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    Why do we snooze the alarms?

    Many of us are in habit of snoozing the alarm after it rings and sleep again. We are not satisfied until we snooze the alarm once or twice before getting up. Sometimes I wonder what might be the reason behind snoozing the alarms and I imagined below reasons.

    The most simple reason from common sense is that we fear that we will sleep again after we stop the alarm and hence we prefer to snooze it so that it again rings after 5 or 10 mins and reminds us to wake up.

    Other reason can be that we hate to get up straight away from a deep sleep when the alarm rings. Snoozing provides some cushion time to slowly get out from our sleep and get comfortable to wake up.

    Many times it's a question of our satisfaction and psychology. When we snooze the alarm 2 to 3 times before waking up we feel that we have overslept beyond our wake up timings and now it's high time to wake up. Many people purposely put alarm early to leave the buffer time for snoozing the alarms.

    Sometimes it's just a habit we develop and for some people sleep after snoozing the alarms is most relaxing one. People even snooze the alarms subconsciously in half sleep state.

    So are you an alarm snoozer?
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    I rarely set the alarm because I wake up at the same time, every day, without an alarm. The only time I need to set an alarm is when I have to travel at an unearthly hour. If we are driving outside the city, we prefer to leave before dawn, before the traffic hits the roads, especially the city traffic, as it can delay the journey. At times, such as these, I set the alarm. But, then on these occasions, I do not have a sound sleep. I keep getting up to see the time and eventually pop out of bed before the alarm sets off.

    I grew up with regular alarm clocks, which were wound to set the time and alarm. Those alarm clocks, unfortunately, did not have a snooze button. You either stopped it by pressing down on a button or let it ring till the spring unwound slowly. Those alarms were high-pitched and ugly, they could bring back the dead to life.

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    For me alarm is not required at all. I have made the habit to get up by 4 am daily and I get the wake up automatically as if someone tuned my body such a way. And it is the fact that your body listens to your command if you make anything to practice. Like having the food in time, having the nature calls in time, that way the body tunes to your punctuality and I am sure every one can wake up at the desired time without alarm and there is no need to prompt by anyone or remind you to wake up. And I have cultivated this habit since many years and I sleep for 6 hours in sound sleep mode.
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    I generally don't require an alarm. Yesterday I went to bed at 11.45 p.m., but even then, I woke up at 5 a.m. today in the morning. This has become a habit since childhood.
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    Yes it's true that we are in a habit of snoozing the alarm after it rings. For me, it's not possible for gets awaken at once & so by snoozing the alarm, proving us the enough time to accommodate with the changing situation. Inhere we have been asleep for longer & so the body has been adopted accordingly. So it's always safe to have some time on the bed & observe the things happening to us & to around us. Even if you wake up & start moving suddenly you may get fallen to the ground.

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    I have no habit of setting an alarm. I generally get up by 5.30AM. I used to get up at that time. So no alarm is required. My wife gets up 15 minutes before me. She will get up at 5.15AM. For her also no alarm is required. But sometimes when I travel to other places by early morning flights I have to get up early. Those days I use an alarm. Those days I get up as soon as the alarm rings. I need not wait for snoozing.
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    When I set the alarm, at times I snooze it. Generally the alarm is set a bit earlier that's why I snooze the alarm and doze off for some more time. I have a friend of mine who sets alarm regularly and snoozes it few times before finally waking up at his Mother's insistence. I asked him about it and he said it's a habit. I feel those who like to sleep more uses the excuse of snoozing the alarm for that extra few minutes sleep.

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    I completely dread the alarm; it reminds of exams and fervent revisions. During school days, I only set the alarm before exams as I had to revise my potions on the test day without fail. I had a phobia that if I did not look at every word of the book before the exam, I would not be able to recall anything on the test.

    Guess this phobia is attached to the alarm even today so I do not set the alarm at all unless something very specific is required to be done at the time such as catch a flight.

    Even when I do set the alarm, I invariably wake up 5 minutes before it goes off. This is for sure. Always. I can't bear to hear it go off.

    So the question of snooze is out of question. I have never ever snoozed my alarm.

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