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    Are we drowning in the flood of radiations?

    Nowadays whether we are at home or outside we are always in the company of radio signals. When outdoor mobile towers scattered throughout the city and WiFi hotspots etc are the biggest source of radio signals. Even at home, we are not spared from radio signals. Different gadgets at home like mobile phones, internet WiFi routers, microwave ovens, TV remote control, Bluetooth etc are always gifting us radio signals.

    But we have no choice as this is the age of wireless technologies and we need to move with it. We cannot expect to be left behind by not adopting these wireless gadgets, after all, they make our life easy.

    So is it that we have no option left but to drown in this flood of wireless signals? Time and again medical science has warned people about dangers of overexposure to the radiations and its ill effect on our health. Though its bad effect on health is not completely proved.

    What can do at least is to minimize our exposure to radio signals as far as possible by not overusing them? Not talking on mobile phones for a long time, maintaining distance from the source of radio signals is some things which we can do. But we can do this only for things which are under our control.

    Radiations have become part and parcel of our life but let us try to swim over it rather than drowning in it.
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    This is one topic that comes up for discussion in the internal forum of our residential colony. Every few years there is the talk of installing a mobile signal tower on our premises, egged on by people who work from home or have conference calls to make, but face connectivity issues. Each year the proposal is turned down, either because more people vote against it, or the point selected for the tower is not acceptable to all – there is resistance from people staying close to the proposed site.

    I brought this up because a lot of research papers are shared during these discussions. There has been no conclusive study that proves that the amount of radiation emitted through these signals is harmful. Though there are some litigations filed by people against mobile companies, claiming that they got cancer because of cell towers.

    Anyway, we are now surrounded by these signals. A random check on my computing device shows 7 Wi-Fi network signals penetrating my home.

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    We are facing any number of radio waves criss- crossing . We do no know how many we block or how many we reflect or deflect. We also d not know how many we absorb and how many pierce through us.
    It needs exhaustive , dedicated long term study to establish any hypothesis or guess.
    Even without our active use of radio devices we face background radiations. There is a certain amount of tolerance. But beyond that the harmful effects happen. We know only about the acute harmful effects of facing high quantum radiation at a time.. There can be harmful effects from facing slow radiation for long term also.
    Today's radio devices give out such low quantum radiations which we face for long term. Research has to be done exhaustively to find about their effects.
    But we are adding more and more radio devices which we face making the accumulated value more in the long term. The very slow damages may be doing more harm i the long run.
    The one way of remedy in our hand is to reduce conscious exposure by using radio less device, and if unavoidable using them for as less time as possible, keeping them as away from our body and vital organs as possible.

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    A lot of discussions and debates take place on the issue of radiation hazards due to mobile signals. We all are aware that this signal is microwave and exposure to microwave signals for a pretty long time leads to different health hazards. The more stronger and nearer the signal is to our body, the more chances of hazard and this has been proved in different studies. For every device radiating microwaves, there is a specific guideline to maintain a particular distance. Now, these guidelines have to be followed to minimize the risk of exposure.

    As we are surrounded by different devices using microwaves, we are living in an environment full of waves that can be referred to as a condition like wave pollution. Earlier there were only a few devices radiating microwaves, but now it is increasing day by day. This is a new phenomenon and it will take a while to come to a conclusion because different research groups are doing their job to study it carefully. In our densely populated country, the hazard of radiation from mobile towers is much more than foreign countries because the population density in any particular area is very high here. For that reason, to cater to the connectivity issue of more people, more towers are required in an area. In this situation our country must take a lead in the research because of the aforementioned reality.

    As long as the new phenomenon is not conclusively researched, probably we cannot do much other than limiting the use of Microwave Radiating devices to reduce exposure.


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    Yes we are forced to live amid radio signals of different nature to which we are getting habituated and there is no other go. We wants comfort, life style, and above all we do not want to exercise and everything be happening on the finger tips. So the technology is also making ourselves lazy and also creating health hazards in the melee. There has been uproar in some states as to remove the mobile towers from the top buildings which penetrates radio active signals and the birds are not staying anywhere near the trees of such towers existence. If that is the case, soon there would be movement in this regard. Again what is the alternative. Should we have drone like arrangement suspended in the air to carry mobile signals and dispense with the mobile tower technology. A new thought must come with the innovators on this regard.
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    A very amusing thread. I found the title amusing and thought we would be talking about extraterrestrial life.
    Well, radiowaves have larger wavelength and smaller frequency. Frequency so small to actually do you any harm. It ranks lesser than micro waves so it definitely can't split your atoms.
    By the way, were you ever scared of sunlight?
    Because sunlight is a dozen times more harmful substance if we didn't have our magnetic field and an ozone layer. Shorter wavelength radiations such as UV and Gamma are trapped there. Infrared, visible radiation and radio waves enter the atmosphere.

    Radio waves are a powerful medium of transfer because of its lower frequency and higher wavelength. But it fails to penetrate heavy/dense materials. So definitely it does not harm us. Our advanced communication is only possible because of radio waves.

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    Mr. Aditya, technically you are correct. I was aware of the fact but still mentioned "radio signals" in the title as this is what sometimes loosely used to refer any kind of radiations. Its implication was just symbolic. Anyways now I have corrected it in the title of the thread and changed it to "radiations".

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    Are they really dangerous is the question. I don't find any concrete proof to say they are dangerous. As long as the towers are installed properly and maintained well, I don't foresee any problem. These radio waves are not that harmful. Anyhow there is no way to prove it either way.
    But there are instances where some radio frequency waves from cellphone initiated the explosive initiating devices. Many terrorists use this concept for initiating their explosive mines. Even in the factories where these products are produced, cell phones are not allowed as they may create havoc in the plant.
    Anyhow these days we can't have a choice and we have to live in such an atmosphere only. So we should take all possible precautions while using these items.

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