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    Originality is one's greatest strength.

    Let us spend some time to look into ourselves. It doesn't matter what is our age. May be a man or a woman, ok. Do not mind about our place of birth, our qualifications, to which religion or caste we belong. Leave alone all these and consider the self as an entity. Each one of us is original. This originality is our strength. Just try to explore this originality in us. That will lead you to success in the life.
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    T.M.Sankaran Sir, with due respect to you, if you could elaborate the meaning of "Originality". What is our or say one's origin and how to find it.

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    Yes, I fully agree. Without originality, we are only part of a herd. Originality is the only reason behind the special recognition. We must understand in which aspect we are original and different from others. Thereafter, we must nurture our originality to be successful and also to get recognized.
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    Does the author refer this to the source of origin of all of us? And if same is the case then this will lead us to the extreme possibilities wherein we only carried away with the complications. This is because we all have acted on the vary basis of our past & the background in which we have grown-up. All these concludes with the fact that we are not a human being but rather we like ourselves to get identified with the religion & other factors & many would even want to remembered because of the ideologies or of the political parties which we have been associated with. In fact we have gone too far to realize our own existence in context to our Originality.

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    The attitude, the way of behavior, our personality and her moves with others defines the originality which cannot be copied or towed by others. It is the inherent quality of every person.
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    It is a good post. Definitely, originality is the greatest strength. Instead of copying from others, if we can flourish on our own strengths and on our own hard work, it will be very satisfying. What are the areas of our strength and where we can make good contributions if we can understand and try in those lines the chances of success will be very higher? One should try to work on their strengths and improve further so that their efforts will be more fruitful and good recognition to the work carried out by you will be inevitable. So it is always better to be on our originality and improve upon that to reach higher heights.
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    Well, I have not got the answer to what I was looking for. Actually, originality covers many things in our life. Our root from where we came, our cast in which we belong too, our nationality, our religion etc. I do not know in what sense the author has brought up this topic on originality.

    When I search the meaning I found, Originality meaning - "the ability to think independently and creatively". If this is what the respected author means than yes we should be in our own no matter what. However, not everywhere you would be liked by people if you go with your own originality. But again, this is what makes one separate from the "crowd".

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    Here 'Originality' is referring to original creativity, may be thought or work. It refers to the power of independent thought. One should have the ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner. The state or quality of being original is the one which leads to success. That is what I had in mind when the posting was done.

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    Every individual is unique in himself and has something different from others. That is his originality.

    The problem comes when one sidelines his originality and starts mimicking another person and feels that he will get success by doing that. He may get some success but in the eyes of the society and the masses he will be recognised simply as a copycat. For example there are many artists who mimic Kishor Kumar or Mukesh or Amitabh Bachchan and they are known as mimicking artists only. They are not known for their original trait whatever they possessed.

    Adhering to ones original strength area and getting perfection in that is the original thing which can in favourable circumstances take a person to the height of success.

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    Originality is ones' greatest strength – what a thought-provoking statement, with a very deep and philosophical meaning. I agree with your statement. It is all about recognising our latent self. It is about coming to terms with who we are and allowing ourselves and our dreams to soar.

    But, the trouble is we cannot sidestep from all the other aspects of our life that define us. We are so closely bound with all the other things that we are, that we allow our individual personalities to fade away and get lost.

    How many of us can forget who we are, not in our original versions, but the way society perceives us. Most of us live to please society, and we follow its norms. It takes immense courage, conviction and willpower to realise our own fortes and weaknesses and turn them into our strengths. It needs a change of attitude and acceptance of those around us.

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    Sankaran Sir, thank you for providing your detailed meaning of Orginality in this thread.

    You said - " It refers to the power of independent thought. One should have the ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner".

    Indeed, a very good suggestion. But, as per my experience, I have seen the same people who follow this noble suggetion, coming with crowd to oppose the person who expressed his thought independently without fear to bring some necessary change in our society. Then this thought become a negative attitude!

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    I agree with the author on this. In fact, something similar I echoed in my last week thread

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