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    Question for people with laptops

    I recently bought a new laptop, because my old one was really old, and needed to be retired. I have always had a problem with the battery with all the laptops I owned. Since my job entails a lot of research and writing I constantly use the device. The problem is that the battery starts running out of juice rather quickly.

    I have been in the habit of working on the laptop while it's still charging. Though with the new device, I am being a little careful – I allow it to charge fully, when I see a popup telling me the battery is low.

    Is that the right way of using the laptop, or is it fine use it while it's charging?

    How often and when do you recharge the battery laptop?
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    If the laptop is continuously in charging mode while using also the battery life may come down. So it is advisable to charge fully and use it. While using you need not charge. When the charge will come down the laptop will automatically give a signal and you can start charging. Even while using you can do the charging of the battery if it is necessary only.
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    I was watching the video yesterday about battery charging myths. You can work perfectly well on a charging laptop without any fear. You're not harming your device.
    It's a pure myth. And also, charging your device upto four times a day when your battery is critically low is normal too. This would actually increase the efficiency.
    Charge your new laptop sufficiently well and use it to your fill.

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    Agreed with Mr Rao. Its like mobile phone, if you keep charging it even if you have good amount of battery say more than 50% , your batterly life will decreases. Same goes with laptop, I am using my laptop which is old enough and require charging while I work on. But, if you are careful, don't work with charging on. Charge it only when it show warning pop up.

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    While at home, I suggest you to connect the charger or power pack and continue working. It will not lower the efficiency of your system battery. But while you are away, work without the charger, and never let your battery go dry below 30 percent. Recharge it , if the charging facility is available. If not, don't use it. Use it only after returning to your home. I am using my daughter's laptop, and I am always connected to the power point. Working fine with no battery problem.
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    What I feel that when the battery is about to die, then only the charging has to be initiated and not when the battery is 40 to 60 percent and draining. Once the device is fully charged, then using it may give maximum output without much draining in battery. It is like our cell phone only. The back ground lighting power has to be reduced, all the apps running while the device is on must be stopped and switch off the data when the device is not in use. And always connected to power point and working is the bad habit as the stress is given to the device and if the power goes and comes again, there are every chance to get the device affected by low or high voltage.
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    It is advisable to charge the battery when it goes below 10-15%. After that it can be used for some time till it drops back to the same level where it is again to be charged. This is supposed to be the ideal way to use the charging cycles of the battery optimally.

    However, in certain conditions people use the laptop for a long time and let the charger connected to it permanently. That may be 'ok' occasionally but if done on a regular basis, may affect the battery life.

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    Personally, I continue working when the laptop is getting charged. I have seen many people doing that. I have also asked the employees who procure/maintain/repair computers in my office in this regard. They have said that there is no problem in doing that.

    However, they have also advised me to start charging the laptop, whenever the available charge goes down below 15 % level, and a message pops up. They have also stated that if there is no charge in the laptop, there is a chance of getting data and other resources automatically deleted. Further, they have also advised me to stop charging the laptop when the charge level is above 95%.

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    Thank you, everyone, for your inputs. I allow the battery to charge when the 'battery low' signal pops up. I hope this helps the battery life. In the past, I had to replace the battery, often.
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    I also do not think there is any issue when you are working on the laptop while it's in a charging mode. It is not at all harmful.

    But there is one thing to note if you are leaving your laptop in the sleep mode, and then opening again and again for the reuses, it drains the battery much faster in that case. So, it is better if we always shut down the computer after using it. Because the reboot of a laptop is always required for its efficient working.

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    Every rechargeable battery, be it of laptop, mobile or inverter, has a specific number of Charging Cycle. One Charging Cycle means fully charging (100%) the battery after a complete discharge (0%). So, the more number of full discharge a battery goes through, the more number of Charging Cycle is consumed. To use a battery to its optimum level a few things have to be kept in mind.

    1) Never allow the charging level of the battery to go down below 20%. If it goes down below that level, extra pressure will be applied to it and will affect the longevity.
    2) While working, if the battery is getting very hot, switch off the laptop until it cools down.
    3) When the charging level is showing 20%, never switch it off even if you do not work on that laptop by thinking that when you will work next time you will put it on charge. Instead, immediately plug in the adapter to charge it.

    There is no harm if the laptop is charging, while you continue your work. Just make a note of the above mentioned things and I hope your battery will be just fine.


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    I am not too sure whether we all follow all the correct instructions regarding various devices and machines we use all the time. The case of mobiles is so common. We hear all the time about the harmful effects of using the mobile phone. The dangers of radiation and that we should answer from the left or the right whatever the instructions may be.
    Man is more a creature of habit than anything else. The same is true for the use of laptops. Time and again I have heard that laptops should not be in charge all the time while work is done. but for the past so many years, I have found that it is really frustrating when the charge runs out in the middle of some work or even during some entertainment. So I have been used to work while the charger is plugged in and no I haven't really faced any burnout or adverse wear and tear of the battery because of that.

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