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    A quick mathematical quiz from Sun

    Today, I met an old man during my morning walk. I casually asked him "How old are You, sir?" He simply smiled for a while and said," As on today (19th July 2018), I am 24866 days old." Then I asked him,"What is your Date of Birth and birth Star?". He replied, I don't know my birth star, but you should be able to calculate my Date of Birth." I said,"Thank you sir, You have given a good task to my brain. I will meet you again tomorrow with your Date of Birth."

    Members, Can you help me to get the right Date of Birth of that good old gentleman with 24866 days on this good earth?

    I have calculated and arrived at a DOB. Let me compare it with yours and pass it on to the old man for a check. The first member posting the accurate DOB will be awarded from ISC Gift shop.
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    The old man born on 21st June 1950.

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    I also agree with the answer given by #642762. The old man's date of birth is 21st June 1950
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    1952, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968,...... and so on......

    If we take into account all these leap-years from 1950 to 2018, we will arrive at a different date of birth.

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    Hi, Sun The date of birth of old man may be Wednesday, August 19, 1950.

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    Can you calculate and give a different Date of birth than the DOBs posted by members. Being a senior and matured individual, you were not expected to post such vague answer to a quiz.

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    Today, I carried the DOB to the oldman. He said to convey his Bravo to Durga for her right calculation as 21 June 1950.

    Well done Durga. Keep it up.

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