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    My God! What would happen in future?

    My mind always asks uncomfortable questions. I generally don't ask these questions to others but try to find the answers myself. But in this case, I can't find the solution, so I am asking this particular question to the Members of ISC.

    Nowadays we notice a trend that many ladies don't completely change their surname after marriage. Instead, they hyphenate the parental surname with husband's surname. So, many ladies start writing their surname in the following manner: Ghose-Bose, Dutta-Bera, Deka-Gogoi, Kapur-Sharma, etc.

    In another very recent trend, it is seen (although very rarely) that children consciously take the surnames of both parents. So, they get a bigger surname.

    Now let us consider a hypothetical situation. A Roy-Banerjee marries a Kapur-Sharma and their children take both surnames. So, the surname of the next generation would be Roy-Banerjee-Kapur-Sharma. And now this Roy-Banerjee-Kapur-Sharma marries a Kulkarni-Dikshit-Sathe-Vaidyanathan. Can we dare to imagine what would happen to the next generation?

    Members! Can you provide a solution to this?
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    Nothing to worry. Most problems will bring out innovative solutions somehow. Earlier only the Police constables and prisoners were known by the numbers. Their names were immaterial. Then in courts and among the legal fraternity the litigants were easily known and referred by the case numbers.

    We have moved from there and we have umpteen numbers like employee number, PAN number, Gas connection number, bank account number and now the soon-going-to-be -universal Aadhaar number.

    So, a stage will come that all these first names, middle names and surnames (even chain of them) become irrelevant and humans are known by some alpha numeric notations.

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    What you say is after the marriage. Each and everyone has their own name christened at the time of their birth which will never change. While getting admission to schools, the name projected remains forever until death. So all the names you mentioned are temporary, not permanent.

    According to me, a person should have his/her parents names as their initials (first father and then mother).
    For e.g.
    Couples Sun and Sin give birth to a boy Win. So, Win will have his name with the initials SS Win. Now Win marries the girl Run, and give birth to Pin. Now Pin will have the initials WR Pin. This is what should be followed. There won't be any duplication if we follow this method.

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    Well, it is the new normal. One thing I can imagine very well, that is all of the names will be unique one given all of these combinations. So there will be less chances of duplicacy, though the size will be the main concern. The advent of all the unique technologies and devices will render the future generation people almost speechless , talking to others will not be required at all and everything will be taken care of by machines. In that case the long name chains can be converted into codes which they can hang around their necks to carry on daily activities.

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    So, how does it matter? Can't I be an individual and be known by my name? Why should I change my name/ surname after marriage? I don't think it is a big deal. But yes, changing your surname may (I said may) bring in a change of attitude but the same cannot be bracketed into a general category. Relations are not as pure as it was a few years ago and so we need to accept and adjust to the differences.
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    In AP we don't have the practice of having parent's names with our name. The only surname will be common for the parents and the children. Whether the lady changes her surname after marriage or not, their children will be getting the surname of the father automatically. This is the system people follow here. So there is no problem in this case for the people from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
    As far as I am concerned changing or not changing the surname of the lady is not a matter of concern, as long as the couple have a better understanding and go with mutual agreements in all the issues. Even after changing the surname if there is no understanding and if they shout on each other day in and day out, what is the use. So for a happy married life, a better understanding and adjustment is more important than all other issues.

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    “Give instructions only to those people who seek knowledge after they have discovered their ignorance.”-Confucius

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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