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    Dangerous trend: Now a fatwa by the Head of an NGO

    Nowadays all of us know that five ladies knocked the door of the Supreme Court requesting ban on 'triple talaq' system. After the judgment of the Hon'ble Apex Court on the issue, these ladies have to face many problems in their families, society and in their community. Only last week I heard that the so-called Shariat court issued a fatwa against some of the ladies.

    Today I have come to know something more bizarre. Yesterday, the head of a Bareilly NGO allegedly announced cash rewards for anyone who stones and shaves the heads of two women (Nida Khan and Farhat Naqvi) who led campaigns against triple talaq.

    The Governments (both Central and State) must not ignore the issue anymore. These fatwas, etc. should be given importance. Proper arrangements must be made to protect these ladies. At the same time, the so-called head of the NGO must be put behind the bar. The activities of this NGO must be scrutinized along with its funding. If necessary, the NGO must be disbanded.

    Some pro-active action on the part of the Government is very much necessary.
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    Such types of NGOs are still operating in our country???

    Allah Kareem……………………

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    Mr. Neeraj: I reiterate that the Government must take the matter with utmost seriousness and scrutinize the activities and funding of this NGO. The honest, educated and real modern citizens of the country must be protected at any cost.
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    Yes. The State and Central governments should take this issue very seriously and that NGO should be banned. They should see that parallel courts can't run and give their rulings. The innocent ladies who are really suffering should be protected properly. The activities of various NGOs should be scrutinised and funding should be done based on their activities and really how much help they are doing the society and the deserving cases.
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    This is really dangerous. When the people and the organizations wont follow the rule of the land and the courts orders, it tantamount to rejection of the set laws and for which legal actions must be initiated by the state and central governments. By the way the courts can also take direct actions as the social media is agog with such reports and based on the news and authenticity of the same the courts can take the cases suo motto and punish the fatwa issuing NGO's. Because the governments run by the parties may not take decisions as they fear loss of their popular votes.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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