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    If you happen to see a relative at a function with whom you had face off earlier,Will you talk again

    All relatives are not equal and some have great ego problems , some may mingle and some want to be aloof without mingling with all. But due to some worst attitudes we do get irritated and agitated and that leads to face off with one relative or the other. But when a common get together or a function takes place where in even the same relative also invited, it would be awkward situation for us to talk or not to talk. But again our previous face off with them would be recollected and we again get perturbed over having relations prolonging. Any comment.?
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    What an imaginative thought created into a thread.

    I would like your views on the situation as well. What would you do or what do you do in such situations? I reckon you must have faced such a situation given the fact that you can think of it and write about it. How do you handle the situation? Do you walk away or do you plain ignore them? Share your thoughts on the subject too, instead of getting everyone's view.

    Everyone behaves differently in different situations. I have never had any misunderstandings, leave alone faceoff, with any of my relatives, either those by blood or those through marriage. I get along amicably with all of them.

    If ever there is a misunderstanding (and I hope there is none), I would try to resolve it and not let it fester, for the simple reason that they are family and I would keep bumping into them at all family gatherings.

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    I am also for not keeping these misunderstandings for long.

    In fact, any get to gether is the best opportunity to erase these conflicts and start afresh as if nothing happened ever.

    People will have ego and may be sometimes we are also considered egoist by others. Whatever the case may be these differences should be avoided and even if they are created, are to be resolved at an early opportunity.

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    If a relative who had the face off with me, I shall keep away from his or her eye contact and totally avoid. Because I came on the invitation as guest and does not want to create a scene there.
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    This happens to most of the people. It may be between friends or relatives. Personally I had to face such situations. There are some issues regarding the parental properties among the brothers and sisters. One of these sisters happens to be my wife. Because of these issues they are not in talking terms.
    About a couple of months back everybody had to take part in marriage ceremony of a common friend's daughter. I too took part in the function. Three of the brothers in law were present there. Only one of them talked with me. Though I smiled and wished, the other two did not respond. The one who talked spent about ten minutes with me talking general topics without referring to the family disputes. Actually I am not involved in the issue. Only my wife is involved.
    Such experiences I have faced with some of my friends too. I never showed any difference between any persons, but all others are not like that.


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    Many times, many people face this type of situation. My mother in law had two brothers. They have a dispute over the distribution process of their ancestral property. They elder one managed to get the property from his mother when she was very old. So the younger brother is unhappy and they have gone to court also. In this process, my mother in law and her sister supported the younger brother. So the elder brother is unhappy and he never used to visit these people or these people used to go to their place. I know both the brothers as they are my relatives. But after my marriage, the elder brother stopped talking to me also. Once I happened to meet him. I wished him by smiling and saying hai. But he just went away as if he has not noticed me. Even though I have no dispute with him, he stopped talking to me as I married his sister's daughter. I can't help. This will happen to many people in many places. From our side, I feel, we should try to forget the differences at the earliest possible and try to be good with all. But we are helpless sometimes.
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    "Theeyinal Suttapunn Aarume, Aarathe Naavinaal Sutta Vadu"- A Tamil Thirukkural. Any wound or injury due to fire or heat might get cured, but a scar due to abuse by tongue will never get cured. Hence, a person who used abusive languages will never be cared but ignored.

    I get on well with all. Even if I meet people who hate me,I would say simple hello and leave. But if I happen to meet a person who abused me , I will never care them forever.

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