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    Can you account for this additional ten?

    In another thread, we have been discussing the hug and wink. Alas! Nobody is discussing the real good speeches of TDP members supporting the No-confidence motion of yesterday.

    Here I am going to the result part. We had expected that the motion would be defeated and the Government (''the Nays) would secure at the best 315 votes. But after the declaration of result, it is found that the ''Nay-sayers'' have secured 325 votes. Now, from where these additional votes came?

    In actuality, it should be twelve additional votes because two BJP MPs could not vote due to illness. The experts say that KCR's party voted against the motion. Some analysts say that the AIADMK MPs voted against the motion. What is the truth?

    Only, some days ago, KCR was in the forefront of the proposed anti-BJP alliance. Now, his party is voting in favour of BJP. Isn't it a setback to the opposition unity?

    I feel that the latest No-confidence motion has pointed out the setback suffered by the opposition exposing their inability to get united.

    Members, what is your take?
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    I consider this No confidence motion was an intelligent move by BJP itself to test its acceptance in the Parliament. It was put forward by TDP. That was the game plan by Chandra Babu Naidu and Amit Shaw together. TDP's coming out from BJP is the result of a 'deal' between Mr Naidu and Amit Shaw. I strongly believe, Amit Shaw will ensure opposition disunity through Mr Naidu. The result of the No confidence motion is pointing towards this plan.

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    The AIADMK MPs voted in favour of the government. That is the reason they got more votes. TRS has not voted. When voting was going on none of the MPs of TRS were in the house. They want to maintain distance with Congress, BJP and TDP. Sivasena also not participated in the voting. BJP proved its strength and even on its own strength it might have won.
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    Dr. Rao: You are correct that BJP could easily win the motion on the basis of its own strength. But at the same time, it is also important to destroy the unholy and opportunistic alliance of the opposition parties.
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    I would rather take it as an strategy by the PM Modi to show the opposition parties their level. Might be the possibility that all those were well planned even before this came to anyone's imagination. The yesterday's event hasn't just came up as yet another set back for the opposition but more specifically for the Congress party but on the other side has projected himself along with the NDA , the most suited alliance partnership for the coming General election in the year 2019.

    This is to be noted that so far the PM Modi has remained the most unpredictable PM with an actions of complete or utmost determination yet concise decision making & also the most efficient when comes to its implementation. We don't find any competition here with him to his opponents. So let's other cry because it's their business & not of us.

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    In the Morning KCR has given instructions to his MPs to act according to the situation and vote. When the PM praised KCR during his speech, that turned the situation and TRS MPs should have voted against the motion. But they abstained.
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    Love and war are integral elements of poliitics depending upon the opportunities and circumstances.

    It is said that everything is correct in love and war so the natural corollary which comes out of it is that everything is also correct in politics.

    During the last few years after the present Govt took the charge of this great democracy, there is some change being observed by the people and media alike. The change may be small but is positive and perceptible even to the opposition parties. It is difficult to say whether the driving force for all this new thinking and developmental attitude is the top leadership or the whole of the ruling party in power but the way things are moving ahead it will be difficult for the opposition parties to carve out a prestigious place for them in the political set up in the coming times.

    The result of no confidence motion are in agreement to the above observations.

    Absence of a powerful opposition party will in fact be a bad thing for the democratic set up as the present Govt in that scenario may erroneously incline to autocratic systems. That will be a bad phase and only will be clear in the future trends coming in elections and public likings.

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    The outcome of the no-confidence motion was well known even before the start. It was just another routine drill.
    More than a win for the BJP, it is a concern for the so-called third front. A powerful opposition, a united alliance against a dominant party is needed to ensure that the party in power does not get carried away or take things granted.
    There are too many potential leaders in the opposition, far too many to be aiming at one PM and one Deputy PM post. What is the need of the hour is for the other parties to establish a pecking order, agree on 2 leaders (faces of the new PM), and then the order of the rest.Then they need to focus fully on the poll stragey and performance for the 2019 elections.

    So, the additional 10, to me accounts for the backward movement of the third front.

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