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    Learn and then execute or execute and then learn?

    We often hear people saying, "Don't jump into the work straight away,do some homework first". On the other hand, people also say, "Just start the work rather than just keep on preparing for it. How can you learn swimming without jumping into the pool."

    Well, these two things seem paradoxical. Sometimes we think that the best way to learn is by jumping into the task but at times we think that preparing for the task before starting is more fruitful. But I feel in a way both the approaches are correct.

    If we keep on preparing for any task thinking that we will only start the task when we are fully prepared then this stage is never reached. There needs to be some cut off for preparation after which we should start the task. Preparing for the task may equip us with the knowledge for completing the task but practical problems we face and experience we get while executing the task is a learning in itself and we will be devoid of this learning if we don't start the actual work.

    But on the other hand, blindly jumping into the task without understanding or preparing for it can also be a virtual suicide. If we have not at all done our homework and gathered knowledge about the task then our task execution may miserably fail.

    So how do you approach your work?
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    When you are confronting with a big challenge and when you are being watched closely for the performance surely, home work has to be done otherwise one becomes a laughing stock in front of others. By the way , why home work because, one should be ready with possible retard or the rebuke from the opposite side and for that ready replies must be available , otherwise the whole exercise goes waste. At least basic knowledge about the task or information must be collected , otherwise the opposite person would corner at the first instance. This kind of situation is seen during election speeches.
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    I think this is a confusing but relevant topic. We must learn and then execute. Execution requires at least some knowledge. Without acquiring/having that knowledge, we can't execute anything.
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    I agree with the author. Without knowing anything we can't jump into the water to swim. At the same time, we can't become experts without going into the actual work. Before starting the actual practice you should learn some basics at least and then start practising. This approach will give better results. By sitting on the shore for long and observing others will not teach you swimming. Observe for some time and then get into the waters. Then only you can learn how to swim. This is true in all aspects of our life.
    When you want to learn driving you have to take a learner's licence. Before giving the final driving licence the authorities will see the capability of actual driving and his understanding of various rules and regulations he has to adopt while driving.

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