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    Why do some people always act hurriedly?

    There are some people who act hurriedly. They will always be in a hurry and take their decisions fast. If the family members or friends advise them to take up the things patiently, they will not listen.

    In fact such people feel proud that they took minimum time in decision making and tell it in a glaring manner to others.

    Working with fast pace is a good thing but it is better to take time and think well before we take any step in the life otherwise we can do blunders and fail miserably.
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    True. One should think and act. Finishing the work quickly is not the only issue. Finishing the work properly in the minimum possible time is what we should do. If we act hurriedly we may commit mistakes and it will make us fail. So hurry is not the answer for all the problems always. Of course, we can't sit on the problem for a long time without taking any action. So thinking correctly and acting properly is the best way to complete our works. Finishing as early as possible is good but finishing it properly is also important. When you have to take a decision you should think and take a correct decision. Otherwise, the end result may not be as expected.
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    Everyone has their own way of tackling situations. Some take time to think over their plans before implementing them, while others act immediately. There are other categories of people too; some rely on others to take the initiative or wait to be pushed into action. Still, others do not do anything.

    It is alright to act quickly, as long as you know what you are doing. It is not that everyone who acts hurriedly makes wrong decisions. I feel that we must strike when the iron is hot, or else what we do loses its impact. What is the point in long deliberations?

    The only thing that you should be careful about is to keep your yardarm clear. Make sure you take necessary precautions and don't take shortcuts. Do what you have to, but keep in mind the consequences.

    And in today's world, I think it is better to be forceful.

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