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    Do people notice unsung heroes ?

    When people look at a lavish multi-storeyed building we appreciate its beauty but seldom do they think about its foundation deep beneath the earth due to which the building is able to stand proudly.

    Things which are in front of the eyes and visible are always appreciated but things not visible are many times missed out. Behind the success of every person, event or activity there are two players, one is the lead hero who is visible to all but in the background, there are other unsung heroes who are out of sight but who significantly contribute to the success of the main hero.

    Most people's vision normally becomes limited to what they can see and amongst their busy schedule, they seldom attempt to look beyond it and figure out the unsung heroes behind the scene and appreciate them. Probably most of the people lack that special sight.

    Unsung heroes are like the foundations of the building and they also deserve the appreciation and people should make an attempt to identify them. Also, it becomes the duty of the main hero to bring the unsung heroes to the light so that they can get their share of recognition.
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    Normally we give credits to those who were instrumental in construction of a project or the structure, but never think of those labors who gave their best to bring the best design and style for the building which is going to stay. In this regard I wish bring a incident here. A famous company in Hyderabad has constructed the administrative department building and wants to inaugurate it. Many suggested Ministers name, and other big people. But the MD has called the Mason of the building and the senior employ of the company to inaugurate the building much to the surprise of all.
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