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    What exactly is luxury?

    For centuries,mankind pondered over what's a luxury. At times it felt like having a house was a luxury. Then having a car. Then having lavish courtyards and maidens.

    But there could be no clear measure for whats a luxury. I've been asking this question myself for years. I think I found my answer.
    "When you can afford to drink anything other than water, you are leading a luxurious life".
    The thought came to me when I was drinking Cavins' rosewatered milk. I don't even like it actually. But I brought it because I had money left with me.

    Think about it. Milk, liquour, medicine and etc are not building blocks of survival. Ofcourse I'm talking about cow-milk here. So do you agree with my observation? The ability of drinking stuff other than water is luxury?
    Throw some practical, philosophical and abstract light on this.
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    Luxury can have two meanings. It could either mean being able to afford things that money can buy. A swanky race car or a mansion by the sea or crystal chandeliers and Persian carpets, pure silk bedsheets, antique artefacts, silver tableware and centrally air-conditioned home etc. are all luxuries that money can buy. The cost does not matter here. You have the means you buy the item without checking its cost.

    Then there are luxuries that are everyday commodities for most people, but indulgences for those who can ill afford them. An ice lolly that a parent earning daily wages buys their child. A new school uniform that someone who works as a maid buys for her school going child.

    Both luxuries cost money, but the latter luxuries are bought by saving money by cutting corners. A parent would perhaps skip a meal or walk, instead of taking a bus to work, so they can pay for things. In the end, it is a luxury and such luxuries are better enjoyed and more treasured.

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    The definition of luxury may vary based on the financial position of the individual. What you can't afford normally with your income is a luxury to you. To have this luxury somewhere you have cut your expenses and then only you can afford it. But as your financial position improves the luxuries will become essentials.
    For a daily wage worker going to a movie is a luxury. For a middle-class family going to a good restaurant is really a luxury as their purse may not allow that luxury. The family has to think where to save the money for having food at the restaurant.
    A luxury for a family will be a necessity for another family.

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    A slightly different then the usual threads, floated by the young author, has activated many thoughts in our mind.

    Luxury is really a very different thing for different strata of the people in the society. What is luxury for one may be a lifestyle for another person. It is true that most of the people throughout their life earn money only to pursue the luxuries which they had dreamt during their rainy days or student life. At the same time there are the rare breeds who in spite of having good money never indulge in unnecessary show offs or luxuries. They are the real prudent people and are not affected by the ups and downs of the life.

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    A luxury for me is the routine thing for the other. For example if a poor person eats a roasted peanut, it is a luxury eating for him. And for the rich it is the routine item. For the house hold they has to get satisfied with what ever prepared for the day and not beyond that. Where as a beggar who goes house to house has the chance of tasting different food. No matter some would be stale and discarded but house holds are not that rude to get rid off with useless food. So the beggar it is the luxury eating for that day. So what ever we gets over and above the expectation, we feel it luxury.
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    The "luxury", will more or less relates to the materialistic world & its definition would be different to different people or the individuals. For example the food would be the luxury for a poor who haven't eaten for days. Going a bit ahead then if the stomach gets fulfilled, the luxury would be to having some bank balance so as to enjoy the food in some good restaurant. So in the same way the next level of satisfaction would become one's luxury which in itself never dies.

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    To me, luxury means doing something which you want to do during the free period of the day. Reading a spy thriller/detective novel/historical treatise during the free period along with a cup of beautiful coffee is luxury for me. I enjoy this luxury.
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    Those who can sleep well, those who can afford to eat good and tasty food, those who are free from any diseases and those who are earning respectful salary are surely leading luxury life.
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    Luxury means different things to different people at different times in their lives. For example, I had the luxury to quit my corporate job because I had no loans and no financial responsibilities or dependent people on me. I believe that is a wonderful luxury to have. I believe 90% or more of the working population are working because they have to work.
    For a sick man, going to the best hospital and getting treated by the best doctors is a luxury only afforded by a rich man. Basic healthcare is also not afforded by certain strata of our people.
    What about education? We have been so fortunate to have been well brought up and well educated in top schools and exposed to the world of knowledge. To the street urchins, it is well beyond their imagination.
    I believe luxury is relative. Only when we compare ourselves to some other can we find what a luxurious life we live. And how grateful we should be for what we have.

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