tempted to ask this question: we have Ms Word, Ms Excel etc, done from abroad. How is that the IIT brains have not contributed to Indian software in a big way? Why should the best best brains drive business of Google in USA and not innovate here? What can we do? Do we have success stories anywhere?
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    Nice post and nice suggestions given by the author. Yes we are yet to tap the potential of our own IIT professionals and thus they are forced to go abroad and do research for some ones who pay them hefty. I think our PM Modi has the vision on this subject, Just he is waiting for his next term so that unfulfilled dreams like this would be attempted and concluded. One thing is sure, even the students must have the belonging of the country and they must have attachment to mother land. What is the use of they earning in other country and not caring to the problems faced in this country to which they have the solutions.
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    In India merit is not given importance. There are many other factors in India to select the people for various posts and promotions. A bright student will do good in his career if an encouraging atmosphere is created around him. A person always wants recognition and appreciation for his worth. But in India, the system is not there. The people who are interested to work in an organisation will not be provided with the required facilities and the politics of the organisation will play an important role. Added to this the remuneration what they offer is not in proportion to what the foreign countries are offering.
    To stop this brain drain, the government should make a rule that whoever studied in IITs, IIMs and IISc should serve the country for a minimum period before planning to go abroad. At the same time, the government should see that they will be made available required facilities to work and show their potential. By bringing such a scheme there may be some improvement. Otherwise, this will continue forever.

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    Brain drain is a big problem of underdeveloped or developing countries and is being faced by our country also. The solution is not as simple as just retain the talent.

    The basic problem is our large population, less job opportunities, less remuneration, complicated legal and procedural environment for business entities and over and above that poor governance and that is in fact not a very conducive environment for the entrepreneurs, scientists, technical persons etc.

    Brain drain is simply a consequence of these downtrending factors and in the present scenario how can we expect a reversal in the rain drain trend if these factor are very much present there.

    Govt has many main issues related to growth and prosperity of the country coupled with herculean task of increasing our presence in global business and also to increase GDP and contain inflation. Govt is hard pressed under these issues and may presently not consider brain drain phenomenon as a serious one.

    As an individual everyone will like to go to greener pastures if such an opportunity comes in ones way.

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    Brain Drain has to be considered serious because, we sow the seeds and the plants become theirs. It's necessary for us to save and use the fruits of our own plants.

    Not only foreign currency is enough but we have to grow too and hence it is required for the governament to take steps that these skilled people do not get drained to abroad.

    Children should also be tought about the patriotism and to work for our country. Let's use our skills for our own development but not sell them.

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    I do not agree that this has anything to do with a lack of patriotism because where you live or work does not define patriotism.

    If each one of us were half as patriotic as we expect the others to be, our country would be far ahead of all other nations. We are quick to point fingers at others, but what are we doing for our country? We cannot even manage our own garbage and we expect big things from others.

    It is not that 100% of IITians and IIMians move overseas. A lot of them remain here. What are they doing? Why them? What are you and I doing? So much talk about brain drain - why not take a step and educate the underprivileged and improve the literacy level of the country. Why not support an underprivileged child's education? There is so much that you and I can do without the support of those who choose greener pastures.

    The trouble with us is that we concentrate on keeping our own pastures green and think our job is done if we question the others. All of us are answerable. All of us are children of this motherland. Do you think you are lesser than the others? Do your bit and you will initiate a big change.

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