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    Are we not also responsible for rote learning?

    Rote learning is the bane of Indian school education and even college education. For example, at the undergraduate level, it is common for students to merely mug up every single answer to "model "questions in subjects such as history and vomit the same in the examination. This is absurd.

    We are also encouraging all this. This is because we want our children to be part of the rat race and score well. The Rasipuram schools in Namakkal District of Tamil Nadu are so famous for this torture. The students become experts in mugging up every single lesson.

    What can be done to stop this? Are some creative experiments on at the school level? If Members know of any such efforts, please share them. It will be nice to know of them.
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    Without understanding the subject just mugging up and reproducing will never help. Instead, an open book exam is a better option. The candidate should know at least what is there in the book and where it is there. Once a candidate understands the subject properly, he can write the examination much better than a person who is mugging up and write. The teachers have to strive hard for making the student to understand the subject. They have to come out with small common examples and relate it to the subject so that he will remember the subject and will understand it in a better way. Going for demonstrations and trying to explain through models and pictorial presentations will make the student understand the subject better. But this type of teaching is not adopted anywhere. Everybody wants to write the answers to questions in the examinations and score well. But there is no way to measure how good the boy is in the subject.
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    I am totally against the mugging up concept of the student. When the teacher is teaching in the class, for ever para she explains, she would give examples and connect with past experience. Such things must be noted and then correlate with the topic answer and that would give nice picture of a answer. But students wont listen properly to the teacher nor take notes and that forces them to ask for doubts again and they press for special tuition on the subject and thus the parents heed to the student demand. So I blame it on students who are slow and average and that is the reason so they depend on mugging up.
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    Learning by rote is common in Tamil Nadu, especially in schools under the State Board and Matriculation Syllabus. You will not find this practice in schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This is perhaps the reason that students from CBSE schools perform better in competitive examinations.

    Admission into medical and engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu was based primarily on the marks obtained in the boards. And students from the state and matriculation boards had an edge over students from other boards because they scored high marks owing to the fact that the question papers were also tuned to the rote learning. Students from these boards are incapable of applying the lessons learnt. This is the sad fact. This is also the reason that students are not employable when they graduate – their learning pattern remains the same. They can only answer questions that have fixed answers in the textbook.

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    Exactly. Almost one hundred percent of the students who graduate from the engineering colleges affiliated to the Anna University are simply unemployable. Even if they are employed, the training time is huge and the output, very poor. In fact, many companies are now shifting to students who have studied only through the CBSE stream. The cream of CBSE students dominate all ranks in the IIT JEE examination and fly off to the IITs and NITs. What is left over are these hundreds of thousands of mug pots. It is a very sad reality.

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