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    Here comes the charge sheet!! It's election time again, what a wonderful coincidence

    Recently the former finance minister was charge sheeted in the Aircel-Maxis case and it will take a while to decide the fate of the former FM. The CBI top brass has told its Kolkata chapter to file charge sheet in Narada sting operation case before Diwali and the investigating agency will be in a hurry to run after few more cases within the next couple of months. It's election time and if you are also thinking in the same line then your guess is correct.

    The progress of all these cases is so tardy, that at times the top court had to intervene to prod the investigating agency. Few years earlier the Supreme Court dubbed the CBI a "Caged Parrot", that was during the tenure of UPA, it seems the parrot couldn't come out of the cage during the present government also. Are the keys of the cage lost somewhere? Why all the investigating agencies are always under the clutches of ruling dispensation? If every now and then the investigating agencies are prodded by a court because of their slow progress, then it's better to do away with all the investigating agencies. Let the court constitute it's own police force and try the cases for their speedy conclusion.
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    The investigating agency is a independent organization given with sweeping powers and with limited staff some times the cases prolong and some times the cases take easy turns. In the case of Chidambaram, BJP leader Subramanyam Swamy has taken the issue to his heart as Chidambaram and Congress dubbed about the Hindu terrorism and thus want to teach the taste of Hindu terrorism through this case now heading towards his possible conviction and leading to jail. One thing is sure, our India laws would wake up late, and when the leads are available, then the action is for sure.
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    The investigation agency is not completely independent and they have to go with the party in the ruling. This is very evident in many instances. YSRCP leader Jagan was interrogated by CBI and many irregularities were unearthed and he was in prison for some time. Somehow he managed to get the bail and now he is contemplating for the CM post of AP. Why has action not been finalised on him so far? Who is behind this no action. There are many such cases. They start. Stop in between. Sometimes they do it to keep the person under control but not to take action. CBI should finalise the cases early and see that the culprits will get punished at the earliest. Otherwise, the whole episode of the investigation will become a waste of time and money. Same is the problem with this Chidambaram case also. In India, undue time is taken for finalising the cases and taking the corrective actions. That is a boon in disguise to the culprit. He will enjoy his life.
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