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    No Helmet- No Petrol. Should this rule be enforced across the country ?

    The Central Prisons department which runs few petrol pumps in Chanchalguda and Cherlapally jail premises with the staff of their own has now hit upon the idea to dispense petrol to those two wheeler riders who come with helmet on their head. No helmet - No petrol. This rule has really taken back the locals residing near the jails as they casually want to put the petrol coming in casual dress and not having helmet on their head. They are now forced to come with helmet even at wee hours or late hours . Do you welcome such rules ?
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    Surely, I welcome such strict orders that enforces discipline. Once we recommended the two wheeler sellers to sell the helmets along with the vehicle. People buy it and leave it at home to rest. This will also have the same fate. After drawing fuel, they will put their helmets to rest. However, a police check is the best to ensure helmet use.
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    I welcome such steps. But,
    How a private oil dispensing vendor can enforce this rule?
    They are interested only in selling oil, more and more and more oil. They may not be interested in your safety.

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    Such rules are actually not needed. But several people using two wheelers are not following the rule, insisting the helmet when riding two wheelers. Why they do not understand that it is for their safety. Only because of these types of attitudes which force Govt. or the Police department to introduce such rules.

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    The idea is good because it is a way of implementing safety rules. But, the big question is whether this is the way the helmet rule can or should be implemented. In fact, the Government can make a lot of money if the traffic police start fining people for not wearing a helmet and committing other traffic violations.

    This particular petrol bunk may lose its regular customers, because those who do not wear helmets would not suddenly begin wearing them, just to fuel up their two-wheelers. They will probably choose to go to another petrol bunk, on their way to work, or where ever, this rule is not practised.

    I also foresee a problem with this rule, because the petrol bunk may not be authorised to set such rules. They will be questioned on how they are setting this policy for selling fuel. Th matter of jurisdiction etc will come up.

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    Until unless rules are stringent and enforced by the authorities like police, it is very difficult to have improvement in the compliance side.

    At a small local level, the measures taken at the petrol pump as mentioned by the author may help in the area to some extent but it is not a solution to the problem looming everywhere in our country.

    We are having deficiencies at both the ends - the Govt machinery which is not efficient and strict in imposing these regulations and the many of the citizens who feel pride in violating the traffic rules.

    I have seen some affluent people who casually toss in some money in their shirt front pocket and just give it as fine or penalty to the traffic policeman if asked for it. They feel inconvenience in using helmet in scooter or seat belt in the car while travelling from one corner to other in a city. What can we expect if people have such resistance to follow the rules and regulations which are enacted for their own safety?

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    The people who are riding on the two-wheelers should have the safety concern. They should feel that the helmet is not for somebody's sake. It is for their safety only. The mindset of these people should change. Otherwise implementing this by force is difficult. But this type of restrictions will help the people in getting habituated to use the helmets.
    A person will have the helmet just before entering the bunk, take the petrol and a little distance he will go and again he will remove the helmet. There are many chances to avoid the usage. Enforcing this type of rules is very difficult if the people are not having the awareness.
    But we should appreciate the management of those petrol bunks for their innovative idea of trying to take care of the safety of the drivers of two-wheelers. They may lose their customers also but they have taken the risk and started enforcing some rule which will be helpful to the people. Good thought and well done.

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    I do welcome the rule. But the basic problem is implementation. In our country there are many rules, but the law enforcing agencies fail to implement it properly. Two years ago this same rule was implemented in West Bengal with much fanfare, but nowadays it is rarely heard of. Here the rule is violated in such a way, that at times it is very hard to imagine. You will be surprised to know that here persons of a particular community never wear helmet and the police dare to touch them.

    I do not know whether there is such rampant violation of rule in any other states, if it is then no rules are possible to enforce. Otherwise, this rule seems a good one under tight police vigil.


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    Since these petrol pumps are run by prison department , the rules of government can be imposed on compulsory wearing of helmet but there are govt run petrol pumps too like oil companies have their own outlets which can impose these rules.
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    In Karnataka, this is started in Hubli and Dharwad with the police insisting this on all the petrol bunks. In the city of Bangalore, this month, the police have people dressed up as Lord Yama at the busy road junctions. They stop, the helmetless two-wheeler riders, give a rose and educate them about safety.

    Such rules should be uniform for all retail outlets and need to co-operation of the bunk owners, staff and the public. This would be a short-term measure, what we need in parents and families educating the youth and adults who do not wear a helmet.

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    Is it not cringe-worthy and ridiculous at the same time that we need some government rule to tell us to value our own lives? People do not want to wear helmets and do not want to wear seat belts. All we are capable of doing is crying over spilled milk after some accident happens.
    Given the current mentality of people in India, we really need some very stringent rules from a central authority with well-defined can and cannot. As usual with everything else, there may be a lot of hullabaloo about it but that's the only way forward.

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    Right Dipti. One need not force the wearing helmet on our head. We must think of our life and how best important to our family.
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    I think this rule of no helmet-no petrol was enforced in many states almost a year back but was not successful due to many reasons of which the most noteworthy one was that enterprising people started shops that would hire helmets for people going to the petrol bunks. So, as said in most of the responses above, such rules can be implemented only if we realise the purpose behind such enactments. It is our lives and we should be responsible for the same more than anyone else. As long as we try to find means and ways to flout laws and regulations, no amount of legislation or enforcement can make any difference.
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    Yes In Tamil Nadu few months back, the police used to catch hold of the helmet less drivers and send them to fetch one helmet from the shop set up near a petrol pump.
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