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    Do not focus on problems, instead turn to the focus on possibilities to bail out.

    Many of us confront with such problems which are new and yet very challenging and sometimes we are unable to move from the tricky situation and seek others help to bail out. And in the melee of focusing more on the problems, the routines are left unattended and a mess is created for future. Instead turn your focus on possibilities of how to bail out from the present situations. Surely many opportunities would be knocking and a way out would be arrived out. And by the way getting out of problem should be the immediate criteria and that should not be postponed.
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    I think without focussing on the problem we can't bail out the problem. Here focusing means to understand why this problem has arisen and what is the root cause of this problem and how to eliminate is to be worked out. What I say is when there is a problem don't sit on the problem worrying about it but work out on the problem and see that you are out of woods. In the process of thinking about the problem and trying to come out of that problem taking help from others as required is always a better option. We should not hesitate for the same. But we should come to our own way of solving the problem from the feedback we get as we understand the problem well than the other person.
    If we are not focusing on the problem we will not get the right solution to the problem. People say search for the item in the place where you lost it. Is it not true?

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    Finding a way out of any problem is the ultimate goal. If we always think that I have a problem and concentrate only on the thought of having the problem then we will never be able to come out of it. In this case our focus is completely on the problem. Now if we try to analyse the problem,then we will find the possible causes of the problem and will think of different ways to come out of it. Here the focus is to find a solution to it. So, in any problematic situation the focus should be on analyzing the causes of the problem to find a solution to it.

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    The following are the points that I perceive from your post. Please tell me the message you intend to pass on and what we must focus on the most –

    Point one: Seek the help of others to bail us out when we find ourselves facing tricky challenges
    Point two: We focus on the immediate problem, leaving aside our routine jobs, thus creating a mess that could impact us in future
    Point three: We should ignore the routines (that is what I gather) and focus on bailing out from the present problem
    Point four: We will encounter opportunities if we look around
    Point five: Finding a solution to the problem should be our sole goal

    A lot of what you mentioned in the thread makes sense, but what about point two? Is it fine to ignore our routine jobs and let them pile up, so much so that they mess up our future? How about handling both responsibilities together, so the future is rosy too.

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    Yes some people wont know the priority. They attend the particular problems where by forgetting the routines and end up piling of routine works waiting for us.
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