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    Tough times in your life - share some stories here

    Have you faced some really tough times in your life & struggled to deal with them? Share such experiences with others to inspire them to deal with their own struggles in a positive way.

    The period which is toughest in your life, the time in which you struggled the most delivers the best things the bests things in you.

    Although it breaks you to the core then it brings a new energy inside you. All the stories I heard from my elders about their struggles made me realize it wasn't the worst time of their lives it was actually the best part of their lives. And as long as they are alive they will keep missing that time.
    Most of what I am writing here is in someways dedicated to the stories my grandfather used to tell me about how difficult it was to attend school during his time? How much he struggled to get the education? Then job; but it was all worth it.

    Neither I have struggled too much nor I have achieved anything much in life I am still working on my goals and trying to be worthy in eyes of myself and my parents.

    But I would really like to know about such struggle stories of the members of ISC which they believe delivered best out of them. And the time period about which they tell stories to youngsters.
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    One is sure, the way the elders have struggled and they know the pain and agony and that made them to be sure and gave best to their children who never gone through the process of challenge and sad moments in life. You believe it or not ours is the family of total 10 members 4 sisters , 4 brothers besides parents and my father was the only earner and that too his job keeps on transferring. Now just imagine how a single earning person would have fed the entire family and how we would have been raised and nurtured. Even today I get goose bumps as to how my father has managed and mind it we were staying at one place the whole period and he was getting transferred to various places like Pune, Agra, Irarsi, Jabalpur, Bengalure, Mathura etc and we used to eagerly wait for the post man to deliver the money order every month. Really hats off to my father.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Some have an easy life, some have to endure hardships every day to make ends meet. This is the truth of life. Having gone through a couple of them for short periods what I can say is that, it builds your inner resilience, make you realize the importance of patience, humility and self- belief. Some undergo these difficult times to uphold the principles they believe in, for me these are the noblest people who struggle with all that's wrong in today's world.

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    Please check the spelling of Stories in your title...
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Good. The more the polish, the better the sharpness of the knife. The more the struggle you have undergone, the more you are matured. The persons who struggled a lot in their life will understand the value of life and they will try to see that their wards will never have the necessity to face such situations.
    My father lost his father when he was in intermediate. Even when his father was alive he struggled a lot during his education. He was telling me the experiences he had during his education. He was staying with some of his relatives in a nearby town for his education. One day the relative got angry with my grandfather and asked my father to vacate the house all of a sudden without giving any time. My father somehow managed to stay with one of his friends and continued his studies. Sometimes he had no money even to purchase a curry for his food.
    So he always used to tell me to inform in advance if any money is required so that he will have sufficient time to arrange the money so that I will not suffer. Those days the value of money is so high and spending should be as minimum as possible.

    always confident

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