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    Do you like to pay, stay and feel the jail?

    The word jail itself used to be a deterrent and could cause nightmares. It used to instill fears in children and adults alike. No one would have imagined that it will become a tourist or entertainment destination. It will be soon so when the Kerala government implements new 'pay and stay'in jail scheme.

    The Kerala state Prison Department is considering to open a part of a central jail to the common people to spend a day and night in jail and feel about the jail. They will be wearing prison dress and eating the jail food. All this for a fee to be paid to the jail authorities. As of now it is planned to be part of a jail museum coming in the Viyyur Central Jail Thrissur.

    Sometime back I read about a similar scheme being implemented at Sangareddy Prison in Telengana . The then news was about two Malaysian nationals coming to Hyderabad from Malaysia to spend their week end in the jail under the Telengana prison department scheme 'feel the jail'

    I recall a thread I raised in 2013, Places where one should not hope to go normally are now tempting - jail and cemetery
    which I feel was prophetic.
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    It's an innovative way to generate revenue. People experience wonderful things by paying a hefty sum, then why not try something weird like a stay in jail. As long as they are not mingling with the criminals it seems fine. Cellular Jail in Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a great tourist attraction and people visit there with great interest.

    If we try to look at it in another way, we will find that government officials who are in charge to look after the conditions of jail many times give false reports due to different circumstances of their job and stay inside the jail for a brief period. If common people are allowed to stay inside the prison compound throughout the day, then chances are many lacuna inside the prison, be it administrative or condition of prisoners, will come out in public in a huge way that will prompt the authorities to apply corrective measures.


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    This concept is already in force and being used by the Central Prisons department in Medak district of Telangana and getting responses from those who want to have the feel of the jail life. But what I understand that those who pay and use the jail are seen as the guest and not allotted the regular work and meals that is served for the inmates. That means special food is prepared and the guests are allowed to roam free in the premises and not allowed to talk with others who are languishing inside. In that case what kind of experience one would get for being in jail by paying to stay for few days .
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    Good. I never know this. By paying some money you can understand and experience the jail life. So like going for one day picnic we can go and stay there and enjoy the atmosphere. But is it safe to have this practice? The outside criminals who want to have a chat with the people inside to plan something may go inside by paying the fees. once they are in it is not difficult to talk to the people inside.
    If there is no way for these people, to meet the people who are already in the jail as punishment, then there may not be a big issue. But if both of them are in the common area, it will be difficult to control meeting each other.

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    I do not appreciate this pay, stay and feel the jail life for few hours or a day. It has become some sort of earning for the jail authorities. It is of no use. We may lose the fear of jail and won't hesitate to commit crimes.

    In the same line, I would like to introduce - Pay and get buried to enjoy the dead life. For this, I will prepare a special coffin; lay the person who paid; bury the oxygen filled coffin; perform the ceremony; leave it for a day or two, take them out .

    Let the Jail be a Jail. Let us not misuse it for fun and joy.

    @ I had the experience of getting hanged in a jail. Once, I visited Cellular jail in Portblair. There I found the gallows where many have been executed. I stood on the platform and put the noose on my neck, and experienced my feeling. I am sure, No one could have experienced this in their life.

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    In Jayanagar, Bangalore, there is a Central Jail restaurant wherein one get a brief glimpse and feel of how the jail atmosphere would be.
    Spending a day at a Jail would be an unique experience and may not appeal to all. I think it would too much to ask for a regular family with children to spend a day out in the jail.
    I wouldn't mind provided it was a jail of historical significance where freedom fighters have given their lives (Lahore Jail- Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev) or spent some time (Yerwada Jail - Mahatma Gandhiji). This would be a journey to connect and understand what they endured for the freedom of our country. Similarly, a stay in the Jail who give a meaningful insight for people who champion for human rights or do their PhDs in violence and crime psychology etc.

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    Shocked to know that these type of schemes are even available. Commonly, people are even scared to imagine stepping into the police station and being in jail.

    Introcing this kind of schemes brings a kind of excitement to experience the jail. This is just a business to make cash out of people's excitement.

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    The jails in districts are not getting cases or the convicts or the suspects. So they want to have the maintenance cost recovered through this scheme which seems to be hit.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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