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    Have you coined a new term?

    I find it very interesting when a new term is applied throughout our country, referring to a particular incident. Yesterday the incident of Rahul Gandhi hugging the Prime Minister prompted the media to apply the term "Hugplomacy". During demonetization, there was a term "New Normal" used by our finance minister to describe the process of digital transaction. A term, "Modi-fied "was used to indicate the reforms undertaken by Narendra Modi. Few years ago the Supreme Court compared the functionality of CBI as a "Caged Parrot". Much earlier "Jungleraj" was used to describe the functionality of a particular state government. These terms were applied for the first time keeping in mind a particular incident or situation and later on it is used to refer some different situation. In our everyday life we also coin some terms to describe something. Dear members, have you coined any interesting term to describe something specific? Let's listen to it.
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    Yes the politicians give us immense chance to coin out a new term . The words may be of any language and that would keep trending. The famous hug of the era between Rahul Gandhi and Modi has been trolled as Jaadu ki Jhappai in Hindi. And there are creative minds working on the internet and they closely watch the happenings in social media and incorporate the latest. Amul ads the best example as they take out the current trending topic on the internet and use them as the their ads to promote the product. It gives immense pleasure to see new words coming in.
    K Mohan
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    Yes I am hearing an interesting term
    Why members of this forum are called ISCian? I understand many are using this word here.
    I think, it is a new word. Look like alien.

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    If the words has to be created then the group of our editors can be called as " Editorians" and the members responding here can be called as "Membrains"
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many new words are getting coined like that. When Gold spot soft drink was in production they used to advertise the product very much. In those days they converted a noun as a verb. Have you goldspotted today. Drinking gold spot is converted as Good spotting. Modicare is also a new word we hear these days. These words are used for the medical insurance policy designed by the central government. This type of new words will come and slowly they may find their way into the dictionary also. ISCian is such a word created by some member in ISC and many uses that word these days. When NTR introduced rice scheme for poor it was named as ANNA VARAM which got very popular in Telugu from then onwards.
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