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    Does Indian Political leaders have willpower to take such step?

    Although the issue of reservation has been raised, again and again, hundreds of times still I am again raising the issue with a little different perspective. With an example of a country which lags behind us in many aspects but on this issue, this country got a step ahead of us.
    Recently we heard a news that Bangladesh government has completely scraped out the system of reservation from all their institutions.
    A bold step that should be applauded because we all know that no government in India have willpower or audacity to throw out this system in India or find a good replacement for it.
    We all know how the reservation is slowly creating broader gaps among the students instead of reducing them. How?
    Because This does not affect the students who are on the top of the list and are toppers, but affects those students who lag behind just by 0.25 or 0.5 marks to clear the various cutoffs to get into various institutions and jobs and on the other hand their friend who is having equally as much resource as they have and same IQ level and sometimes financially stronger to gets admissions and job despite having gap of 5-6 marks what a tragedy it is?
    This gap is clearly visible in the lists of cutoffs of eminent institutes of India Like - Delhi university too.
    Nobody denies that how worse our society was for the scheduled caste people and they should be given more chance in the society to rise up but at what cost?
    isn't our constitution itself says that equals should be treated equally so why the student from the same financial background does not get equal opportunities?
    Do you think any political leader in India has the audacity to speak out this issue in public without fears of being judged as leader of upper caste?
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    Though this topic has been raised many a time, but the author has brought some thing new which has to be discussed and deliberated. In Bangladesh, Muslims are in majority and the Hindus and other religions are in minority and there has been consistent demand for reservations by other religion and caste. But in India we have so many backward class and the reservations are in force and the demand from various sections are increasing day by day. Moreover once a largess is given it cannot be withdrawn as the whole system gets effected and the uneasy calm prevails. So I fear total abolition of reservations cannot be possible. But given one more term to the NDA government under the leadership of PM Narender Modi, surely a consensus can be obtained and a decisive action be taken to abolish the reservations. Because Modi is known for taking turf actions.
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    Ms. Neelam: I hope you are aware that reservation system in Bangladesh was not on the basis of caste/religion basis. A significant quota was there for the freedom-fighters (during 1971 war) and for the tribal people. The freedom fighters' quota has been abolished due to excessive corruption on this issue. The quota on tribals have been abolished to cause further problem to these marginalised group.

    In India, very few people getting benefit from quota will want it abolished. If a person's son/daughter get admission in MBBS scoring 0 in Chemistry and -2 in Physics, will he want this system abolished? It is a different matter that the poor from that same reserved community is not getting any benefit from this reservation.

    Reservation on the basis of financial condition is the immediate need of the hour. But no party can dare to take this step. So, we have to continue with this inequality for another 30 years, I suppose.

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    As long as the vote politics are in place in India it is not possible to completely eliminate the reservation system. Even if a party tries to do this, the opposition party will try to take the advantage out of it. So no party will try to touch this. Even after so many years of independence, some state governments are trying to increase the reservation quota only for their political gains and trying to go beyond the 50% mark. No doubt there are a few people who are suffering. But the present system is not helping the really deserved. A collector's son is becoming again a collector based on his caste. But a cobbler's son is there as a cobbler only.
    So reservation should be based on the financial position of the individual family but not on the caste basis. I feel sorry for a student who got 95% marks but couldn't get a seat because of his caste. But I think this system will continue like this. No party will be ready to bell the cat.

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    This issue is something which should be taken on the serious basis. No one is denying the fact that the SC/ST should get the reservation but it should not be the expense of better student than them. This was a burning issue during my school and college day and still continuing.

    As long as the politicians divide people and get the vote, nothing can change. This is called vote bank politics.

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    I do agree with Mr. K.Mohan that & in case the NDA is assigned with another term than most probably we can witness the changing scenario but for the time being it's pretty much clear that it's not possible. But good topic to discuss here. The more we talk about it the more possibility we see it happening. If the majority of population are in favor of reservation less society than the political parties will be bound to make policies accordingly.

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    The tenet of our Constitution is to treat people equally, irrespective of religion, caste or creed. However, in practice no political parties in the country adhere to it. Maybe because it is much easier to rule people by dividing them in groups. The problem of reservation has gone to such level that a few groups demand reservation in everything, be it in education, job, or politics and the day may not be too far away, when even sports team will have a quota.

    The reservation is required for people who are unable to compete with others due to their economic condition. But for how long? The system is going on since inception and the particular sections remained economically weak, on paper, since then. The SC/ST/OBC status is given on the basis of surnames and not on economic conditions and no political party in this country has shown willingness to change the criteria. It is very easy to understand why. Because if any political party can take up the issue of a particular group and address it properly then they can be rest assured about the group's vote in favor of them. As long as the as the vote bank politics and politics of appeasement remains things are difficult to change. The only acceptable reservation system should be on the basis of economic status and nothing else. If that is not done, then all round development will remain the dream.


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