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    Why certain people use caste/religion cards when they are in trouble?

    One film critic from the Telugu film Industry criticised one God from a religion. When people started trolling him, he immediately brought his caste card so that his caste people will defend for him. I have observed hell lot of such examples in India. Once our former cricket captain also tried to use his religion card when he was investigated about the match fixing allegations. When someone criticises others, he should be ready to defend himself if his remarks are genuine. If they are not in a position to defend themselves, why should they make derogatory remarks about others? Why certain people use caste/religion cards when they are in trouble?
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    When people realize that their act is indefensible, they play caste card and religious card. They believe in the popular adage "Birds of the same feather flock together" and think that people of their own religion/caste would come out and defend their indefensible act.
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    That's a part of the defense mechanism. If you cannot convince, at least try to confuse, then there is a chance to gather some people at your side because of the confusion. When they are unable to defend themselves in any way they resort to things people die for. Casteism is so rampant in India that many people of a particular caste will do anything to be a hero in their caste hence they use it.

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    Rightly observed by the author. Many a time those who are famous among the public and when they make a controversial statement either knowingly or unknowingly against a religion and then being bombarded by the Heap of abuse from the custodians, then they try to back track or tell that the media has misquoted and ultimately bring forth their caste to defend. These people are the publicity mongers and they wont keep quiet when they are no takers for their statements and observations. I think the society must disown them in future and the media should not report on them.
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    In India, it is a very common issue. People will try to take advantage of their caste and religion. Anywhere the outcome depends on the caste and religion. Even in Universities when the election for teaching staff association, the main consideration will be the caste only. In Village elections, Municipal elections, MLA elections and MP elections also the caste card will play an important role. Equally, religion is also important in these issues. Nobody thinks about other eligibilities and criteria for the election except caste and religion. This trend has to change and people should come out of this shell. Then only we will have a better society.
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    Its a sign of one's insecurity feelings. When people have these feelings, they try to get sympathy or support from their own people and how they will get it? This is the only option left to shout out loud.

    Its everywhere almost. I have seen when in train people have some arguments, they started speaking the local language even if the person next to him understand it or not.

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