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    A huge menace indeed. How to manage this?

    The small town in which I live is the home to two superb temples called the Yoga Narasimha and the Yoga Anchaneya temples. They are famous as one of the 108 Deiva Desams of the Vishnavites.

    This place is also home to thousands of monkeys. We are never supposed to hurt them, as they are said to be God's creations. In this land of Hunuman temples, we celebrate the monkeys.

    However, they have become unmanageable. They run away with whatever we have in terms of fruits in our garden. They have become very healthy and boisterous. They hurt people at times.

    Without harming them, is there any method to scare them away? Our verbal threats no more work. What is the way out?
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    In many pilgrim centres, this problem is there. Near Nagarjuna Sagar, in Telangana, there is a waterfall by name Ettipotala. There are so many monkeys. If anyone is seen with a bag in their hands the monkeys will snatch them away without any hesitation. When we went there one monkey took away the bag in my wife's hand and snatched away the fruits from it. Like this, the problem has been observed in many other places also. I think we can't kill them and we have to manage somehow with them. Is it possible if we have two or three pet dogs around the house so that they may try to restrict the entry of these monkeys into the house?
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    This remained the common phenomenon in the different pilgrimages & in many of the localities too. This type can also be evident in the Chitrakoot but to be on safer side, don't make them irritated & at the same time don't look feared too. Their increasing strength could be a concern but being associated with the religion this seems not possible to control. But still in one of the steps those can be caught & freed to the far of places could be a good solution.

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    Show the monkeys the gooseberry. They are much averse to Gooseberries.
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    Languors are the best enemy of monkeys and they wont even come near the places where the movement of Languors spotted. Only yesterday I have seen the news that the police academy campus in Hyderabad is full of monkeys and when ever the food is kept ready to be served for cadets after the parade, suddenly flocks of monkeys stoop into the campus and carry away the food and also damaging the utensils. Seeing this upsurge the academy has now bought two Languors which are now working as police man for the policemen taking training at the academy and their foods are secured now.
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    I loved Sun's idea. Others are giving pretty good ideas too. But monkeys have learnt too quick that humans are easy sources of food. Once they have learnt that, there is virtually nothing to stop them. Intelligent creatures that they are, they can easily jump off fences, swim to you, climb to you through neighbouring tree branches etc. Escaping them is really hard.
    All the precautions and remedies are only temporary.

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    It will be difficult getting your town rid of monkeys if there are religious sentiments attached to their presence.

    However, I would suggest you take up the matter with the village Panchayat, who can then approach the Collector or someone holding an equally important post, to work out an appropriate approach that does not hurt the religious sentiments of the devout.

    We had a major monkey menace in our housing complex, even though there were no fruit trees within the immediate vicinity. These monkeys would enter homes and create havoc. The association got a couple of cages built and used them to trap the monkeys. They would use fruit as bait. The monkeys were then handed over to the Forest Department, who would release them in some forest area.

    You can approach the Forest Department too, with a letter (petition), signed by other residents. Alternatively, get some local television channel to cover the problem or write about your plight in a daily newspaper.

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    This problem is coming at various places especially the religious ones.

    Recently, one of my relatives visited Mathura-Vrindavan area in U.P. and told me that there are many monkeys in that belt and have made the life of visitors miserable. The monkeys snatch the hand bags or purse or other belongings from the visitors and go and sit on roof tops. There are some local boys who will help the visitors to get back their items from the monkeys by showing them a tetra pack of mango or orange cool drinks and monkeys will immediately return the items in lieu of a cool drink.

    It seems that this has become a routine method there and the cool drinks companies are making good money.

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    The Monkeys roaming around in such places get habituated to the food the visiting people give them. So from habit they feel that the parcels and packets are meant for them. First they simply follow you. If they do not get, they grab it from you.
    The best way is not to encourage them by giving them anything. Then as Sun mentioned,giving them something that repel hem like gooseberry or ginger etc. But simultaneously we have to ensure that they get their food elsewhere in the inside of forest or uninhabited places and not disturb people. Some people unnecessarily provoke them. This also make the Monkeys take self defence and offence at the slightest doubt that they are under risk.
    A one-time rare incident happened in our residential apartment in Mumbai some years ago. A stray Monkey(first time ever) entered into our building, and at last entered an open flat where an old woman was staying alone. She had just kept a glass of tea for her and had gone to kitchen to collect something. By that time the monkey entered her flat drank the tea and slipped off peacefully. She could stand just watching only. When people started making noises it jumped out of the building and ran away. It was not sen later at all.

    Many years ago when we visited Palani temple,a small monkey was sitting above the water taps. My son who was a child then, sensed that the monkey is thirsty, and opened the tap. The monkey drank water and went away after quenching its thirst.My son had written about this then in a children's magazine.

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    Scaring them will not work for these smart creatures who will become aggressive and show their sharp teeth when you try to shoo them off.
    Many temple towns in Karnataka also have this monkey menace. This to some extent is noted in the bigger parks and the Zoo in Bangalore and in Nandi Hills. Like mentioned, these are our ancestors and hence have brains and religious sentiments.
    This would need a concerted effort for a long period of time. It would be best to have cage traps for the troops of monkeys and seek more protection by involving the forest department and the civic administration.

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    Please, can we dissociate the religious attachment to monkeys and consider this a real problem to be taken seriously. I would go with the langour idea if it works, to begin with, but on a more serious note, these monkeys need to be moved to the forest at the earliest. You could begin the petition process at the earliest.

    Guess we need a Pied Piper who would take away all the monkeys with him!

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    #642887 - Did you know that langurs are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972? It is illegal to capture them, and so, buying them would definitely be illegal.

    How is it that the langurs were bought by the Hyderabad Police Academy and are being used by the Academy? Are the keepers of the law, flouting the law?

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