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    The fear of ageing in us

    As a living being one has to die after the completion of one's life cycle. This is the eternal truth and none of us deny that.

    Throughout the life we struggle for materialistic achievements and other facilities to lead a comfortable life. Then, there comes a time when we suddenly feel that we are at the later end of our life cycle and we are ageing fast and soon the time to depart is nearing to embrace us.

    This may look a bit philosophical but my intention of raising this thread is not that and I want to ask the viewpoint of members only on the fear of ageing.

    During the young age, people are too busy with their ambitions and goals and do not have time or inclination to even think about such destined propositions. Later, when ageing sets in and the body weakens the thought of departing may be coming in the mind and may be fearful to many of us.

    Members, especially the seniors, may throw light on this aspect as to at what time such fears, if any, start reflecting in our thoughts.
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    The fear of aging, is more in teenagers than any other age groups. I'm 20 now but I keep staring at myself, trying to observe my thinning hairline, pimples, white hair etc. It's rather obvious that. Youngsters have not even lived a part of their lives. So they will fear aging than any other age group.
    Aging is a serious issue. You can't stop it but you can mask it. So people keep masking aging through many ways.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    This is a strange game of cricket where batsmen are very eager to score in the 70s or in the 80s, but most of them don't want to go for a century.

    Jokes apart, during my early years, I impatiently asked myself when I would grow up, start shaving (I had an illogical attraction towards shaving) and get a job. But now, I am not unduly worried about aging and take it as a natural and irreversible process.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Before I say anything, I would like to mention a very important part of our body, the " brain". This part of our body is something which most of us ignore entire our life without using it properly. The brain who is a control room in our body from where all kind of positivity and powers runs throughout our body. How you think, it affect entire body. If you feel weak, you are just a gone case, if you feel strong, you are out of trouble even if not entirely but at least you can fight with any kind of situation.

    Coming to the point, for me age is just a number to use it on calander. It is your mind which behave as per your thinking. Those who can control their mind, they are never old. Body is a factory which produce the result with help of the brain. True, one fine day we all have to go but for this thinking why to send a weak signal to our body. Let it be energetic throughout in our life.

    I tell you a real example, I often meet a person who is 80+ yet he still walk and full of powerhouse with positive energy. I knew him since last 12 years and he is a natural musician. He still teaches music and come to meet us whenever he get time. He is a child, a young, a youth and a adult who guide us. He scolds us, laugh with us and entertain everyone as long he is there. After seeing him, I force to say that age is just number and its all about our mind and brain.

    Nothing is permanent here so enjoy the way you want, feel the way you want.

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    Ageing is a biological process. It is inevitable. We all have to be aged one day.

    Generally speaking, there should not be a fear of ageing in our mind as we very well know that it has to happen and it is a irreversible process. Still, some people may have such fears in their mind and one of the reasons for this could be too much attachment and lust for worldly things and affairs.

    Due to ones greed and over attachment one may have a hidden fear of leaving this world and that could be a cause of worry and fear of ageing.

    For normal people like us, as other member also has rightly mentioned, we should not worry unnecessarily and rather enjoy our life as it is and also the way we want to enjoy it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Timing is the factor here. Now a days & through media & other platforms, we are evident of so many incidences of misfortunes or deaths that we don't feel awkward or odd when think about this aspect. During terrorists attacks in the Mumbai locals many died but still people move on with their life. We don't have any other options left but to keep on trying for making our lives more secured. Only few got the realization of the absolute truth & they leave the affairs of this world in order to achieve that absolute truth.

    If we take a note then we are not aware of about when our count down ends & so these are the sudden acts in our life of which we are not prepared. We don't know what we got for us in the next minute but hoping for good we keep on doing our best till our last breadth.

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    It is a fact that a human being who came to this world has to leave the world in one day. No one knows when that day will come. As mentioned by the author when we are at our young age we think more about our life, how to live, what to do and how to be more comfortable. But as the age comes our thoughts will change. We will become more spiritual and our thoughts will go more towards the termination of our journey.
    Recently I crossed sixty years and when I look back I feel happy about the way in which I have grown, I can't say I have done exceptionally well but I can say that I have done moderately well. I helped many people and knowingly I never harmed anybody. I have seen that my family members are well settled. I stood by my father and taken care of the family in many issues. I am happy for whatever happened.
    You believe it or not these days I feel like satisfied and sometimes feel that it is better to get out without troubling anybody because of age and associated problems. But it is not in my hands and I have to get the reservation and God has to say you can come.

    always confident

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    Ageing is the natural aspect and it comes to every one irrespective of male or female, rich or poor, educated or illiterate , good or bad person. We cannot stop ageing and the process would start from 40 years in male and female too. Surely those who completed 40 years the children would start calling them aunt and Uncle to which we should not get perturbed. If you visit any function or the programs, it is the aged persons who are given respect and taken the blessings before starting of the event or program. So ageing also gets respects and people would start seeking advise and blessings. So do not fear about ageing.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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