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    There is nothing like 'Perfection in life'

    Many of the people in this world are perfectionists. They do things methodically and expect others also to do the things same way. They will be annoyed if things are not kept at proper places.

    Any shabby arrangement or disorder is not liked by them. They will take great pains in keeping the things in order.

    These people believe that if everyone keeps order then all of us will be living in a utopian society.

    These people are dedicated to perfection at work places as well as in their homes.

    Unfortunately, their colleagues and family members do not like this extreme behaviour and irritate on their good habits.

    On the other hand, there are many people who believe that there is nothing like 'perfection' in real life. The journey of life is a mysterious one and can not be explained so easily and they go on with it and take the things casually.

    What is your take on that?
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    My take on this is quite simple. It is not a take, it is more of a question. What is the connection between keeping things back in place and the mysterious journey called life? I do not see the relevance and how the two are connected. I seriously do not. Would you care to explain it, please?

    As for me, I fall into the category that you describe as a perfectionist. I like some order around me, and make sure that my surroundings are neat and everything is in its place. Fortunately, for me my husband shares the same enthusiasm about neatness, and so does our daughter. Thanks to them I do not have to deal with untidiness in my immediate environment.

    However, I do not force others into neatness or cleanliness. I do not tell others what to do. But, I do feel uncomfortable in unclean surroundings, particularly people's homes where cobwebs can be seen on the walls and layers of dust on the furniture and untidy kitchens and even dirty combs. These are a big put-off.

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    Keeping things in order and expecting the people to follow the set rules is the example of a perfectionist. For example in office the store is the best place to cite as to what the things as to kept where. Because even in the absence of the store keeper things has to be seen and taken for the requirement of the same. If the things are placed here and there and there is no mention in the stock register as to where are they kept, then the production may also get hampered due to want of particular raw material. So perfectionism is being followed by one and all but we call it my different names.
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    Sometimes we are not able to translate our feelings in exact words so let me add more.

    The perfectionists feel that if they do the things in proper and orderly ways their life will be smooth and they will not have much problems because they are taking timely and suitable actions in a precise and calculated ways. They do not work haphazardly and take calculated decisions. In essence they believe that everything can be planned meticulously to get the desired results.

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    Juana -
    I have seen some perfectionists who believe that they can do anything in their own proper ways to achieve the desired results. They do not believe in destiny rather do their home work well. They also feel that success comes to them in their life because they are so methodical in their approach.

    Umesh -
    Keeping things in place is only a small part of that orderliness and these people also plan the big tasks in their life in the same way. Suppose there is a family function in the house they will plan it in such a way that there will not be any last minute hitch and everyone will be impressed with the smooth proceedings.

    Due to their involvement everywhere these people become very demanding and disciplined and do not tolerate any non sense.

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    I agree with the author that there is nothing like perfection. We come across people who are ferfectionists in everything they do. We all know that each person and way of thinking is different from person to person. So every person feels better with what they do and hence we cannot change others' way of doing things.

    So there is nothing like perfect as everyone feels what they do is perfect for them.

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    Keeping surroundings clean and keeping the things in their designated places is always gives us ease in working. In the office when we write letters to others we have to keep a copy of it and file it. The filing should be such that we can easily refer back that letter as and when required. It will happen only when the filing is done properly. The same is the case with the items in the house.
    If you see the ladies will keep the various items in the Kitchen in such a way that they will reach the item as and when required. If the things are not kept properly we have to go on searching and we will lose time in the process. I don't know whether we call it perfection or not, it is more a requirement for working efficiently. In the same way to keep the surroundings clean is a must for hygiene and health accepts. It is more a necessity to have a healthy life.

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    It is not easy to be a perfectionist. He has to be patient enough and work hard to do his homework properly. A perfectionist is much bothered for the results of his actions as any negative outcome will not be digestible to him. His expectations are also always very high and he feels that he should be remunerated as per his efforts and precise contributions in any task he has undertaken.

    Such people are rare and in general there is nothing like perfection in this world.

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