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    Can Mr Naidu warn Mr Modi?

    The no-confidence motion is bound to fail in the Lok Sabha. The opposition parties have got some masala to take Mr Modi on. Yes, he has seemingly done a huge injustice by promising the moon and then going back on his promise. Of late, there are some signs that the BJP is trying too much.

    The great bully called Amit Shah, comes to Chennai, and speaks something. In the company of the three BJP comedians, who control BJP in Tamil Nadu. The very next day, the IT raids happen in the offices and residences of someone who is close to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Yes, Tamil Nadu is number one corrupted State in India and the Chief Minister is one who is a very corrupted person. Yet, what remains is the vital question: why did the BJP support such a corrupted person for so long?

    It is in the wider context of injustice done to the Southern States, that Mr Naidu has taken up this exercise. Will he be able to force Mr Modi to do something to AP and more level headed in making promises?
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    Chandra Babu Naidu is not in a position to do anything to Modi because of his Vote for Note case. He compromised on Special Status to Andhra Pradesh because of this case only. In the fag end he revolted against Modi thinking that Modi won't do any thing in the election year. In AP itself, Chandra Babu is facing lot of corruption charges. Now the no-confidence motion also went against him in the state of AP after Modi revealed that Chandra Babu demanded Special Package instead of Special Status and he took U-turn in order cover his mistakes. Now, TDP has almost lost its in ground in AP. It lost the trust of AP people. Nothing will happen to BJP in AP because it has hardly any presence in AP.

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    I have my own views on the issue. I have no doubt on the sincerity of Chandra Babu Naidu. Definitely, he is a man of action. The development in Hyderabad started from his period only. If really Chandra Babu has a fear for Vote for Note Case, he might not have allowed Revanth who is the person directly involved in the case to join Congress Party.
    It is known that no-confidence motion will not go through. But the problems are highlighted. Our present Vice President Naidu was the person who fought for special status to the State and now his party only took a U-turn on the issue. VP is not in a position to talk anything about the state. It is also a game plan of BJP. It is very unfortunate between the political parties the state is suffering a lot. By any chance in the coming election, YSRCP comes to power in AP that will be the end of the development of the state and nobody can save the state.

    always confident

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    Sir, YSR is reportedly called the Sasikala of AP. I have seen many people from AP call him so. The State cannot be saved if this corrupted fellow is allowed to come to power. One only hopes that the corruption charges against Naidu are not so serious to merit a change in Government. In any case, we, in Tamil Nadu are facing the worst ever corrupted Government and the worst Chief Minister. I do think Mr Chandrabaabu Naidu is far better.

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    #642838, I never believe in any politician nor take sides to any political party. I give my objective view. It may be liked by someone or it may not be. Even I believe that YSRCP is a corrupted party. Even I blame Janasena, why it has waited for 4 years to make corruption charges against Chandra Babu Naidu.

    Do Chandra Babu have any power in Telangana to stop Revanth Reddy from joining Congress? It was Revanth Reddy's decision. He wanted to get a bigger platform to defend himself when TDP got marginalised in Telangana.

    The Special Status issue is silently killed by Chandra Babu Naidu only. He is solely responsible for it. Whole of AP knows it. When Center denied Special Status, why did TDP continue with NDA? Why it compromised with Special package. It could have come out of the NDA Government and kept the Special Status Movement alive. See the case of KCR. When he was the Central Minister, he quit the post immediately when Congress did not initiate anything to form Telangana state.
    Though Chandra Babu might have brought IT companies in Hyderabad, he does not have that much calibre to develop or demand anything from Center now. It may be because of his age or may be because of not having hold on his party or may be due to lesser number of MPs of residual Andhra Pradesh.

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    No confidence motion brought by opposition parties mainly meant to bring the raking issues
    or the injustice done by ruling party to their issues and to bring notice of the people of whole nation and the honourable members of the parliament. So in this context Mr.Chandra Babu succeeded exposing in the injustice done to the state in not keeping up the promises given to the people of the state. Mr.Modi has played old song of Congress cheated the state by closing the doors of parliament and passing the bill. But he is not confident to tell what justice he has done to the state and in this he got fully exposed. Mr.Hari Babu of BjP agreed that their party promised to give special status to the state but failed to fulfill the promise because of 14 Finance commission on record.

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    From the speech of the Modi it is clear that it was Naidu who agreed for the package than the special status in which more inflow of money is guaranteed . But that was shouted down by the MP's of the TDP present in the house. One thing is sure, Naidu should have waited for the center to come with concrete decision on special status and or special package. But he hurried and get out of the alliance and that forced PM to go slow on AP and its allocation of finds to various projects. In the house itself when the child abuse the parents,he wont get food and shelter and sent out of the house. Same happened with Chandrababu Naidu and AP.
    K Mohan
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