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    The forecast is Thunderstorm coupled with Heavy Rainfall! The Monsoon session begins

    The monsoon session of parliament began today with a high hope of transacting business as usual. The Prime Minister asked all opposition parties to cooperate for smooth functioning of the session keeping in mind the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition parties. There seems to be no imminent threat to the ruling NDA, but why the opposition always obstructs normal functioning? It has become a rule of the opposition parties to corner the ruling dispensation on every aspect, whether logical or illogical. Few of the previous sessions of the Parliament was washed out due to the constant din created by the opposition members.

    We have seen the same thing during the previous UPA government's tenure. The same problem was created by the BJP, then in the opposition's chair. Parliament is a place of healthy debate, it is not a place to serve one's own goal. All of us are aware how much money is spent during each session of parliament and if it is wasted because of the very members whom we elect to represent us, then who is to blame? By wasting public money, are they not indulging in corruption?
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    Last time when much working days were wasted both ruling and opposition parties earned the wrath of the public and also the media gone critical about them. Sensing the same thing should not happen again, the BJP played the game before hand and accepted the no confidence motion tabled by TDP and Congress, but the Speaker accepted the motion of the TDP. Now the NDA has clear majority and support from other parties too and hence they need not worry. So there is no thunder storm or what so ever as predicted by the author, but a nor drizzle is in the Parliament and that would stop after the motion defeated.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, monsoon has arrived in almost all parts of the country. Mumbai is drenched. Kolkata is getting regular rainfall. Delhi has also been experiencing rain (normal by Delhi standard). The weather is pleasant.

    And the Parliament is buzzing with activities related to the 'No-Confidence' motion. We are enjoying the drama. Who will be the main speaker for the opposition? Definitely not Rahul Gandhi!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Rains are there regularly in various parts of the country and people have come out of the heat and enjoying the showers and cold atmosphere. So they feel a welcome change.
    Same is the case in Parliament also. There is no need to MPs to go down to the well and protest. The Speaker has accepted the No Confidence Motion. So now the parliament can run normally. Everybody knows the outcome. Anyhow a chance to opposition to make statements against the governemnt. Tomorrow we can enjoy the showers in the parliament.

    always confident

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