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    A dog-loving Nawab of India

    Many people are fond of dogs. They keep dogs as their pet and have a very good relationship with their pet. In this context, just now I have read about a dog-loving Nawab of undivided India. I am sharing what I have read with the Members of ISC.

    The last Nawab of Junagadh was Muhammad Mahabbat Khan III. He owned more than 800 dogs. Not only that, every dog had its own room, a telephone and an attendant. He even invited Lord Irwin, the then Viceroy to attend the marriage of one of his pets.

    During the partition when he went to Pakistan forever, he left his wives (for the time being) to make more space in the aircraft for his pet dogs.

    Members! Have you heard about any other such dog-loving person?
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    For the first time came across the fact that Muhammad Mahabbat Khan III the Nawab of Junagadh had royal life and enjoyed with 800 dogs. In those days the Nawabs had no other work as the responsibilities are delegated to the deputies and they simply enjoyed their life with their Begums, going for hunting, and probably planning for take over or wresting of power from other weak Kings. And I heard that each Nawab were so fond of good and tasty food for which they would have best chef who wont be sent out of the palace and they accompany with the new menu where ever the Nawab goes.
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    I never heard about dog lovers who are having so many dogs. They are kings and they can do anything. Just they can hire many people to take care of these dogs. But a common man can't do. My sister is having two dogs in the house. For her, the day is so hectic that even half an hour also she won't have rest during the daytime. It is astonishing that he left the wives back for carrying the dogs.
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    This man is really the best friend of the "best friend of man". His dogs must be lavish like him too. I'm curious about those dogs' progeny. Having led such lavish life, these dogs could have also been exotic breeds. Third generation of some of these dogs must be in Pakistan.

    I would have loved it if he conserved endangered species too.

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    May be the Nawab had his Dog fleets or dog squadrons comprising of hundreds of dogs to fight any war. There cannot be any other purpose to have so many number of dogs.
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    No, Mr. SuN. The 800 dogs used to enjoy in spacious rooms with telephones and personal attendants.
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    The history & the facts are full of surprises which at once not let us believe in those & so is the case here. The author has come up with an interesting fact & I wouldn't imagine him being the craziest person but carried away with his hobbies in the ways that seemed possible for him. Let's cheers & enjoy those legends on their own kind.

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    Partha, did he leave all his wives behind or just one? Wikipedia has a different story.
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    May be this Nawab might have been discarded by the family members and he may not have lead the normal life.Because living with 800 dogs is some thing extra ordinary.
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    Interesting trivia, shared here, by the author. It made me want to learn some more about the nawab so I searched online and read up some material about him.

    According to online articles, he died of rabies, a possible result of being bitten by one of his own pets. The last bit is my assumption.

    It is believed that at one time he owned over 2000 dogs of high-pedigree. I have heard of people having stables, but this man must have had quite a large kennel for his pets.

    Aditya Mohan – The Nawab was an animal lover, his fondness for animals extended to the local wildlife, chiefly the Asiatic lions, of the Gir forest. It seems that these majestic animals were on the brink of extinction in India, during that period. The nawab created a safe haven within the Gir forest, for the lions.

    He also bred stallions from the Kathiawar region.

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    Thank you Juana.
    Now I respect the nawab even more.

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    I like royals who had a love for animals apart from hunting them. Hat's off to this Nawab for his passion for pet dogs and more importantly protecting the Asiatic lions.
    The Wodeyar Kings of Mysore in 1941 set-up a 90 sq Kms forested area as Venugopala Tiger Reserve which is now the Bandipur Tiger Reserve that has been supporting Project Tiger since 1973.

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    No sir haven't come across any dog lover who would go to this extent in my lifetime. I believe you have to be royalty or billionaire these days to exercise such quirks of your personality. Most of us busy managing the vagaries of everyday life and some additional bonuses of difficulties that life throws at us.

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