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    Why blame game on every issue?

    The collapse of a makeshift tent during the Prime Minister's Kisan Kalyan rally in West Midnapore few days earlier has become a political issue.. Many were injured during the tent collapse and are admitted in hospital. The blame game has already started and it is reported that the police has filed cases against the state BJP along with the decorator. Instead of blaming each other to fix the responsibility and gain political mileage, all of the parties should come together to see the injured get proper medical treatment. Why everybody wants to evade responsibility in these types of issues is quite confusing. Are the parties losing political will to serve people and focused on only to stay relevant in headlines of different news media?
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    It is the order of the day. No politician, except a few, are not having any interest in the welfare of the people in the society. Their main agenda is to be in power and to get benefitted personally. In this process, they will try to blame each other and try to shift the responsibilities to others. Gone are the days, where the politicians used to sacrifice for the cause of the society. When some unwanted incident happens, it is the responsibility of the government to see that the victims will get proper treatment and they will get suitably compensated. But politicians will try to take advantage out of such situations by blaming the others. They do politics even on dead bodies. A very sorry state of affairs.
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    When a VVIP visits for a meeting or official meeting, it is the state responsibility to provide security and see that fool proof arrangement is made as regards to crowds behavior and protection against the vagaries of nature. So there is no need to blame one another.
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